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Stories on demand - "The Rubber Trigger"
(03 Feb 2012, 16:12 )bob_masters Wrote: But here's the thing - I'm turned on by the idea that he gets caught by his daughter.

Very interesting idea, BTW. For many reasons.

(03 Feb 2012, 16:12 )bob_masters Wrote: I'm really into Femdom myself

I'm not, but I like drawings (e.g. what you posted on G+) and stories. As I said many times, from BDSM I'm into B and not into DSM ;-)
Thanks for the feedback. I forgot to mention that I want Rob to develop his self-bondage tastes, and ultimately get drawn into more exotic scenes with his daughter, her friends, and a selected 'others'.
(08 Jan 2012, 12:19 )bob_masters Wrote: The Costume Room was the last room on the left, and as we walked in my mouth fell open and I stared in wonder at the sight. I was like a little kid who’s just walked into Santa’s grotto.

I still remember my first visit to a BIG fetish/latex store... I think it was "Expectations" in London. I was so overwhelmed with the smell, variety, amount, potential, etc. And the available colour was only black.

(08 Jan 2012, 12:19 )bob_masters Wrote: But the fact was, someone was jamming a long hard cock into me – rubber or muscle didn’t matter.
. . .
Through the latex catsuit I couldn’t feel much around me. Someone was holding my thighs for leverage, but was it a man or a woman?
I was being fucked in the ass and I didn’t even know who it was – SHIT!
. . .
But then a ray of sunshine – someone started playing with my cock again and life got better.

Very good point. Sometimes it really does not matter who makes you feel better, especially if you can see him or her. I like girls, I do not like men, yet I like cocks, but if I'm bound, gagged and blindfolded I do not care if it's a man or a woman. I can imagine anybody ;-)
Sorry I'm taking so long with the next chapter, I've been busy working...but I have started on it.
Sorry again for the delay in posting. I hope you enjoy *KISS*

Chapter 5: The Addiction Bites

I never sleep well on airplanes, but on the flight back from San Francisco to London I slept like a baby, exhausted and sore, but deeply satisfied.
Unfortunately my contentment did not last long. The following week I spent two days in the office – normally I work from home, and only go into town for specific meetings – and after briefing my boss on my US project I was told that there would need to be cutbacks, and that my project was to be put on the ‘back burner’ for at least six months.
I was devastated, and argued so hard that I nearly got myself fired!
“Well shit!” I muttered to myself as I sat on the train home. All my dreams and plans of exploring my new interest in latex, bondage and submission had just gone out of the window with my project.
I sat glumly looking out of the window. It was a two-hour train ride and I had nothing else to do apart from bemoan my bad luck.
“Life really sucks,” I grumbled to myself. “Why couldn’t those bastards just keep the project going for another few months?”
What was I going to do now? Ever since leaving Jessie’s apartment I had been in a state of almost constant arousal. I could hardly think of anything else but the sex sessions at Max’s place, and what I had done with Jessie. My cock was sore with all the rubbing, and my balls ached from my constant draining.
Not that my wife helped, or even noticed that I was horny all the time. She was just preoccupied by her own life as usual and my existence was just background noise.
Before we were married Sarah had seemed like the perfect match for me – bossy and domineering, young and pretty. The sex had been quite good – nothing like the sessions my first wife had done with me, but then I had been just a kid the first time around, and she had fucked my brains out. But ever since Annita had been born any spice in the sex department had disappeared as far as Sarah was concerned. Sure we still did ‘it’ every week or two, or three – if she was in the mood, but it was always the same position and about as thrilling as cold porridge.
She did seem to like it though and I’m sure her orgasms weren’t faked –at least not the ones I got out of her with my fingers. With my cock I wasn’t so sure – she always seemed in a hurry for me to cum once I actually got inside her.
To be honest though, unless I was fantasising about something really kinky I couldn’t even get a hard on for her any more, and if she could have read my mind as I shot my load I’m sure she would have divorced me in a minute.
These days my jerk-off and fuck-session fantasies revolved around my daughter’s best friend – Alice, and a few other friends of hers, but Alice was the hottest.
Alice was an absolute stunner. She went to ballet classes with Annita and was a few months past her 14th birthday. She had long blonde hair, green eyes, and the natural poise of a dancer. She also treated every boy she met like a piece of dog shit, and totally ignored me when she came to the house. I loved it.
As it happens I had taken a few secret photos of her when she and Annita had gone to another friend’s pool party. The sight of all those just-teen girls in their bikinis had given me many amazing orgasms over the past months. Stunning!
The thought of those girls put a smile on my face as the train raced through the countryside.
It’s not that I’m some kind of a paedophile, and I’m not at all into kids, but those sweet-teen girls are really young women, not kids, no matter what the law says. And when you see them dressed in their party clothes, with the heels, makeup, padded bras and flirty attitude, there’s no way a man should have to resist them.
And after coming back from San Francisco my fantasies had taken a big step forward – now Alice and friends were dressed in latex, massive spiked heels, and carried whips and dildos. I cowered naked at their feet and licked, kissed and grovelled for them. They laughed and abused me, and I shot huge, draining loads of sperm into my hand, or my wife – it didn’t make much difference which.
As the train rumbled on I decided that I should take my rubber fetish into my own hands, so to speak. I spent most of my time at home, working in my office at the back of the house, and in there I had all the privacy and space that anyone could need to explore the world of latex, bondage – and why not silk and satin too?
Sarah worked every day in the neighbouring town and Annita went to school, so I had the house to myself almost all the time. All I needed to do was order what I wanted off the Internet, and I could try out anything I wanted.
Of course I would be by myself, and that wasn’t as much fun as playing with Jessie or Max’s friends, but it would be better than nothing – much better!
The thought of building up a collection of sexy latex and silk clothing, along with ropes and handcuffs for self-bondage, had gotten me hard again, but at least I was smiling and had something to look forward to.
I was still smiling, and hard, when I got home and checked my email – the smile froze on my face, and then fell off altogether as I read the message in my inbox.
The untitled email had just two lines:


There was no signature, but there was a hyperlink to a web service out in cyberspace.
I clicked on the link and my browser opened, taking me to the server where a video waited to be run.
My hand was shaking as I moved the curser to the ‘play’ arrow and clicked.
Slumping into my chair I felt sick to my stomach as the video played. The sounds of sucking and mocking laughter filled my office as the recent scene in my San Francisco hotel room was replayed for me on screen.
A close up of my red sweaty face stared out from my laptop, and there was a cock pumping in and out of my lips. My hand cupped a pair of small balls as I gazed into the camera and sucked for all I was worth.
“Oh my GOD!” I groaned. “Holy SHIT!”
I watched the video to the humiliating end, with me shooting my load over my own food.
It had been well edited and was shockingly clear. There was no way I could deny that it was me on there, although neither of the two young Chinese men’s faces were ever visible.
It was a video of me, looking like a perverted, cock-hungry queer, and no one would ever believe anything different.
“Jesus Holy Christ,” I whispered, “What the fucking hell am I going to do now?” All my energy and good spirits had gone. I sat looking at the final scene frozen on the screen…me, almost naked, and kneeling in my hotel room, cock in hand, over a plate of cummy fries and burger.
I ran the video again, and copied it to my hard drive – it was too good to lose, and watching it again had gotten me hard. It had been a real turn on to jerk off in front of those two young guys, and the memory of it was so humiliating I needed to do it again.
Selecting ‘Reply’ on the email I was excited enough to make my pleading really good.
“My God, please don’t send this to my wife,” I begged, stroking my hard cock through my trousers.
“I will be coming back to San Francisco soon,” I lied, “and we can meet again. I promise we can do whatever you want; just don’t get my wife involved, please. OK?”
I sat and thought for a few minutes, then typed,
“I know you guys need money to eat, and I promise I will give you whatever I can when I get there. If you want I will even do what I did before with you. But please, please, please, don’t tell my wife, I BEG YOU. OK?”
Maybe that would be enough. I hoped so. I wanted my secret life to stay secret from Sarah and Annita. No way did I want a messy, public divorce over this.
Swallowing hard, and with a shaky hand I hit ‘Send’ and watched the email disappear.
“Well, now what will they do?” I mumbled, nervously watching the laptop as if it might bite me.
When no email came back I breathed a little easier, and I decided to carry on with my plan to order some toys off the Internet.
After a few minutes of surfing, the main thing that struck me was the price – latex clothing cost a lot, especially the big items like catsuits. I was looking for the same kind of outfit that I had worn at Max’s, but just the latex catsuit and hood would cost about £400. By the time I added in a decent-sized, good-quality dildo and vibrator, some nipple clips, a ball gag, and a solid pair of steel handcuffs, the total was over £600. On top of all that I needed lube for the dildo and polish to maintain the latex.
I rationalised that I could use pantyhose to bind my legs, and some shoelaces to tie up my cock and balls – as I used to do when I was a teenager, but that didn’t save me much.
There was some good news though, and that was I found a site called that sold large size satin night dresses pretty cheap – I bought a red, knee-length one that looked good and a matching black one. They were so cheap it didn’t matter if they didn’t fit too well, or last very long.
It took a few days of thinking before I decided to splash out and treat myself on the latex and bondage goodies. I’d been saving up for some new golf clubs, but screw that, I thought – there were more important balls to be played with.
I spread the purchases out across two online stores, ‘Expectations’ and ‘Rubber55’. Both of them had actual street addresses in London, and they also had good stocks visible online. They also all promised local delivery in 48 hours.
The total bill came to £550 for the latex stuff and toys, so I was more than a bit nervous about whether I would get ripped off, or if my dream would actually come true.
I also wondered if Sarah would notice, but we had our own accounts, so unless she checked my bank statements very closely I was quietly confident that I could get away with it.
It was a great feeling, all excited and happy - like a little kid again just before Christmas – all I had to do was wait for Santa the postman to deliver my stockings.
One dark cloud hovered over me though - but nothing came back from my little Chinese fiends in California, and my wife hadn’t done anything more stressful than cook dinner, so I was starting to relax and believe that they were leaving me alone.
No chance!
The day my toys were scheduled to arrive I got up and found an email waiting in my Inbox:

“SEND IDS NOW!!!!!!”

It took me a couple of reads to realise what “IDS” meant – they wanted my identities on Facebook and Skype.
I use Skype a lot with both friends and for work, and I’d even done some sexy chat sessions with a few online perverts from time to time. Facebook on the other hand I hardly used – just a few ex-colleagues and old friends that I didn’t see very often, and it was a good way to keep in touch.
“What the hell,” I said to myself, “So what if they want to Skype me, or add me on Facebook, they can’t do anything too bad, can they?”
Selecting ‘Reply’, I typed in my Skype name and my Facebook identity and hit ‘Send’.
They must have been up late in San Francisco because the response was almost instant.
Two things happened, at almost the same second – a contact request pinged on my Skype, and an email appeared in my Inbox.


“Holy shit,” I exclaimed, “They want to use MY Facebook account!” I was shocked and stunned. I hadn’t counted on that.
I clicked ‘Accept’ for the Skype contact request and then sat pondering the Facebook demand.
“Do I have a choice?” I asked myself. “If I don’t give it to them then they can just send that video link to Sarah, and then I can kiss my life goodbye.”
I typed a reply to their email, and gave them the Id and password to Facebook, but I added,
“Please don’t post anything that will destroy me. PLEASE. I BEG YOU.”
I pressed ‘Send’ and prayed that my life wasn’t over.
The Skype call from them came a few seconds later and I clicked on ‘Answer’.
“HELLO GAY MAN,” was typed into the conversation text.
I sighed, and clicked on the video icon to start a webcam session. Of course they didn’t open their webcam, this was going to be a one-way deal.
“HELLO GAY MAN. NICE SEE YOU,” one of them typed.
I hate it when people use capitals in their conversations, it always sounds like they are angry or shouting. I find it very aggressive – strange when it’s just text.
“Hello,” I said out loud.
I’d actually had quite a few Skype and MSN sessions like this – being dominated online and ‘forced’ to do things. Probably the weirdest so far was a video session with a woman from South Africa who had made me strip naked, then crack an egg over my cock and balls, and use that as lubricant to masturbate for her. It had worked pretty well, but was bloody messy.
I stood up and stripped-off my clothes. Sarah had gone to work and Annita was at school, so I was alone in the house and wasn’t worried about being caught.
“GOOD GAY MAN. YOU DO AS TOLD. LIKE DOG. YOU GOOD DOG,” they typed, and I could imagine them in some room in San Francisco laughing like idiots.
I wondered if they were naked and jerking off while they watched me strip? My body is not bad, and I’m proud of the size and shape of my cock.
“Shit!” I thought to myself, they seemed determined to get my wife involved.
“SEND NOW GAY MAN,” the screen shouted.
“NOW GAY MAN. NOW DOG. DO IT.” They screamed.
I quickly looked at my photos folder and selected one entitled, ‘Sarah in Corsica - beach’. We had spent two summer weeks on the Mediterranean island two years ago, and things had been OK. It had been a pretty good vacation, with not too many fights.
I clicked on the screen icon and sent the photo.
A few seconds passed by as the photo was transmitted over to my two Chinese abusers, and then another message appeared.
Reading the message a frown passed over my face. Which photo had I sent? I’m the kind of person who normally gives meaningful names to my photos, especially the nice ones. I suppose I should have opened it and looked before sending it, but these guys flustered and pressured me. Now I went and looked at the photo. It showed Sarah standing on the beach, with her arm around a 12-year old Annita – they were both wearing skimpy bikinis and smiling at the camera. It was a good photo of my family, but much too revealing for these guys to see.
“WHO GIRL GAY MAN?” they prompted me.
I groaned inside. That had been a dumb mistake, sending a photo like that – now they would know I had a daughter. Annita looked too much like Sarah to pretend she wasn’t related.
“She’s my daughter,” I said. “Her name is Annita.”
“She’s just 14 years old now,” I said, hoping that they would let it drop, but sure that they would not.
The screen was quiet for a couple of minutes, and I wondered if they had gone.
No such luck!
“Shit, shit, shit!” I swore to myself, cursing my stupidity.
“I don’t have many,” I lied. “Just one or two from our last holiday.”
“LIAR LIAR LYING DOG,” screamed back at me.
“Shit and double shit,” I was in deep shit if I sent them and even worse if I didn’t.
I selected a few more photos from the same folder and sent them. Some had Sarah on and some had Annita, and most had both. Damn it!
“GOOD DOG,” was the thanks I got.
I was sweating, even though I was standing there stark naked in front of the webcam.
“I don’t have any sexy photos of them,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “We are a normal family, we don’t take photos like that.”
“Holy fuck!” I said. I was panicking big time now. This sounded bad.
“Wait, wait,” I shouted, “I forgot, I do have a few of Annita, but only a few and they’re not very sexy, OK?”
They were silent for a long time, and I expected the worst. My hands were shaking, and my legs felt like jelly.
With trembling fingers I selected the pool-party photos of Annita and her friends, and sent them. I was a nervous wreck, and there was no way I dared resist them anymore.
More minutes passed as they downloaded the photos, and I assumed they were looking at them, ogling my daughter and her friends the way I did.
It was stupid, but I felt relieved. At least they hadn’t sent that video link to Sarah - not yet. I had to keep them from doing that.
A few more minutes past, then:
That question puzzled me, but I nodded. I had a colour laser printer, a pretty good one that I needed for work.
“PRINT OUT THIS PHOTO,” I was instructed, and an incoming file transfer request appeared on my screen. I accepted it and waited for the download.
The photo opened and I gasped – it was a close up, full-length shot of Annita in a tiny bikini, with Alice sitting on the pool edge by her feet. From the angle of the shot it gave a great view of the top of Alice’s teenage breasts, which was why I had taken the photo. The fact that Annita was there in the foreground was just a coincidence.
“PRINT PHOTO,” the instruction came again. I shrugged and did what I was told.
Once the photo was printed out on an A4 sheet I held it up to show that I had done it.
My heart raced when they told me what they wanted.
“Oh my God, you’re kidding right?” I gasped out.
‘JERK OFF NOW ON PHOTO. NOW. DO IT NOW.” The text screamed at me.
“OK, ok,” I muttered, and put the photo down on the seat of my chair, positioning myself so that I could do what they commanded.
“HOLD PHOTO UP TO WEBCAM. SHOW PHOTO.” They instructed, so I did.
This was all weird and bizarre, but I did it. I held it up to the camera and told them that it was my daughter Annita.
“TELL US HOW OLD SHE IS,” they demanded, so I told them.
“She’s 14 years old,” I said loudly and clearly, still puzzled about why they were making me do all this.
I gasped at that one.
“Please, don’t make me say that, it’s not true,” I said, pleading with them. And it was true; I didn’t want to have sex with her.
“Fucking shit!” I mumbled under my breath.
I held the photo up again and said, “She is my daughter Annita. She is 14 years old, and I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her hard.”
I did what I was told and put the photo down. I checked the video image that was being transmitted back to the Chinese guys, and I could see that everything was visible to them – the photo, my naked body, my face, and the fact that I was jerking off over my daughter’s photo.
Rather than look at Annita, I focused on Alice and rubbed my cock hard thinking about her.
“GOOD DOG,” appeared on the screen, and I looked into the camera, wondering if they were as excited by this as I was.
I got pretty close, pretty fast – the humiliation was great. Jerking off while someone watches me is an amazing turn on for me.
Oh God, I couldn’t stop now.
“I’m cumming on my baby girl,” I moaned into the camera, “I want to cum on her for real. I want to shoot my load in Annita’s face and on her tits.”
With a loud groan I started shooting, aiming at Alice, but hitting Annita as well. Spurt after spurt splashed over the photo.
I slumped forward over the photo, totally spent and panting, my wilting cock held tight in my fist.
I shook my head. What a weird life I had gotten myself into.
I lifted the soaked picture up gently and held it close to the camera. Both the girls were covered in cum splashes, and pools of goo, but their faces were still visible – just.
I didn’t like the sound of that, but the conversation ended and the video session closed.
“Holy Jesus, what the fuck was all that about?” I muttered to myself as I started tidying up and getting dressed again.
The cum-plastered photo of Annita and Alice had no sooner disappeared into my waste bin than the doorbell rang. It turned out to be the first delivery of the day – in this case the handcuffs, dildo and vibrator from ‘Expectations’.
I unwrapped the items one by one and sat at my desk admiring them.
The dildo was nearly 14 inches long, over 3 inches thick, and made from glossy black latex. For some reason they called it ‘Billy’. It felt amazing, but I knew there was no way I would be able to fit it inside my ass – not yet. But for role-play sucking and fondling, it was perfect.
The handcuffs were stainless steel, and definitely not from the toy department. They were serious items and exactly what I wanted – just like the nipple clips, which were steel and rubber alligator clips separated by a steel chain. I shivered as I imagined attaching them to my stiff little nipples.
My new vibrator was called ‘The Prowler’, was also black, and came with a nice convenient handle to help with insertion and use. I slipped in the batteries and marvelled at the multi-speed function. The thought of that deep in my ass got my blood pumping towards my cock again.
There was also a free bottle of J-Jelly lubricant worth £19 for me as a new customer, which I thought would come in very handy.
I was very impressed with the new toys and slipped them into a desk drawer when the doorbell rang for the second time.
The postman was waiting on the doorstep, with a pile of letters, and a small package clearly labelled as being from BeCheeky – it was my silky nightdresses. I tried not to look embarrassed as I signed for them, after all they could have been for either Sarah or Annita. But just knowing what they were made me feel guilty, and I blushed anyway.
Back in my office the silky garments felt wonderful to my touch, and I buried my face in the soft folds. They felt wonderful and I couldn’t wait to try them on, but wait I needed to do.
It was hard to concentrate on work, but there were things that kept me busy until lunchtime. Thankfully my work was interrupted at one o’clock by the doorbell, and I almost ran to open the door.
A DHL deliveryman was waiting for me, a large package on the ground at his feet. It had to be the main items I had been waiting for.
After signing for the box I managed to lift it and stagger inside – it was bloody heavy.
I was right, it was from Rubber55 and it was the latex catsuit and hood. My hands were trembling again as I slit the cardboard box open and pulled back the flaps.
The bright red latex garment was tightly sealed in plastic, but I could still smell the rubber. It was wonderful – but as soon as I opened the bag to get at the latex the smell became a problem.
The smell of rubber filled the house as soon as I pulled the catsuit out of the bag.
“Holy Jesus,” I cried out as I realised that anyone coming into the house would smell my new delivery. I quickly pushed the latex back into the box and dragged it through to my office.
It would take a hell of a lot of air-freshener to cover up that smell!
After opening up all the windows I sprayed half a can of Country Lavender around the house and hoped for the best.
My office though was quickly starting to smell like a Michelin factory, even with the window wide open.
The catsuit was glorious – a bright and shiny red, even richer than the one at Max’s place. I sat and caressed the latex, getting a hard on just from the touch and smell.
The hood was black leather, with a zip for the mouth and laces at the back that could be tightened. I slipped it on and breathed in the heady scent of new leather.
Pulling the laces tight, the material seemed to grip my head and my cock twitched at the feeling of enclosure.
It was too bad that those Chinese tossers had forced me to drain my balls so early in the day – I could probably get another orgasm pretty fast, but I had a load of work to do before I could try out my new toys.
I replaced the catsuit and hood in the box and stashed it away at the back of a cupboard, along with the supply of condoms, pantyhose and other items that I had collected over the last few days. I had bought several large boxes of condoms to use in my upcoming bondage and jerk-off sessions – first because I didn’t want to mess up the catsuit, and second I liked the feeling of having my cock tightly encased.
My problem was that I would be playing alone, and while I liked being tied up, that wouldn’t be enough to make me cum by itself – I would need some sort of cock stimulation.
Having given it a lot of thought I had decided to do what I’d played at when I was a teenager and trying out self-bondage. Basically I’d position myself with my cock between two pillows before completing the bondage, and then I could fuck the pillows and achieve a decent orgasm. It had made a mess on the pillows at first, but then I had added a variety of extras to keep things tidy and enhance the sensation.
Since I was too young and embarrassed to get hold of condoms, my first try-outs had made use of socks instead. A good compromise, and worked well, but long sessions resulted in a sore cock.
To get around the soreness I started using my older sister’s nylon slips and pantyhose to wrap around my cock. That added the smooth, silky touch that I still love today. I’d had to be careful with that approach though, and had to wait until the garments were put in the wash basket first, otherwise there would be telltale damp, sticky spots on them.
As I hurried through my work my mind kept drifting back over my life, thinking about my various bondage experiences. Now that I thought about it, this would be the third period of my life when bondage had played a part.
The first experiences had come early on, when I was approaching teenage, and then over my first teen years.
When I was growing up as a kid there were a pair of twins that lived opposite in my quiet little street. They were about two years older than me – Alan and Angela, and we went through cycles of being best friends/worst enemies on a regular basis.
I was about 11 or maybe 12 when Angela introduced me to her version of ‘Hide and Seek’. This game only involved the two of us, and it always followed the same pattern – just sometimes she wore panties and other times not.
The game was always played when she wanted it, I never asked. We would find somewhere nice and private and I would lie down on my back. She would then lift her skirt, or dress, and lower herself onto my upturned face.
She was about 14 at the time and seemed to enjoy sitting on my face. I enjoyed it too, but not in a sexual way, not then. It just felt nice under there. Warm, safe and dark. The smell was nice and the feeling of her weight on my face made me feel calm and peaceful.
When she did it minus panties, then I also got the taste too, but that was nice. She liked doing it, and I liked doing it because it made her happy.
My first erections that I remember were when I was around seven or eight years old, swimming or climbing on the bars. I didn’t know what it meant, but it felt nice. But it was a bit embarrassing when my ‘thing’ got hard at the swimming pool and everyone could see.
By the time I was 12 I was waking up with a stiff cock, and there were some accidents during the night, but I couldn’t talk to my parents, or anyone else, everyone was far too strict and hung up about sex to talk to me. So, I was getting hard, and was able to cum, but I had no idea what it meant, and I had definitely not started masturbating – I didn’t even know what it was.
One day Angela decided to play ‘The Game’ in my garden. We were hiding behind the garden wall while she sat on my face – without panties. This version was getting more and more frequent, and she would usually rub herself very hard on my mouth and nose, making it hard to breathe, and she would get very wet down there. I didn’t mind, and I loved the look on her face when she let me get up – she would be all red and sweaty, but smiling and happy.
On this day though we were interrupted. We had barely started when suddenly Angela jumped up and ran off, leaving me lying on the ground blinking at the sun.
My neighbour was standing over me looking down with a frown on her face. Oh God I was in trouble now!
“And what do you think you’re doing?” she asked, still frowning, and with her hands on her hips.
Margaret and Derek lived in the house joined to ours. They were younger than my parents – maybe around 30 years old, and had no kids.
I think I had a crush on Margaret, she was pretty, with shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, and she always dressed nicely in skirts and dresses. She always smelled nice too.
But my parents didn’t like them, and we didn’t see them much at all.
I lay there looking up at her, and she crossed her arms under her wonderful boobs. I noticed she was wearing a pale blue silk blouse and a cream-coloured skirt.
“Well?” she asked again.
“Errr,” I started, “We were just playing a game.”
“I see, and do you play this…game often?” she raised a sweet eyebrow, and I thought her lips twitched into a small smile.
“Errr, no, well yes, sometimes, when she wants,” I blurted out.
“And do you like to play this…game?” she wasn’t frowning now, just looking interested. Maybe I wasn’t in so much trouble after all.
“It’s OK,” I said, sitting up. I wiped my hand across my mouth. Angela had been really wet today and her sticky wetness was all over my mouth and face.
“Mmm, maybe we should go inside and talk about this. Would you like a drink? A Coke or something?” She stepped back to give me room to stand up.
I was a shy kid, but I brushed myself off and followed her into her house. I’d been inside a couple of times before and it was always tidy, well decorated and smelled of perfume – not like my house that smelled of cooked food.
She poured me a big glass of Coke and led me through to the living room.
“Sit down,” she said, “and tell me how long you’ve been playing this game with, Angela isn’t it?” She smiled at me and I blushed bright red.
I took a big swallow of my drink and nodded.
“We’ve been playing Hide and Seek like that for about a year,” I said.
“Hide and Seek? Wow, that’s a good one,” she laughed. “And you like playing…Hide and Seek… like that? With girls who don’t wear panties?”
There was a smirk on her face that made me blush even harder.
“I don’t play it with other girls, just Angela,” I mumbled.
“I see,” she said, looking at me intensely. “But do you like playing it?”
I took another drink and thought about it.
“Yes, I guess so,” I answered. “It sort of makes me feel nice.”
“Mmmm,” she said, still staring at me. “And would you like to play the same game with someone else? What about with me?”
That was a shock, I’d never thought about it. I looked at her with big eyes – an adult who wanted to play Hide and Seek with me like that!
“Err…I dunno,” I said, “Do other people play this game?”
She had a very pretty laugh and it made me smile when she did it then.
“Robert, I think you will find that lots of girls, and women too, want to play that game with you as you get older.”
I just shrugged; it didn’t mean anything to me. I knew virtually nothing about sex.
“OK, so Robert, how do you normally play with Angela? The same way I saw you in the garden? You just lie down and she sits on your face? Does she ever…touch you?”
I was puzzled. Touch me? I shook my head, “No she never touches me, and I don’t know what you mean.”
“Alright, I see. So, do you want to play the game now, with me?”
I couldn’t think of any reason why not. She was bigger than Angela and heavier, but she was also much prettier, and smelled a lot nicer.
“OK,” I said. “You want to play here?” I pointed at the rug between us.
Now it was her turn to blush. She licked her lips, which were a delicate shade of pink. She nodded.
So I lay down on the rug, on my back, just like with Angela.
Margaret stood up and looked down at me, her face was still flushed, and she was breathing heavily. She reached up under her skirt with both hands and wriggled off her silky white panties, and dropped them on the sofa where she had been sitting.
“Don’t worry, I won’t squash you,” she said with a nervous smile. “If I’m too heavy just slap your hand on the rug and I’ll ease off, OK?”
I nodded, and lay there looking up at her. From this position I could see right up her skirt to her smooth white thighs. My ‘thing’ decided to start getting stiff right then.
She placed one foot either side of my head and slowly lowered herself until her slit was just above my face, and she was facing my feet. Even though it was quite dark under there I could still see that there were little wispy blonde hairs around the mound, but otherwise she was bald.
Then she knelt with a leg either side of me and the light disappeared as her white ass covered my face.
It was wonderful – much better than Angela. The smell, the heat, and when my tongue touched her damp slit, it was like an electric shock to my pre-teen senses.
I did with my tongue and lips just what I knew Angela liked most, and it seemed that Margaret liked it too. She pressed down, and rubbed, and her sweet lips opened for me to suck on and lick.
She was heavier than Angela, and several times I needed to slap the rug so that she would lift her weight off me and I could drag in some breaths. But I loved it – the soft weight of her, and the rich, musky taste of the juices that oozed out of her hot lips.
As usual with this game I lost all sense of time. My jaws ached, and my tongue felt swollen by the time she pulled herself off my face, which was sweaty and sticky with her cum.
She sat propped against the sofa, legs spread and skirt hitched around her waist, as she panted and gasped for air, her face red and hair dishevelled. Anyone would have thought it had been her stuck under an ass rather than me.
She saw me watching her, and gave me a beaming smile.
“That was fantastic Robert,” she panted. “I think you are I are going to be good friends.”
And we did get quite close – once or twice a week I would go to her house after school and she would help me with my homework, and then we would play our game.
That went on for a month or two, but then one time, as I was lapping away under her skirt, I felt hands unzipping my trousers, and pushing them down around my ankles.
Cool fingers wrapped themselves around my stiff cock – yes I was getting stiff whenever I was under Margaret’s skirt. Oh God it felt good.
Slowly and firmly the fingers rubbed and stroked my young cock until I was groaning into the slippery hole above my mouth.
It was so good that I stopped licking, but Margaret just lowered herself and used my face as a sex toy, rubbing herself over my nose and lips.
Then it got even better – a mouth had engulfed my cock and started sucking.
It was impossible to stop even if I’d wanted to, and I shot my first orgasm into that hot, wet, sucking mouth. It was heaven. It was agony.
I think Margaret must have cum at the same time as me, but I don’t know. When she climbed off my face I just lay there gasping like a fish out of water.
When my breathing and senses returned closer to normal, I opened my eyes and was shocked to see a man kneeling beside me – it was Derek, Margaret’s husband.
He was looking at me and smiling. He was also licking his lips and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
“That tasted good,” he said, “Did you like it?”
I looked from him to his wife and back again, totally dumbfounded and shocked. Not only did he know I was licking his wife’s pussy, but he had just sucked me off and swallowed my first load.
“Oh God, a man just sucked my dick,” was the thought that kept running through my head, Oh God!
It was these two that brought me into enjoying many things; even before I reached teenage I was experiencing oral sex, with and from both of them. They showed me how to please a woman and a man.
They introduced me to bondage, and I spent hours tightly bound in their house, often on their bed, as one or the other used my face. They took turns teasing and stroking my young boy cock, keeping me on the edge, and begging for release.
Fingers probed my ass as I experienced amazing delights at their hands, and my tongue and lips returned the favours.
Sometimes silk and satin were used to dress me up, and I was made up to look like a girl. It all felt wonderful, and they both enjoyed the sight of my bright red lipstick sliding down Derek’s cock. They would make sure that his orgasm and mine were timed perfectly, he shooting into my mouth and me pumping into Margaret’s.
At least twice each week I went there to do my homework and play our games, and that went on for over a year.
But then, one day, they were gone – just like that. They packed up and moved, and I never saw them or heard from them again.
I asked my parents where they were and what had happened, but they just said, “Who cares – good riddens.”
But I was devastated. I was only 13 years old, but already I had learned so much. And I missed them.
For a while I tried to recreate the bondage, tying myself up and fucking pillows, pushing objects into my ass, wearing my sister’s slips and night dresses, cumming on her shoes. But it wasn’t the same, and slowly my fetishes moved on.
Since that time though I’ve been addicted to sex, and masturbation has been my daily salvation, even during my two marriages.
My next attempts at bondage were during my frantic first marriage, when I was 20 years old.
Wendy – the woman who lured me into her bed, fucked my brains out, and then tricked me into marriage, was a sexual dynamo. The only form of sex she wouldn’t entertain was anal, but everything else was perfectly OK.
The bad thing was, Wendy was a natural submissive, like me, and her favourite style of sex was ‘rough’ sex – borderline rape. She would often tease me and tempt me, and then refuse to follow though, making sure that I knew if I wanted sex, then I would have to overpower her and force her into it.
At first this was like a bit of fun, a game, a role-play, but it rapidly became more and more serious, and she would resist harder and harder. For me to be able to overpower her it would take all my strength and I didn’t want to hurt her, not really.
Believe it or not it really is hard to rape a woman if she resists with all her might. If you don’t hit her, or make her give in, then it is impossible for one man to rape a woman.
I finally got fed up with these games - I was getting hurt more than she was, and the sex was just a struggle – not pleasant or exciting. So I came up with a plan – instead of wrestling her down, trying to strip her, and then fuck her, I decided to pin her down and tie her up. Once she was helpless, then I could take my time and do whatever I wanted to her.
That worked, and we both got what we were looking for – she was overpowered and ‘forced’ into sex, and I got some reasonably relaxed fuck time. Of course this all developed into more kinky stuff, for example I loved to push her panties deep into her dripping cunt, and then use them as a gag. Sometimes I would even tie her hands behind her, gag her, and then bend her over my knees - giving her a good spanking. Slipping my fingers into her oozing twat I could make her cum like that.
The problem was, I wasn’t getting tied up. Wendy hated playing the FemDom role – she said she felt stupid. She still did it a few times, but it wasn’t great and she just didn’t want to do it, period.
All this sex was great, but if I couldn’t indulge my favourite passion, the rest was just second rate.
If my wife wouldn’t do what I needed, then I would just have to find someone who would.
The answer, back then, was easy – prostitution. There were lots of girls, or men, advertising their services fairly openly, and just about anything was on the menu, for the right price.
It’s harder now, in London anyway – the Eastern Europeans have moved in big time, and sex services have become either blackmail operations, or just straightforward robberies. It’s tough to find a genuine hooker, and even if you do she’ll charge sky-high prices, and give you a crap service.
What I wanted was a reliable, reasonably priced, good looking whore that would give me the services I needed, without the hassle of romance. They weren’t hard to find.
Since I was travelling quite a lot in the UK and Europe, it was easy to track girls down. The first was a girl called Barbara in Nottingham, who seemed confused about whether she wanted a real boyfriend or a client. Anyway, I saw her several times over a 12-month period, and we indulged my need for bondage and Femdom quite satisfactorily.
She also had a teenage niece that she looked after when school was over, and I loved to pay a little extra for that sweet vixen to humiliate and abuse me, especially with her Aunt watching over us, and the girl was in her school uniform.
That relationship might have gone on for a long time, but unfortunately she introduced me to a short, redheaded nurse who wanted to move into the whoring business.
She was really HOT!
The first time I met her we did a three-some, with me tied and abused by them. The nurse even tried out her enema skills – unusual, and the only time in my life I’ve involved this in my sex games. But she had a fiery temper, and she fell out with Barbara soon after that first time.
I tried to contact her, which was a mistake, because Barbara found out and the relationship was broken.
The next hooker I found was in Brussels. She was an amazingly beautiful blonde, and I couldn’t imagine why she was on the game. She lived in a dingy apartment with a mousey-looking woman - who never spoke to me, and a huge dog.
I suspected that she might be a drug addict or something, because she couldn’t remember me, or what we had done, from one visit to the next, and I was a regular customer.
She was a stunning beauty, and I tried out most of my fetishes with her. The first visit I sodomised her perfect ass; the next she chained me to the wall and edged me until I begged for her to finish me. Her flat mate and the dog sat and watched this session, their faces indifferent to my pleadings, but it was a superb orgasm.
I really would have liked to develop something special with her, she was gorgeous, but it was not to be – my project finished in Brussels and I moved on.
The final whore I had, before my divorce, was in London. A dark haired dominatrix, she was pretty good at her trade, but after a few visits she became just too commercial. The last time I visited her, she chained me naked to a bench in her ‘dungeon’, and blindfolded me.
As I lay there on my back, she teased and tempted me with her fingers and whip, and started talking about how I would feel if a man was to be doing it.
“Perhaps I should bring in one of my other slaves,” she crooned, “Do you think you would enjoy a man’s hand on your cock?”
I knew that I wouldn’t mind, and I mumbled that thought through my gag. She kept on stroking me, and rubbing me, and I was getting closer to the point of no return.
She must have known it. I was trying to tell her to stop, that it was too early. I had only been there a few minutes, and this was all going too fast.
Still she carried on, and I couldn’t stop her. I was chained, gagged and blindfolded.
There was nothing I could do to stop the reaction, and so I humped her hand, spurting my load through her gloved fingers.
She pretended to be angry and disappointed, but I could tell that she had just wanted to finish me quickly. I never went back after that – I hate being ripped off.
My work dragged on all afternoon, and my reminiscences just made it harder to concentrate.
I heard someone moving around in the next room and glanced at the clock,
“Shit, they’re back already,” I swore.
“Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to try out my new toys,” I said to myself with a dirty grin on my face.
Here is Chapter 6. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 6: Into the Abyss

I was awake early and eager to see my wife and daughter out of the house. Today I was planning an all-day session with my new toys and my cock.
I’d been too excited to sleep well; tossing and turning all night, my mind busy thinking up ideas and scenarios for my self-bondage and dress-up games. It had been a major challenge not to jerk off in the shower, so I’d just teased myself a little – just to get the ball rolling.
As soon as I was sure the girls wouldn’t be back, I hurried through to my office and pulled out all the wonderful things I’d bought, and arranged them on my desk. The room still smelled strongly of rubber, but I opened the windows before unwrapping the bright red, latex catsuit.
The huge black dong, and the vibrator tempted my mouth, and I gave each a lick and a suck, just to get my mouth watering.
My plan was to start by familiarising myself with the items, and then just see where it went from there.
First, I slipped off my bathrobe and pulled the red satin nightgown over my head. It felt amazing as the sheer, smooth fabric slid down my body and snagged on my already stiff cock. I rubbed the material over my body and wrapped it around my shaft. The nightgown was a bit too large, but that was OK, it would give me some room to play.
Sitting in my office chair I picked up the steel handcuffs. The cold, heavy metal sent a chill through me – they weren’t the usual fuzzy pink playthings that a lot of sex shops sold, no, these were the real deal and I didn’t like the idea of getting stuck in them.
I practised locking and unlocking them for a few minutes – without putting them on, testing the locks and keys. The solid clicks were reassuring, and they seemed professionally made, and less likely to accidently block. I’d chosen a pair with a chain rather than rigid metal, so that it would be easier to manoeuvre with them behind my back, when putting them on or unlocking them.
Finally, when I was happy with them, I slipped a cuff over my left wrist and locked it, and then the second cuff over my right wrist. I wasn’t ready to do it behind my back yet, so I did it with my hands resting on the desk in front of me. It was a bit fiddly, but it worked OK.
I tugged a few times to see how it felt – they were certainly locked tight and there was no way these babies would slip off, or break - if the keys got lost while I was in them, then I would be really in the shit.
Nervously, I quickly picked up the key and fumbled it into the lock; almost dropping it onto the floor my hands were shaking so much.
Beads of sweat stood out on my forehead as I wriggled the key around, until finally the cuff popped open. I gave a deep sigh of relief.
After the first time it got easier, and I tried out the locking/unlocking routine a few times, until I got the hang of it and my heart stopped pounding. Then I did the same thing with my hands cuffed behind my back. That was harder of course, and much more fiddly, but after a few tries I got pretty good at it and my confidence grew.
“OK, so the cuffs work, now what?” I asked the empty room. My cock had wilted with the tension around the cuffs, so I gave him a few strokes through the satin to stiffen his resolve.
But that was going to be a problem with the self-bondage – since just being bound didn’t get me off, I would need to find a way to stimulate myself while I was tied. The only way I could think of was to be lying on my belly and fucking something while my hands were cuffed behind me. A bit of a pain to prepare everything, but since I had the time it would be worth it.
I decided it was time for my first attempt and sorted out the items that I was going to use – shoelaces for binding my cock and balls; belts for restraining my ankles and thighs; handcuffs of course; the black dildo for me to suck on; a condom to protect my pillows; and finally – the nipple clips. I would also take my laptop up to my bedroom and put it on the bedside table so that I would have the visual treat of a good BDSM movie while I was fucking.
Setting the two pillows in the middle of the bed – one on top of the other – I started getting myself ready.
I selected one of my favourite porn films from the folder on my laptop and started it off. A compilation of Femdom, cuckold and BDSM highlights, it lasted about one and a half hours, which I hoped would be long enough.
My cock was already well on it’s way to full hardness, but a few experts strokes got the beast leaking and ready.
Unfortunately my balls don’t hang much, especially when my cock is hard, so it’s always a pain to tie the damn things, so I have to wrap the shoelace around the base of my cock and then do them in a figure of eight style. It doesn’t interfere with my orgasm really, but it’s the feeling and the thought that counts.
Next I tweaked my nipples until they were stiff little nuts – the satin nightdress rubbing on them had already aroused them, but I pinched and pulled them to make them stand out enough for the clips to get a good grip. I do love having my nipples sucked and nipped by a girl’s teeth, but my wife never does it for me.
The sharp teeth of the alligator clips made me gasp as they went on, even through the satin – delicious.
I was using leather belts for my ankle and thigh restraints, so I slipped them on and cinched them as tight as I could.
The sounds from the porn film filled the room – mocking female laughter, whips, grunts and moans – if only I could have been there while they were filming that!
I ripped open a condom packet and rolled the latex contents over my erection, enjoying the cool, tight rubber gripping my hot, leaking shaft.
Almost ready, I put the enormous black rubber dildo within reach of my mouth when I lay down, and adjusted the pillows for a final time.
I slipped my encased, bound cock between the pillows and lay on top of it facing my laptop – it felt so good trapped in there that I groaned with pleasure.
Just to make sure everything was working, and the pillows were just right, I tried a few experimental thrusts back and forth – everything was perfect.
The handcuffs were a little tricky to get on behind my back, but not as hard as I’d first thought. And I’d put the keys in convenient positions to reach after I was finished.
I’d thought about trying something like freezing the keys in an ice cube for some kind of enforced bondage period, but decided that wasn’t really my thing, so I’d avoided that kind of risk.
Now in almost total bondage I started fucking the pillows, watching the porn movie, and reaching for the big black dong with my hungry lips.
Soon the sounds of my sucking and grunting added to those on the screen, and I was in heaven.
With my hands tied behind my back all my weight was on my trapped cock as I fucked. And the nipple clips pulled painfully on my tits as I moved backwards and forwards on the bed.
On the screen a real black cock – huge, and shining with pussy juice – pumped in and out of a white man’s wife, as he lay transfixed underneath them, waiting for the flood of seed that would soon spurt into his wife. His job was to lick and suck her clean after the black stud and used her. God I wanted to be him right then!
I wriggled in my bondage and pretended I wanted to escape – straining against the cuffs and belts – and sucked the black cock deeper, until it filled my mouth. I was getting close and sweat was running into my eyes.
The delicious feeling in my cock and balls was building, and I humped faster – driving my bound cock deep into the pillows.
I needed to cum, and I needed it now.
On the screen two gorgeous Asian girls dressed in spike heels, leather and latex were whipping a naked man, tied by his wrists to a beam overhead. A second man, also naked, knelt in front of the first, forced to suck his cock as the girls beat him mercilessly.
I was determined to cum at the same time as the whipped man, and tried to time my orgasm perfectly.
As he bucked and twisted, trying to get a way from the whips, he suddenly threw back his head and forced his cock deep into the mouth of the other slave, pumping his load down his throat.
My own orgasm exploded out of me as I watched the slave gagging on the cum. I groaned around the black dildo in my own mouth – filling the condom with a huge hot load of fresh sperm. And slumped, exhausted across the pillows.
I lay panting and spent on the bed for a while, pushing the slippery black dong out of my mouth before rolling over and reaching for the keys to the handcuffs.
For a heart-stopping moment my fingers couldn’t find them and I almost panicked – but then the cool metal keys were in my sweaty hands and I was free.
I flushed the used condom down the toilet and took all my toys back downstairs. It had been a good try out, and I felt satisfied with the first session.
While my cock recovered and I considered my next adventure, I sat at my desk and did a little work. I didn’t bother getting dressed and just sat there in the red satin nightdress. It felt wonderful just sitting there dressed like that – a little kinky, but relaxed.
I was more than a bit surprised when an email from a familiar address suddenly popped into my Inbox. My Chinese friends in California were either up very late, or mega-early.
The colour drained out of my face, and my pulse started racing again. What was it this time?
Just like before there was a hyperlink in the email, and a single line of text:


My fingers trembled as I moved the mouse to the link and clicked. And once again my browser took me to the website where another movie was waiting to be played.
I clicked the ‘play’ arrow and watched.
This time it started with a close up of my daughter’s photo, and the sound track was me saying how much I wanted to fuck her.
“Holy SHIT!” I exclaimed, “The bastards filmed me on webcam.” I was really surprised. I’d thought that maybe they’d been jerking off watching me, but not recording the damn thing – how did they do that?
Then it showed me jerking off on her photo and repeating over and over again how much I wanted to do it for real.
The movie had been edited really well, and my voice just kept repeating all those disgusting things I’d said as it showed me hunched over the photo, pulling on my shaft.
“My God, I look like a total pervert,” I muttered to myself as my face looked straight back at me from the screen. The photo of my daughter was clear to see as my cock pumped in and out of my fist just above it.
The key scenes were repeated a few times – especially the finale – with my cock pumping its load time after time onto my daughter’s picture.
The movie ended with me holding up the soaked photo to the camera - it was spattered and sodden with my hot jism.
At first I just felt sick – I’ve never thought of really wanting sex with my daughter, and what I’d said on the video wasn’t true. But I watched it a second time and I felt a stirring in my balls again. Disgusting as it was, it did have an effect.
I copied the video to my hard disk and sat thinking for a few minutes. This was getting out of hand now – these young Chinese guys really did have me in a hard spot.
The ringing of an incoming Skype call woke me up with a start.
“Jesus Christ Almighty!” I shouted, quickly looking to see who was calling. If it was someone from work then it would be a tough video conference with me sitting there in my sweet red nightgown.
“Oh fuck me!” I said, seeing that it was the Chinese guys calling.
I clicked on the ‘accept’ button and started sweating, wondering what they wanted.
The webcam screen opened and I saw myself in the outgoing video – looking like a weird transvestite.
Laughter came through my speakers as the little bastards saw what I was wearing.
I frowned at the screen and mumbled, “Thanks. What do you want?”
I shrugged. To be honest I’d been so busy watching the video and thinking about the mess I was in, that I’d forgotten all about their demand.
“GIVE IT NOW SICK MAN. GIVE EMAIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they shouted in capital letters across my screen.
“Oh fuck it!” I said to myself, and then typed in the only email address that I had for Annita. Maybe she didn’t use it any more, I didn’t know.
“That’s the only one I have for her,” I said, “I don’t know if she still uses it.”
I nodded.
Resigned to whatever they wanted, I unplugged the power supply and lifted the laptop. Our Wi-Fi network covered the house, so I could go anywhere and the webcam would still transmit over the Internet.
I showed them the sitting room, and the dining room. Wandered through the kitchen, and then took them upstairs.
I was sure that the bedroom would be interesting for them, and I was right.
“SHOW US WIFES CLOTHES,” appeared on the screen as I showed them the bed and furniture.
I opened the wardrobe and let them look at her dresses and blouses hanging from the racks.
“SHOW US WIFES UNDERWEAR,” came next. Very predictable, I thought.
My wife had a lot of nice silky, sexy underwear. I have no idea why, since I never got to see or touch it – at least not while she was wearing it. I pulled open the drawers and let them see her collection.
“VERY NICE. PICK SOME UP. SHOW US CLOSER,” they ordered. So I carefully picked up a pair of black silk panties and showed them. My wife kept everything very neat and tidy, and I needed to make sure it went back exactly as I left it or she would know I’d been in there.
I showed them one of her half-slips, and some of her sheer pantyhose. Just the feel of the material made my cock twitch. I could feel that I was getting excited again.
“NICE. NOW SHOW GIRLS BEDROOM,” I was instructed.
Taking them across the hallway, this was getting into dangerous territory. I had to be really careful not to disturb anything in there or I would be in real trouble.
The room smelled of Annita’s perfume, and there was the usual clutter and mess of a teenager’s den everywhere. But I wasn’t fooled, I was sure that she knew exactly where every item of discarded clothing, each book, magazine or piece of litter had been dropped. It might look like a random mess to anyone else, but she had it all committed to memory.
I stood in the doorway and showed them the scene.
“Shit,” I muttered, and carefully picked my way across the floor as though I was walking through a minefield.
Yes I knew which drawer she kept her panties and hose in – I’d tidied up the room before, and put away her ironing – with her permission of course.
Very, very carefully I opened the cupboards and drawers and showed them various items – fragile, lacy panties; padded bras; mini-skirts and dresses; high heel shoes. I’d seen her go out in these things to friend’s parties, and they made her look like an 18-year old hooker. God only knew what she got up to there.
I was sweating with the stress of replacing the garments in exactly the same positions as I’d found them.
“PUT PANTIES AND PANTYHOSE ON BED. AND SHOES,” appeared on the screen.
“Oh shit, please don’t,” I whimpered. “I’ll be in real trouble if she knows I’ve been in here.”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I swore to myself.
Putting the laptop down by the side of Annita’s bed, I carefully took a small pile of silky panties and pantyhose and put them in the middle of her bed, forcing myself to remember exactly the order and position they had been in the drawer.
The shoes were easier – I took two pairs with the highest heels and placed them next to the panties. One pair was glossy black leather, the other bright red. I loved them.
“NOW KNEEL ON BED,” the text commanded me. “KNEEL NEXT TO PANTIES.”
With a deep sigh I did as I was told. My cock was already half erect – I just couldn’t help getting excited by the humiliation of this online blackmail. I hated it, but loved it at the same time.
The satin of my red nightdress was tented over my stiffening cock – and a damp patch showed where it was leaking.
“Please don’t make me do that,” I pleaded, “She’ll know I’ve been in here.”
I groaned and picked up a pair of delicate, flowered-silk panties. Lifting my nightdress I wrapped the panties around the shaft trying to keep them away from the leaking tip.
“Oh my God,” I thought, “How do they know I love this shit?” I picked up one of the glossy red leather shoes. The heel was about four-inches long, and it smelled wonderful.
“WAIT. WE SET UP RECORDING. WHEN WE SAY – YOU START.” Well at least this time I knew what I was in for. Another video would be added to the collection of blackmail material, but I was already in so deep another one hardly mattered.
A couple of minutes passed and I slowly stroked my cock with the panties as I waited. Just for practice I put the shoe to my hose and inhaled the wonderful scent of new leather.
I really was excited by this time – not by the idea of fucking my daughter, but because of the total humiliation and degradation.
Increasing the speed of my hand holding the panties, I started kissing and licking the high heel shoe – sucking on the heel like it was a mini cock.
My heart was racing and my cock was at full size and hardness again. I spread my legs as wide as I could for balance, and pumped my cock through my fist.
But it wasn’t my own daughter that I was thinking of to get the reaction it was Alice.
In my mind’s eye I was kneeling on Alice’s bed and I was HER father. They were her sweet panties wrapped around my rock-hard cock, and it was her shoe that I was licking.
“Oh baby,” I moaned, thinking of kneeling at Alice’s feet, “Make me your slave, make me your sex slave. I’ll kiss your feet, lick your shoes, your pussy and ass.”
The thought of being filmed while I was doing it just added to the excitement.
“Sweet Angel,” I mumbled around the heel as I kissed it, thinking of Alice’s long blonde hair. “Use me, abuse me, whip me and beat me. Anything you want, just tell me.”
I picked up a bundle of Annita’s panties and hose, and pressed them to my face, adoring the smell and feeling of the soft smooth material. In my lust I had forgotten everything about keeping them neat and tidy.
“Oh my Goddess, I need you so bad. Please, let me worship you,” I groaned into the silk. “Ride my face. Cum on my mouth. Make me pleasure you with my tongue.”
On and on I went, begging and pleading to be her slave and sex toy. Begging to be allowed to worship her feet, her ass, and her shoes.
I guess that I must have got carried away, because the familiar boiling pressure started in my balls, and I could feel that my orgasm was on its way.
Quickly I tossed the panties and hose to one side and pulled a high heel shoe in front of my cock.
With a loud groan I spurted into the shoe, pumping the thick goo down inside so that it puddled and ran towards the toe.
Since I’d already shot one huge load earlier, there wasn’t the same amount this time, but the orgasm was almost as intense.
I knelt on my daughter’s bed, head slumped and panting like a dog, her panties, hose and shoes scattered in front of me.
“GOOD DOG. GOOD SLAVE. SHOW SHOE TO US. SHOW US CUM SHOE,” appeared on the screen. I did as I was told and held it up to the camera so that they could see my slimy deposit inside the shoe.
“Oh God”, I groaned. It wouldn’t be the first time, or even the tenth time I had ever licked or sucked my cum off or out of a shoe, but it would be the first time I was ever filmed doing it.
I raised the shoe to my mouth and slowly tilted it to my lips. It felt like I was performing some twisted version of the marriage toast – where the bride usually drinks champagne from her shoe to bless the marriage.
The cum was thick and not very liquid – I needed to scoop it out with my tongue and sucked noisily to get it out.
Using my fingers I managed to get most of it, and I was sure that I could clean it up later so that she wouldn’t notice – after all it might be weeks or even months until she wore them again.
When I’d finished I held up the shoe to the camera.
And with that the Chinese guys ended the video call.
“Shit, shit, shit!” I swore into the room. I felt like a dirty piece of trash.
My balls ached with the double orgasm, but I knew that would pass. In an hour or so I would be able to go again, but from experience I also knew that my next orgasm would be less intense.
I took my time rearranging Annita’s things. There would be hell to pay if she thought I’d been in there touching her stuff, but by the time I’d finished I was pretty hopeful that things would be OK.
“Well, too bad if I missed something,” I mumbled, as I made my way back downstairs.
I stopped off at the kitchen and made myself a sandwich, taking it back to my office. I was disappointed that the Chinese had made me use up my cum – I’d planned to try out my latex catsuit, and get off while I was wearing it. Now I would have to wait and it wouldn’t be as good.
In the end I had to delay the catsuit experience until the next day thanks to a pile of work that suddenly dropped on me out of nowhere. By the time I had taken care of all that I had to get dressed ready for the girls coming home.
Friday, and finally I would get a chance to try out the latex treat that I had been waiting for so long.
The girls went off to work and school, and left me to do a couple of hours of work, but then I was ready for the highlight of my week.
I stripped off my clothes in my office and took out the catsuit and the toys, arranging them on my desk to fondle and enjoy.
With excited fingers I picked up the bright red latex catsuit and unzipped the long slit down the back - I’d chosen one with a zipper rather one that you could climb into through the neck. It also had another zip that ran under the ass and crotch.
Pushing my feet down the legs I savoured the feeling of the smooth shiny material gently squeezing me into itself, like pulling on a second, slightly thicker and tighter skin.
Using the attached ‘pull’, I closed the zipper up my back and looked down at my new glossy self. Wonderful – but I needed a mirror, so I walked quickly through to the hallway where we had a full-length looking glass that would do the job.
Even walking in the suit was an erotic experience, with the latex pulling and rubbing in the most intimate places – my whole body felt electric.
“Mmm, yummy,” I said with a grin as I stood looking at myself. Sexy, slinky and looking good with a big bulge at my groin. I ran my hands all over my body and legs, just enjoying the amazing feeling.
I’d brought the leather hood with me and pulled that on too, tightening up the laces at the back so that it was snug.
“Amazing,” I mumbled through the zipper that closed off the mouth. The transformation was truly remarkable – from office nerd to sex God just by adding a layer of latex and leather.
I strutted back to my office for stage two of the adventure.
The black vibrator was heavy in my hands and I turned it over a few times examining the workmanship. It throbbed sensuously when I switched it on and played with the speed settings. This was going to be the second part of my toy tryout for today.
It was a bit fiddly unzipping the crotch, and I did it very slowly and carefully to avoid catching my hair or skin. The air felt cool on my exposed ass as the zip opened and left me free and accessible.
Another little wrestling match and my hard cock sprang into the open air - now I was ready.
Opening the lube I smeared a large dollop up and down the shaft, covering every part of the cool steel tube, but trying to keep the handle clear.
Next I launched another of my favourite porn films on my laptop – a latex BDSM compilation this time, with a lot of lesbian bondage and a fair amount of female domination.
I selected one of a pair of my wife’s discarded knee-high nylon pop-socks to use on my cock – I love the feeling of the slinky nylon around my cock – especially if I push it down into the foot, and the shortness of the hose makes it easier to handle.
“OK, now for the main course,” I joked to myself as I squeezed some lube onto my fingers. Bending slightly, I reached behind and slowly pushed the cool gel into my anus with my fingertips.
“Mmmmmm, yes please,” I said, closing my eyes with the pleasure of the slow, shallow finger fucking. I could have cum just by doing that, and rubbing my cock of course – I had done it often before.
The video on my laptop was in full swing, with a wonderful latex female cop in the process of ‘breaking-in’ a bound and latex-clad hooker that she had arrested.
I wiped the excess lube off my fingers and reached for the vibrator, switching it to ‘slow’. Then it was time for the show to go on.
My plan was for me to sit in my office chair, leaning right back with my ass almost off the seat, and my feet on the desk either side of my laptop.
The position was quite comfortable and gave easy access to my anus for the buzzing steel cock.
“Too bad I don’t have a mirror in here,” I thought to myself, thinking how nice it would be to be able to watch me fuck myself.
Watching the latex cop on screen forcefully fucking her new conquest in the ass with a huge strap-on dildo, I slowly eased the vibrator into my anus.
“Oh yessssss,” I hissed as the toy opened me up and spread me wide. The vibration added an extra dimension to the penetration, and it seemed to have the effect of making my ass want to grip it tighter.
My cock twitched and started leaking as I pushed the toy deeper, sliding past my sphincter muscles, and embedding it to its full length.
“Oh my good God!” I groaned, giving myself up to the throbbing deep inside me.
Holding the vibrator with my right hand I used the left to slip the hose onto my oozing cock, pulling the nylon down so that my cock head was inside the toe. Even through the smell of the rubber catsuit I could detect the scent of my wife’s sweaty feet on the nylon.
With my eyes fixed on the laptop screen – the lesbian cop was busy riding the face of the criminal, grinding her dripping cunt all over the bound girl’s upturned face – I started rubbing my cock in the nylon hose, and fucking the steel cock in and out of my ass.
“Oh God, if heaven exists then I must be in it,” I moaned, matching my rubbing to the speed of my anal action.
The sound of moans and groans filled my office – most were from the porn movie, but mine were competing well.
Did I want to edge myself, or go for a fast load? I hadn’t decided when I started, but the sensations were just too intense to last for long.
I had the visual treat of quality porn, and the sound of extreme female pleasure, combined with the actual physical stimulation of the nylon on my cock and the cold steel in my ass – not to mention the smell of latex, leather and sweaty hose – all wrapped in a tight latex catsuit.
Perhaps I could have resisted, but why bother when I could do this over and over again at my leisure?
As the cop drove herself to a screaming – if unrealistic - squirting orgasm, covering the poor tightly restrained girl with her juices, I tipped myself over the edge and joined her.
Pumping my fist up and down my nylon-covered cock, I arched my back and cried out with pleasure as I milked myself and emptied my balls into the foot of my wife’s dirty hose.
Maybe it was the vibrator buried deep in my bowels and buzzing persistently that intensified and extended my orgasm, or maybe it was a whole combination of things – but I held that peak of pleasure until I thought I must surely pass out or suffocate from holding my breath.
Gasping, I finally collapsed back in my chair. What an orgasm – surely one of my best ever!
I felt the vibrator slip out of my ass and fall to the floor with a thud – buzzing away on the carpet like a trapped wasp.
For 10 minutes I sat slumped in the chair – too spent to move, but finally some strength came back and I was able to pull myself upright.
“Holy shit!” I murmured, “Any more like that and I’ll have a fucking heart attack.”
I picked up the vibrator and switched it off, wiping it with a tissue that I’d prepared earlier.
Fully recovered, but with aching, empty balls I took the hood off and went to splash some cold water on myself and clean up.
Once I’d tidied up my desk and put away the toys – and thrown away the sodden hose – I decided to see what the effect on my libido would be if I kept the latex suit on while I did some work.
It felt kind of odd sitting there in the latex doing something as mundane as normal work, and not as kinky as I’d expected. Perhaps it was because my balls had been so thoroughly drained, or maybe it just felt more ‘normal’ to be wearing latex than it had when I had worn the satin nightdress?
After taking a break for lunch my balls still hadn’t recuperated, and throbbed painfully.
“Damn it,” I said to myself as I went back to work – I’d hoped to have another session this afternoon.
As the time passed I was wondering just when I would be able to get another hard-on and go for seconds. But maybe there is a God of sex, and maybe she was listening right then, because at that exact second an email popped into my Inbox.
“Oh no,” I groaned, “Not them again – already.” It was from my Chinese fan club.
I clicked it open, and as usual there was a hyperlink, and a short text:


I did feel a little sick as I read their illiterate message. It might be illiterate but it was clear enough though.
Clicking on the hyperlink took me to the same old website where these morons stored their videos. I clicked ‘play’.
“Holy Mother of God!” I swore as the movie opened it’s first scene – me kneeling on my daughter’s bed, wearing a red satin nightdress and licking one of her shoes, my hand jerking at my cock.
I really thought I was going to throw up as I watched the video the first time, but then I watched it again, and again. The way it had been edited was really quite good.
Once the first shock was over I found that I was getting quite excited at the spectacle - and the way my voice had been overlaid and repeated was very kinky when you put it together with what I was doing and where I was doing it.
Almost without thinking, my hand crept to my cock and started stroking.
I copied the video to my hard drive, adding it to my growing collection of self-porn. Then I watched all three of them again, rubbing my now-stiff organ.
Using my video application I spliced the three short movies together, and put them on continuous loop so that I would have time to get myself off.
I picked up the second of my wife’s stinky nylon pop-socks and stuck my cock all the way inside.
The video just kept on running. It was a real turn on watching my progress from cock-hungry slut in San Francisco, to an apparently incestuous Daddy jerking off and begging to be his teenage daughter’s sex slave.
By the second rerun my balls gave up their load – almost in perfect timing with the sick me on screen cumming in his/my daughter’s shoe.
“Oh yes, that was goooood,” I purred, squeezing out the last drops of semen from my satisfied dick.
“Maybe I should film myself and become a self-made porn star?” I joked as I cleaned up after my latest deposit.
That was me done for the week, and I had to be content with jerking off in the shower over the weekend – but at least I could plan and fantasise over my next week’s adventures.
Those two days really dragged, but with my new secret life I could even smile when Annita treated me like the dumbest moron on the planet, and my wife made even my slightest touch seem like attempted rape.
Monday morning and I was hard even before the two bitches had left the house – it must be conditioning, or my cock had raised expectations.
For two hours though I needed to work, and all that time my dick twitched and pulsed in my pants, seeming to want me to hurry and get down to the real business of the day.
Satisfied that I had done enough to keep my colleagues quiet for a while, I started preparing for my lunchtime escapade.
Over the weekend I had been planning and refining my next self-bondage session. In reality it was going to be a combination of the first two – I would wear the latex catsuit, use the vibrator in my ass, and cuff my hands behind me, using the pillows as before. The best of the best I hoped.
First I stripped off and put on the catsuit, breathing in the erotic rubber smell and savouring the slinky feel of the smooth material.
Then I collected up all the other goodies that I intended to use and took everything upstairs to my bedroom.
I’d given a lot of thought over the weekend about which porn video to watch today, and decided on a compilation I’d put together myself about six months ago. This classic features the greatest hand-job and cock-sucking blonde ever – the sweet slut known only as ‘Wifey’; one of the best MILF femdom artists ever - ‘Lady Sonia’; and last, but definitely not least – the BDSM femdom stars from the ‘English Mansion’.
Instead of wearing the leather gimp hood today I decided to use a pair of pantyhose that I’d saved from the bin last week. They were Annita’s, but I liked the diamond pattern in the black nylon, and the fact that they were so smooth.
One of the things that Annita had inherited from her mother was sweaty, smelly feet – and these hose were pungent with sweat from her feet and the smell of her ass. I pulled them over my head so that the crotch covered my nose and mouth, and wrapped the legs around my neck so that the feet were just under my nose. I breathed in the heady perfume, stroking my rigid cock and closing my eyes to enjoy the scent.
I could have cum with just that amount of stimulation, but I wanted to make this session last – I wanted to go even further this time and see if I could break my own pleasure record.
It took a couple of fiddly minutes to tie my cock and balls with the laces, but it was worth it, and my cock was drooling pre-cum before I’d finished.
The pillows were in place and ready, so I slipped another nylon pop-sock over my dick and started lubricating my ass and the vibrator ready for insertion.
I was licking my lips with anticipation, and that brought my tongue into contact with the pantyhose. I love the taste and texture of wet hose, and it was impossible to stop myself from licking and sucking at it until it was soaked.
The vibrator was cool, and that cold alien feeling added to the erotic sensation as I slid it slowly into my anus and up my rectum. Once again I had set the speed to ‘slow’ – I wasn’t sure that I was ready yet for ‘medium’ or ‘fast’.
By strapping my ankles and thighs together with belts I made sure my legs were closed, and that gripped the dildo deep inside me.
Double-checking that everything was prepared, I lay down across the pillows and positioned my cock in between, then came the handcuffs, clicking into place behind my back.
With the pantyhose stretched across my face it wasn’t easy to make out all the details of what was happening on the screen, but my imagination easily filled in the parts that weren’t clear. From what I could tell ‘Wifey’ was giving yet another expert handjob to her lucky ‘husband’, who was grunting out another copious load of hot sticky goo onto her amazing tits and gorgeous smile.
Lying down it was quite easy to keep the vibrator deep in my ass, and as I fucked the pillows my ass muscles squeezed the metal tube harder, increasing the sensation of being fucked.
It always fascinates me that whenever something, or someone, is in my ass, I always feel passive, submissive and in some way ‘feminine’ or ‘sissy’. It seems to bring out my softer side, although my cock definitely enjoys the action. This ‘sissification’ goes well with my preference for femdom porn, and submissive sex in general.
I kept up a good, slow rhythm with the pillows, making sure that I kept well away from the ‘edge’ – I wanted to make this last for at least 2 hours.
‘Lady Sonia’ and a redheaded dominatrix with big tits were busy ‘torturing’ a huge black guy on screen. He was tied spread-eagle to a bed and ‘Lady Sonia’ was pumping his fat black cock in her gloved fist. The redhead was squatting over his face, rubbing herself on him, while twisting and pinching his nipples.
The sensation in my cock was getting a little too close, so I eased back on the rhythm. I could tell from the feeling around my cock that the pop-sock and pillows were soaked with my pre-cum. I would have to wash them before the girls got back, but that wasn’t a problem.
As I got myself back under control ‘Lady Sonia’ was replaced on screen by the cast of the ‘English Mansion’. My favourite blonde bitch – Mistress Sidonia - was busy whipping a prostrate slave, who was wearing only a gimp hood, and who was trying desperately to reach his Goddess’s wonderful pussy lips with his tongue. He was cuffed and tied so that he could only wriggle like a human worm.
My bedroom was filled with the mocking taunts of the Goddess, the smack of the lash across the slave’s thighs, balls, and belly – and both his and my loud moans and groans.
Perhaps that’s why I didn’t hear her come in through the front door, or come up the stairs.
“Oh my GOD!” was the first warning that I had, and at first I thought even that came from the movie.
“Jesus God, is that YOU Dad?”
It was impossible for me to turn easily – my feet were towards the bedroom door and with my cock trapped between the pillows I couldn’t turn to see Annita, but I recognised her cry of shock.
I wriggled like the worm on the screen, rolling on my side to free my cock, and somehow to face her, lying diagonally across the bed.
She was standing in the doorway, her hand held to cover her open mouth – shock and fear in her eyes. In her school uniform she looked much younger than her 14 years, even though the white cotton blouse was pulled tight across her budding breasts, and the short grey skirt emphasised her dancer’s legs.
“Daddy, what are you DOING?” The fear seemed to be ebbing from her face, and was being replaced by something else – disgust, loathing, slyness.
“Annie, what are you doing home?” I mumbled through the soaking pantyhose that covered my mouth. I wriggled around more, trying to hide my cock, but still keep her in sight.
I must have looked a really weird sight – a bright red latex worm, cuffed and bound at the legs, with a buzzing metal prong in my ass, and pantyhose tight over my head.
My cock was naked now that I had pulled it out of the pillows and left the drenched pop-sock behind, and Annita kept looking at it as she seemed to gasp for words.
“Go to your room Annie,” I said, trying to sound like a stern father. “Go to your room and we’ll talk about this in a few minutes.”
“Holy shit, are those my tights you’ve got on your head?” She seemed to be recovering her composure a lot faster than I was. She walked over and unwrapped the pantyhose from around my neck, pulling them roughly off my head.
“Oh my god, they are. That is disgusting Dad! I threw those out last week.”
I lay there, hot and sweaty, looking up at her. In the background the porn film was still going, with one male slave bound over a padded bench while another sodomised him from behind. He too was cuffed, and a pair of dominatrix’s were verbally abusing them, while whipping them bloody.
Annita looked from me to the screen and her eyes widened in surprise, again.
“Oh sweet Jesus, my Dad is a total fucking PERVERT!” she gasped.
“Annie, please, go to your room and we’ll talk about this later,” I pleaded. While I was talking I was trying to manoeuvre myself into a position where I could reach the keys for the handcuffs, but I couldn’t find the bloody things behind my back.
“Mum is going to go ballistic when I tell her about this,” Annita said, her tone taking on a gloating tone.
“Oh God, no Annie, don’t tell her about this. This is my business. We can keep it secret.” There was panic in my voice. If Sarah found out then the best I could hope for would be an expensive divorce, but she might even totally expose me just for spite.
Annita took out her mobile phone and started pressing buttons.
“No, please, don’t call her Annie, please,” I cried.
It was only when the flash on her phone camera went off that I realised she wasn’t calling her Mum, she was taking fucking photos of me.
“What are you doing Annie, stop that!” I shouted, trying to turn my face away and hide my bloated cock. I also redoubled my efforts to find those blasted keys to the cuffs. If I could just get out of this bondage, then I could do something.
Annita started laughing at me – that was even worse than the abuse. And then she realised what I was trying to do, and quickly snatched up the keys before my grasping fingers could get to them.
“Jesus Dad, what a pathetic loser. I always thought you were a wimp, but I didn’t realise you were a fucking pervert as well.” She looked from me back to the screen and shook her head in disgust.
“Well, let’s see what else you look at,” she said moving in front of the laptop and squatting down to reach the keyboard. Her back was to me and she blocked my view of the screen; her shoulder-length brown hair smelled of her perfume.
“No Annie, please. Just leave it. Let’s talk about this later, OK?” I needed those keys, and I definitely did not want her poking around in my laptop.
“Shut the fuck up Dad!” she swore at me without turning from the screen. I’d never heard her swear so much. I also couldn’t see what she was doing.
The video that I had been playing stopped as her fingers clicked on the keyboard.
“So, what have you been downloading lately Daddy?” She mumbled as she started looking through my files.
“No Annita, don’t. It’s my business. Don’t, please!” I was begging. I didn’t want her to see those videos of me.
“Oh, what’s this?” she said. “What’s this one called ‘Videos of me’? Have you been filming yourself Daddy? That’s naughty. Let’s see what you’ve been up to.”
“No Annie don’t. That’s nothing. Please don’t look at that.”
“Oooooo, sounds interesting,” she sniggered, and I heard her select the file.
Once again the sounds of me sucking cock and Chinese mockery filled the room, and I blushed bright red.
“Holy SHIT!” Annita exclaimed. “Oh my fucking GOD! My Dad’s a fucking QUEER!”
If it was really possible to die of embarrassment, then I would have died right then. Lying there in tight bondage I couldn’t even curl up in shame. And to make things worse, the vibrator was still throbbing away up my arse and my cock was hard as a rock.
“Dis fucking gusting,” she sneered. I couldn’t see exactly what was happening on screen, but I could imagine well enough.
Thankfully she didn’t watch until the end, and I guessed she was fast-forwarding or skipping through the movie to the next part. Unfortunately the next part was likely to be even more shocking.
“What the fuck!” she shouted, and I assumed she had reached the second movie, where I was jerking off on her photo.
“Is that a photo of me? And Alice?” she muttered, peering closely at the screen.
I could hear myself in the movie talking about how much I wanted to jerk off on her for real, but she was trying to see the photo more clearly.
“You fucking bastard!” she snarled, turning to face me. She was furious and her eyes flashed with rage.
“Listen Annie, I’m sorry, I…” I started, but she cut me off.
“Shut the fuck up you disgusting PIG!” she shouted at me. “How could you do that, and say those disgusting things about me? I fucking HATE you!”
“I’m sorry. They made me say them. They made me do it. I didn’t mean it.”
“Who? What are you talking about? How could anyone make you say and do THAT?” and she pointed back at the screen where I was shooting my load over her photo.
“It was those Chinese guys, from the San Francisco hotel,” I said, almost sobbing.
“What guys? What are you talking about? You’re a fucking liar Dad!”
“No Annie, please listen. The guys in the first movie – they blackmailed me into doing it and saying those things. I didn’t mean it.”
“You mean the guys that you were sucking? God you are a disgusting PIG!”
The third film started and she looked back at the screen.
“Oh…oh my GOD!” she gasped as she took in the scene of me kneeling on her bed, dressed in the red satin nightdress and fondling her underwear and shoes.
“Annie, please stop it. Don’t watch it, please,” I begged.
She seemed speechless as she watched the disgusting images.
I heard myself begging to be her sex slave. Begging to be allowed to worship her, and lick her feet, her ass and her pussy. I promised her anything she wanted, if she would just use and abuse me. I groaned in shame as I heard myself offer to drink her pee if she would just sit on my face.
“Jesus Christ,” she whispered. She seemed to be in total shock.
“Please Annie, I didn’t mean any of it. They made me do it. They made me say it. None of it is true. They made me.” It sounded pathetic even to me. The enthusiasm I was putting into my performance on screen couldn’t possibly have been coerced.
She watched this one through to the end – in an ominous silence.
When the movie looped back to the beginning she stopped it and sat staring at the screen for a few minutes. The only sound in the room was the damned buzzing of the vibrator deep in my ass. I couldn’t reach it to take it out or switch it off.
Finally Annita stood up and turned around to face me. Her face was pale and her lips were a tight pink line.
The slap that hit the left side of my face took me by surprise. It hurt, but it was the shock that made me gasp.
“You bastard,” she hissed at me.
She hit me again, and then a third time. I couldn’t move or dodge, and just had to lie there and take it. My cock throbbed and jerked with the force of the blows – it was still bound with the laces, and it was still hard.
“I hate you, and you are gonna pay for this big time,” she snarled through clenched teeth.
I didn’t dare to say anything. My face burned from both the shame and the slaps.
She turned and picked up my laptop and walked towards the door.
“Annie please,” I pleaded, “give me the keys. Please let me get out of this.”
She stopped in the doorway and turned, a look of total contempt on her face.
“If Mum sees this video then you are going to jail. She’ll divorce you and report you to the cops, and you deserve it.” She was twirling the keys to the handcuffs around her index finger. She had the power and she knew it.
“Things are gonna change around here Dad. I need to think about it, but from now on I run things. You are a piece of shit and from now on you do what I say.”
She tossed the keys into the middle of the floor.
“There, you can get yourself free now, but I’m taking this to make some copies,” she said, holding up my laptop. “I’ll let you know what I’m gonna do with you later.”
Then she turned on her heel and with a swish of her grey pleated skirt she walked to her room and I heard the door slam.
I looked at the keys lying on the rug in the middle of the bedroom floor and tried to work out how I could reach them.
Bound and helpless as I was I needed to roll off the bed and wriggle over to them. But I needed to be careful not to land either on my stiff cock, or the handle of the vibrator that was stuck in my ass.
The fall from the bed winded me a little, but after that it was an easy roll to the keys. Five minutes later my hands were free, the vibrator was out of my ass, and I was able to stand up and start peeling off the latex catsuit.
Once I’d dressed myself in more normal attire I tiptoed down the hallway to Annita’s bedroom door and put my ear against it.
Her voice was muffled, but she was talking to someone and I couldn’t make out the words. I was terrified that she might have decided to call her mother, although I was sure she wouldn’t call the police directly.
I crept back downstairs to my office with my toys, and waited for her to make the next move.
The waiting was terrible. My knees felt like jelly and my hands were shaking. There was nothing to do but wait, and imagine the horrible things that could happen if she told Sarah, and if I got sent to jail.
But was it actually a crime to say what I had said on the video about my daughter? Did it count as incest? Sure it was divorce material, but would the cops actually arrest me if they saw it?
When the doorbell rang I nearly shit myself with fear. It couldn’t be Sarah though – she had a key and didn’t need to ring the bell. Could it be the police? I was frozen to the spot in terror.
By the time I got up the courage to leave my office and go and see, Annita had beaten me to it.
I heard her voice and that of another girl in the hallway, and then they both ran upstairs and the bedroom door slammed again.
Even in my state of absolute mental meltdown I recognised the voice of the girl that had just arrived – she had been here many times before, and lived just a few streets away. She was Annita’s best friend, and my fantasy – it was Alice.
My level of stress shot up a couple more notches, but if she was talking to Alice about what had happened then the situation also had an excitement factor as well.
Just to avoid having a complete nervous breakdown I started tidying up my desk and office. All my toys were hidden away, and I just wanted to keep busy while I was waiting to see what Annita – and Alice? – would do next.
My office door was suddenly pushed open and the two girls walked in.
Even in my highly stressed state, the way the girls looked in their school uniforms made my cock twitch. Tight white cotton blouses and school ties, grey pleated skirts stopping six-inches above their knee-length white socks, and glossy black shoes. Adorable.
Their pretty faces were stern though, and they both stood looking at me with total contempt.
Annita took a step forward and banged my laptop down hard on my desk. I opened my mouth to tell her to be careful with it, but then closed it again when I realised I wasn’t in any position to make rebukes.
I stood behind my desk and waited to see what they would say.
“OK Dad, this is what I’ve decided,” Annita finally said, folding her arms under her small, but developing breasts. Alice copied the move, but her breasts were already much bigger than Annita’s.
“Like I said, things are gonna change around here and this is what we’re gonna do,” she said, with a quick glance at Alice.
“First, my crappy allowance. You’ve been a mean bastard Dad, and I want ten times as much.”
From the look in her eyes I saw that she was nervous about making these demands, and I guessed that she wasn’t as confident as she pretended. But still, I was in no position to negotiate, and her allowance had been only £10 a week, and I could afford to pay £100 to keep her quiet. I nodded agreement, even though it hadn’t been a question.
“I also want you to pay Alice £25 a week coz you used her photo too.” She glanced at Alice again and the girl nodded, her blonde hair stirring around her shoulders. I shrugged my agreement. It was a reasonable price to pay to keep Alice quiet too.
Annita’s confidence was clearly growing as I adopted a submissive acquiescence.
A small smile twitched at her lips as she said, “I want you to give me a credit card too. I want to buy whatever I want.”
I frowned at that one. I didn’t want her making me bankrupt, and she was still under age. It would also be harder to hide from Sarah. Still, I nodded – I would cross those bridges later.
The girls were visibly relaxing and feeling in control. Their confidence was growing and I was starting to feel worried.
“From now on you never say ‘no’ to me,” Annita grinned. “If Mum says ‘no’, then you take my side. You make sure I get whatever I want.” That wasn’t much of a demand – she was a spoiled little bitch already and Sarah always gave in to her, especially if I said ‘no’.
“If I want a party or a sleepover, you let me do it, OK!” she giggled, and Alice joined in. My cock twitched in my pants. This was starting to excite me more than terrify me.
“And no more frigging buses. You drive me and Alice to school and back. And if we want to go somewhere, you drive us.” That could be a pain, but why not? It would be a pleasure to drive Alice around.
The girls looked at each other and I heard Annita whisper, “What else?”.
“Chores and homework?” Alice whispered back.
“Oh yeah,” Alice said, turning back to me. “From now on you don’t give me chores, and if Mum does, then you do them for me. You also tidy my room every day, but keep your pervert hands off my clothes.” She pulled a face like she was going to puke.
“And you do my homework if I tell you,” she announced.
Except for the credit card part, it sounded like I was getting off easy, and it could even turn out to be exciting. I nodded and tried not to smile at the childishness of the list.
The girls looked at each other, nodded with satisfaction and turned to leave. But then Alice suddenly took Annita’s arm and whispered something in her ear.
“What?” Annita said, looking a little shocked and disgusted. “Really? You want that?”
Alice nodded and looked a bit embarrassed. “You have the videos, and the photos you took, but I want something on him too.”
Annita looked a bit dubious, but she finally nodded. “OK, what do you want him to do?” she said.
Alice looked even more embarrassed, but she took out her iPhone.
She said to Annita, “I want him to say what he said about you on the video. I want him to beg to be my slave and stuff.”
“OK,” Annita said, “and?” Her face looked a bit apprehensive.
Alice leaned close to Annita and whispered something I didn’t catch.
“Really? No, you’re kidding right?” Annita said, looking sick.
Alice turned bright pink, but she nodded. “Make him do it while I film him,” she said.
For a few seconds I thought Annita was going to refuse, whatever it was. But then she shrugged, and with a disgusted look on her face she said to me, “Alice wants you to say to her what you said on the video about me. Beg to be her slave. Say all that stuff. She wants to own some of you too.” Then she paused and seemed to need to draw up some extra reserve to say the next part, and Alice nodded encouragement for her to go on.
“Alice also wants to film you jerking off while you say it.” I thought she was going to vomit when she said it, but my heart started pounding with excitement.
I looked at Alice’s face – which was crimson, and Annita’s, which was white, with a touch of green.
For me it was like a dream come true. I didn’t need telling twice – my cock was still half-erect from all the pillow fucking earlier, and my balls were full from the long edging session on the bed.
With only a slight hesitation I undid my belt and let my trousers slide to the floor, and pulled my fat dick out from my underpants. It was still drooling copious amounts of pre-cum and my underwear was damp with it.
Alice gasped at seeing me pull my big man-sized cock out, and Annita gasped in disgust at seeing her Dad’s cock in the flesh.
As Alice started filming, I fixed my hot eyes on her and started rubbing myself.
I meant every word I said as I begged to be her sex slave.
My stare devoured every inch of her - from the shiny black shoes, up her dancer’s legs, over her superb breasts, and onto her beautiful face. Her golden hair shone in my office lights, and I pumped my cock in and out of my fist as the two girls watched from barely 2 yards away.
I was tempted to make the dream last and edge myself a little, but I suspected Annita might interrupt if I went on too long.
Licking my lips in delight, I begged to kiss Alice’s feet, to lick her shoes, her pussy and her ass. She turned an even brighter shade of red when I said those things.
I ogled her breasts – the cotton school blouse stretched tight over them. And I begged her to use and abuse me.
The pressure in my balls started to grow and I knew I was getting close.
“Please Goddess,” I begged Alice, looking her straight in the eye, “please let me cum for you.”
She must have been into the scenario too because she nodded. It was only a slight dip of her head, but I saw it.
With a groan I went into delivery mode, controlling my rhythm to make sure that I milked out every drop for her.
It must have been impressive because both girls gasped as I pumped it all out.
Thick gobbets of goo spattered the full width of the desk, and formed puddles in front of my shooting cock.
My eyes never left Alice’s face as I performed for her, and I wondered if she had ever seen a grown man cum like that before.
Finally my balls were empty and I slumped forward, supporting my weight on my left hand on the desk, my right hand still holding my wilting dick.
Annita shook her head in disgust, but I got the impression that Alice had been impressed – I hoped so, and I hoped that this wouldn’t be the last time I got to do it in front of her.
Alice stopped filming and slipped her iPhone away. She laughed nervously as they turned away and left my office.
As they walked down the hallway and went upstairs I heard them laughing and joking about what a pathetic pervert I was, and how much fun they were going to have.
I sat down at my desk and shook my head in wonder.
“How the hell did I get myself into this?” I muttered to myself. Blackmailed from California, and now at home – where was it all leading?
As I cleaned up my cum-splashed desk I had a feeling that my life had turned a corner.
“But does it lead to paradise, or to hell?” I wondered.

By the the way, my G+ account got 'suspended' :-( so I'm blocked from there.
Chapter 7: The Slippery Slope

It was Wednesday afternoon before anything happened. I had been expecting something earlier, but I suppose the girls needed time to think, and plan what they wanted to do with me.
Monday evening and Tuesday had mostly followed the old routine - the main thing I’d needed to do differently was to chauffeur Annita and Alice to and from school. Both the girls sat in the back seats, and waited for me to open the doors for them. My first thought was that this would be an irritating humiliation, but in fact it gave me a chance to ogle Alice’s ass and legs as she climbed in and out.
Each time she got out I caught a perfect view up her grey school skirt, catching a wonderful few seconds of creamy thighs and a brief flash of white panties.
“Pervert,” she muttered, as she pushed past me the first time. I hadn’t hidden my stare up her skirt, and from then on she’d made sure that I got a good eyeful each time I opened the door for her. I was becoming optimistic that she would turn out to be a perfect slutty bitch.
Tidying Annita’s room only took a few minutes each morning, so it wasn’t much of a chore. It also gave me a chance to touch and sniff her things.
For some reason on Wednesday afternoons the girls have no classes and came home after lunch. I don’t know why – no one ever explained it to me. So today I picked them up and took them to our house. Often they went to Alice’s place, but today they came home.
Without speaking to me they ran upstairs to Alice’s room. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and got a good look up Alice’s skirt as she reached the top – wonderful.
I went back to my office and got on with my work. I was quite busy, but there was still time to play for several hours a day.
At about two o’clock my office door was pushed open and in walked Annita and Alice. They were both still wearing their school uniforms and had mischievous looks on their gorgeous faces.
“Hey pervert,” Alice said, strolling across the room and standing directly in front of me across the desk.
“Hello,” I said, feeling more than a little apprehensive. Annita just leaned in the doorway, arms folded under her small breasts.
“We’re bored,” Alice went on, “so we thought we’d come and have some fun with you.” She looked over at Annita, and my daughter gave her best friend a sly wink.
I stayed silent, waiting for them to make the moves.
“So pervert, where do you keep all the stuff that we saw in the movies, and Annie caught you using?” Alice was glancing around my office as she talked, looking for hiding places I assumed.
The cupboard was in the corner and I pointed to it with a trembling finger.
Annita sauntered over to it and tried the doors and drawers – they were locked of course.
“Give us the key, you twat,” Alice said, holding out a delicate white hand.
I did as I was told and the girls quickly had my secret hiding place open. In seconds they started pulling out all my goodies, laughing and giggling as they found each new thing.
Annita took out my nicely folded satin nightdresses, holding one against her slim body to look at it, and pouting her lips like a Vogue model. Of course it was much too big for her, but even so I would have liked to see them both wearing one.
She tossed the red one onto the floor and threw the glossy black one to me.
“Here pervert, put that one on, give us a laugh instead of just standing there like a dick head!”
Watching the two girls playing with my toys and making crude jokes was quite a turn on, so I didn’t wait to be told twice.
I stripped off my normal clothes and quickly slipped the wonderful material over my head, letting the satin cascade down my body. My cock was already rising just watching the girls kneeling on the floor in front of me.
Alice suddenly gave a little squeal of delight – and held up my huge black dildo.
“Oh my God, look at this,” she cried, waving the dong like a sword.
Both girls laughed and cheered, and Alice turned to me and said, “What do you do with this? Can you really fit it up your bum?”
I blushed crimson at that. It was amazingly humiliating and sexy standing in front of the two schoolgirls, wearing only a black satin nightdress. My hardening cock was sticking out horizontally, and I wanted to stroke it.
I shook my head. “No, it’s much too big,” I mumbled.
“So, what do you do with it then?” Alice insisted.
My face was burning, but I told the truth. “I suck it, and pretend I’m sucking a real black cock,” I said, maintaining eye contact with the young girl. I wanted to see what her reaction would be to the idea.
She blushed, and quickly turned to Annita. “I bet this is even bigger than Nico’s? It’s definitely bigger than Eric’s.” I wondered who Nico and Eric were.
Annita laughed and nodded. “Yeah, thank God! If it was that big he would split me in two.” They both rolled around on the floor helpless with laughter.
Alice pulled out the steel vibrator and held it up for Annita to see. “Is this the thing that was in his arse when you caught him?” she asked, waving the end in my direction.
Annita nodded and pulled a disgusted face.
“Did you ever play with one of these things?” Alice asked, turning it over in her small hands, playing with the on/off switch. That question got a little twitch out of my cock.
My daughter blushed, and shook her head.
“I have,” Alice said thoughtfully. “It’s not like this one though. It’s my Mum’s, but I found it and tried it. It’s tiny and made of pink plastic, not like this thing.”
“Your Mum uses a… a… vibrator?” Annita said sounding shocked. They seemed to have forgotten that I was there.
Alice nodded, still playing with the speed settings. The vibrator buzzed in her hand, and I wished it was my cock she was playing with; I was almost drooling with lust.
“Yeah, it feels pretty good, you should try it. It’s not like a real cock at all, but it’s kind of better. It’s hard to explain.” She shook her head, golden hair flying around her shoulders. “Anyway, my Mum only has Daddy – she doesn’t have a lover like yours does.”
That came as a shock – Sarah has a lover? Who the fuck is it? I was stunned.
Before I had a chance to ask the girls to explain, my laptop started ringing – a Skype call was coming in.
When I checked I saw that it was my Chinese playmates again. I accepted the call and sat down in my chair. The two girls looked at each other, wondering what was happening.
“HEY DIRTY DADDY, WHEN YOU COME TO SF?” appeared on my screen. In my outgoing video I looked like a shiny black priest in my satin nightdress.
I shook my head. “I don’t know,” I replied honestly.
The two girls stood up and came peering around the desk to see what was going on. Their faces were curious at this one-sided conversation.
“Yes I saw it. And yes I did like it.” Why not tell the truth I thought.
Alice must have moved around too much when she tried to read the text, and the webcam picked her up. I caught sight of her in the outgoing video, and I guess the Chinese saw her too.
The webcam session closed abruptly.
“Oops,” I thought, “I bet that surprised them.” I tried not to smile.
“Who was that?” Alice asked, reading the text that was still displayed on screen.
“That was the Chinese guys I told you about Annie,” I said, looking at her. “You remember, when I was trying to explain why I made those videos and said those things? These are the guys in the first video, the ones who are blackmailing me.”
“Wow, cool!” Alice exclaimed. “These are the little Chinese guys that are in the first video? The ones in your hotel room that you sucked off?”
I blushed at both the memory and her very explicit summary. “Yes, exactly,” I mumbled.
Both girls were reading through the conversation history on my screen when Skype started ringing again. We all jumped.
I answered the call and waited for their question. Annita and Alice moved out of camera shot, one each side.
“WHO WAS GIRL?” appeared on screen.
“That is a friend of my daughter,” I said looking straight into the webcam.
“You want to see her?” I said, so that the girls knew what was being asked.
I looked at Alice, who licked her lips nervously. She looked at Annita, who was frowning.
“What should I do?” Alice mouthed silently at her best friend.
Annita shrugged and mouthed back, “Do it. Why not?”
Alice stepped in front of the camera next to me.
“My name is Alice, I’m his daughter’s best friend.” Alice stood looking at the screen, her arms folded across her chest.
Alice nodded. “Yes we both know about him. We know about him and about you.”
There was silence for a few moments, then:
We both looked at Annita, and Alice beckoned her to come next to me. She hesitated a second, but then came and stood behind me, visible to the Chinese blackmailers.
Alice and Annita giggled and blushed.
“Yeah,” Annita said, and gave me a half-hearted slap across the ear.
“Yeah, we know. He’s a disgusting pervert, and now we own him,” Alice said with a leer.
The two girls looked at each other over the top of my head.
“OK, sure, why not?” Annita said. “He’s my Dad, but he’s a sick scumbag, so why not use him. What do you want to do with him now?”
There was a brief pause while the Chinese digested the new arrangement.
Another look was exchanged between the girls, but they both grinned and nodded. “Yeah, we could use some fun, we’re bored.”
“Yeah, you bet,” Alice laughed. “He’s got a whole load of stuff here, even handcuffs.” She picked up the steel bracelets and waved them at the camera.
I started sweating. What did these bastards have in mind? Now that all my blackmailers had joined forces anything was possible.
The girls laughed and giggled as they hurried about their task.
My hands were cuffed behind the chair. That was so tight that I couldn’t move my upper body. Then they used some of my stock of pantyhose to tie my ankles and knees to the chair legs.
Alice and Annita looked at each other for a few seconds. They were both flushed with excitement. I was pretty excited too, but nervous, and my cock was drooping a bit under the stress.
Suddenly Alice giggled, reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down.
“Use these,” she laughed, “he’ll enjoy my sweaty panties.”
Alice looked shocked, but she took her friend’s warm underwear and pushed it against my mouth. “Open up Daddy, you know you like it.”
It was true, I did. I obediently opened my mouth and Annita quickly stuffed the white cotton inside.
Not my favourite fabric, but it’s the thought that counts, and blood started pumping back into my cock, making him twitch and grow.
“SHOW PIGS COCK TO CAMERA.” instructed the Chinese moviemakers.
Alice dutifully pulled the satin up around my lap, exposing my hairy thighs and leaking cock. They both had a good laugh at the sight.
“Here use these to tie around his mouth, I don’t think he’ll spit them out, but this makes sure he won’t,” Alice said, handing Annita a pair of Sarah’s old pantyhose from my collection. She wrapped them around my head as a second gag, covering my mouth, and knotted them at the back. The pungent scent of my wife’s feet and ass filled my nose.
“Might as well put these on him too,” Alice said, tossing the alligator nipple clips to my daughter.
I winced with pain as she attached the steel clips to my small nipples. Even through the satin it hurt and bit into my sensitive flesh.
“Awww, poor Daddy, does it hurt?” Annita laughed.
“OK, now what?” Alice said, turning to the camera. “He can’t move a muscle, we can do whatever we want with him.”
That got me worried. Were they going to seriously hurt me or something? This was getting scary.
The girls exchanged excited glances.
“What do you mean?” Alice said, sounding a little breathless.
There was a short pause from California.
“Oh MY GOD!” Alice and Annita said in unison as soon as the text appeared.
If I could have, I’d have said the same thing. As far as I knew Annita was still a virgin, and I really had no wish to have sex with her. Alice yes, definitely, but I really was not into incest at all.
Annita started shaking her head, mumbling, “No way, no way,” over and over again.
The two girls went out of camera shot and got into a huddle by the door, whispering and gesturing together. I guessed that Alice wanted her to do it, but Annita didn’t want to.
Finally they came back to stand beside me.
“Look, I’ll give him a handjob, but that’s all, OK?” Annita said, looking grumpy. Alice looked disappointed, but I was relieved.
“OK. FOR NOW OK.” agreed the Chinese after a few moments.
“And I want to wear gloves,” Annita announced. That surprised me.
Then she left the room for a minute and came back with a pair of bright yellow rubber gloves that Sarah used for washing the dishes.
Alice sat on the corner of the desk, swinging her feet back and forth, watching intensely what Annita was doing. With her short skirt I had a great view of her legs, and her white cotton blouse was pulled tight over her sweet breasts. She was licking her lips with excitement and I knew that she had wanted Annita to fuck me.
Annita walked slowly towards me, flushed and nervous. She stopped by the side of the chair. There was nothing I could do to stop her.
“Mmmffff,” I said, shaking my head.” I really didn’t want her to do this. Even more, I didn’t want her to do it while someone was filming us.
She looked into the camera. From the position we were in, the whole scene was visible, and being transmitted back to the Chinese guys back in San Francisco.
“MMMfffff,” I repeated.
My 14-year old daughter placed a gloved hand on my right shoulder and her right hand on my naked thigh. The touch of the cool rubber sent a thrill through me, even though I didn’t want to respond.
Alice was staring at us, and her eyes sparkled in my office lights.
Annita read the prompt. It wouldn’t be too hard to act out since I was pretty sure that she didn’t want to do it. I was shocked that she had even agreed to do this much. It just shows what peer pressure can do to a teenager.
She stood beside me for a few seconds, and then nodded. I guess she had finally decided to go through with it.
“Daddy, don’t make me do this,” Annita whimpered. “This isn’t right. I don’t want to do it. What if Mummy finds out?” She sounded like she was about to start crying.
“Mmmmfffff….mmmmmm…mmmff,” I said.
“But Daddy, why do you make me do it? It’s sick. It’s wrong Daddy. I’m only 14, and you shouldn’t do it.” A tear ran down her face and she turned to the camera for effect. What a great actress she would make – no one would ever believe me if I told them it was all fake.
Alice grinned and nodded encouragement – she was enjoying the show already.
Annita ran her hand slowly up my thigh and rested it on my balls.
“MMmm…mmmm,” I protested. But my cock twitched and started to swell.
“Oh Daddy, this is so wrong. Why do you make me do disgusting things for you?”
Her right hand slowly started stroking my balls and the base of my cock.
“Just coz you’re into being tied up and dressing up in girl’s clothes, why do you need me to do this?”
She held my shaft in her bright yellow grip. It was firm, but not painful, and my cock stiffened to full hardness.
My muffled protests turned to muffled moans as my daughter began to slowly rub my dick.
“Daddy, I don’t wanna do this. Tell me to stop. Tell me you don’t want this any more.”
“Mmmmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes and giving myself up to the rubber glove.
“Don’t you feel bad Daddy? Don’t you feel ashamed, making me do this?”
Right then I didn’t care who was doing it to me. Sure she was my young daughter wearing her sexy schoolgirl uniform, and her gorgeous friend was sitting there watching me tied to the chair, but the whole scene was driving me crazy.
I tried to hump her hand to make her go faster, but she applied just enough pressure with her left hand to keep me in place. She was going to take her own sweet time with this, and I was not in control.
“Mmm…mmfff…mmm,” I pleaded with my eyes, trying to beg her to speed up the motion. Then I noticed that Alice was using her left hand to film the scene with her own phone camera, and her right hand was under her skirt – she seemed to be slowly masturbating while she filmed us.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it was a dream come true.
“Oh, Daddy you are so BAD! Look at what you make me do. Mummy would hate you for this. She would divorce you – maybe even call the cops.”
“MMmmm,” I said, my eyes flicking from Alice, to Annita, to the webcam transmitting to the Chinese guys, and back again. The teasing glove was driving me insane. I needed it to go faster and relieve my full balls.
“Oh Daddy, what are we going to do?” Annita simpered in mock anguish over the acts I was supposedly forcing her to do. She certainly was playing her part to the full.
Alice giggled and I could see the front of her skirt moving as she fingered herself.
“Should I finish you off now Daddy?” Annita asked, looking down at my red sweating face.
“MMmmmffff,” I pleaded, desperate for her to do exactly that.
“OK, if you promise not to rape me again Daddy, OK?” Oh God, what a little bitch she was – as if I would ever do that.
Mercifully she increased the speed of her wanking, and I felt the pressure in my balls start to build towards the climax I needed so badly.
“Do you want me to finish you Daddy? You are a pervert Daddy aren’t you? Admit it Daddy – that you rape me and make me do these dirty things for you every day.”
Right then I would have admitted anything to get her to make me cum.
“Mmmmm…mmfff…mmm,” I said, nodding my head wildly and hoping that would be enough to please her.
“OK then,” she said sadly, “I’ll do it for you.” Switching my drooling cock to her left hand, she began massaging my balls with her right.
It certainly wasn’t the first time she had ever jerked someone off – she was a fucking expert.
“Mmmmmm,” I groaned as she tipped me over the edge. I bucked my hips and a huge gob of cum spattered across my chest, soaking the satin nightdress.
With a wonderful sense of touch she milked my balls dry, as I sat there, my eyes fixed on the masturbating schoolgirl sitting on my desk.
It was all recorded on Alice’s camera, and I assumed by the Chinese too, but I slumped there, gasping for breath and soaked in my own cum.
“Bad Daddy, naughty Daddy,” Annita admonished. “Making me do that is just soooo dirty.” And she wiped the cum off her glove across my face, before walking off camera.
“WOW. YOU SO HOT. WE LOVE YOU.” Appeared on the screen.
The girls walked around and looked at the screen, Alice finally letting her skirt fall back into place. I wondered if she’d managed to cum before I did? They both giggled at the messages on the screen and Annita blushed scarlet.
And the Chinese were gone.
“Wow, after that I need a drink and pee,” Alice said, wiping her fingers on her skirt. Annita nodded and started walking to the door, but Alice stopped.
“Let’s see what movies this pervert likes to see,” Alice said, bending over my laptop and looking through my files.
“Why?” Annita asked with a shrug, “Who cares?”
Alice laughed and replied, “Well, I’m curious, and I want him to get hard again – I haven’t finished with him yet.”
She clicked her way through my porn folders – they weren’t hard to find, I accessed them every day.
Alice wandered back and watched Alice searching my hundreds of photos and movies.
“Jesus, he has a load of cuckold stuff,” the blonde said. I was happy just sitting there behind her, staring at her ass and her legs.
“Cuckold, what’s that?” Annita asked.
Alice paused and looked at her friend. “It’s what you call a guy who knows his wife is fucking other men. Sometimes they even like to watch their wife getting fucked.”
“Yuk, that’s disgusting,” Annita said, with a look of horror on her face.
“Well, your pervert Dad likes it. Look how many photos and movies he’s got in this folder.” She pointed at the screen, and the long list of file names. It had taken me years to find them all, even creating a few compilations myself.
“Hey, do you think he knows about your Mum?” Alice asked my daughter as she clicked one of the movies open.
The opening dialogue of the film started but I didn’t recognise it – it was just some slut telling her ‘husband’ that her boyfriend was coming over, and she was going to be fucking a ‘real man’ that night. I couldn’t see the screen so I had no idea which one it was, but it sounded like a common theme.
Alice’s remark about Sarah fucking other men made me frown – could it be true?
“Nah, I don’t think he knows shit,” Annita answered. They seemed to have forgotten that I was tied to the chair just behind them.
“Is she still fucking her boss?” Alice went on casually. “She always fucks her boss doesn’t she? It’s the way she gets all the perks.”
The two girls laughed and sniggered. I was shocked – but it was true that Sarah did seem to get promoted quite a lot, and she did spend a lot of extra hours at the office. She also went away for about two weekends a month – to conferences, she said.
“Is she going away this weekend?” Alice asked.
Annita nodded. “Sure, why?”
On the screen there came the sounds of mocking female laughter as a ‘wife’ ordered her wimpy ‘husband’ to clean up the ‘creampie’ that her lover had just deposited inside her.
“Yuk, that’s gross,” Annita said, but Alice just laughed and replied, “I bet your Dad would do it if we told him to.”
“Anyway,” Annita went on, “Yeah, Mum is away this weekend. You wanna do a sleepover?”
Alice sniggered. “Yeah, but why don’t we invite Nico and Eric over too? We never get to screw anywhere comfortable, and I’m sick of doing it in the back of his car.”
Annita thought for a second and answered, “Sure, why not? It’s the same for me, but Nico doesn’t even have a car.”
“OK, I’ll call him and we can come over on Friday night, yeah? It will be great, my parents never let me have him over, but now we control your Dad we can do whatever we want.”
“Sounds cool,” Annita agreed.
“Here we are, let’s put this one on for him,” Alice announced. “It lasts about an hour so that’s plenty of time.”
“Why? What are you doing Alice, I don’t understand.”
“Look, your Dad has a good cock and we might as well use it. Let’s get him hard again, and then we can play some more, OK?”
“But he’s my Dad,” Annita complained, “I don’t want to do anything like that with him.”
Alice set the movie going then straightened-up and faced Annita.
“Look,” she said, with her hands on her hips and taking a lecturing tone, “he’s not your Dad any more. You’ve gotta stop thinking like that. He’s just a cock now. A cock, a wallet and a kind of slave. If you keep thinking like he’s your Dad this is gonna be boring.”
“OK, OK, sure. Let’s go and get a Coke or something,” Alice muttered and turned away to the door.
Alice looked at me and gave me a wink, then followed my daughter towards the kitchen.
“Oh wait a sec,” Alice said, coming back to me. “You’ve still got my knickers in your mouth and I don’t want to forget them.” She untied the pantyhose around my face, and pulled her panties out of my mouth. They were soaked in my saliva.
“Yukky,” she said, holding them up with her finger and thumb, and making a face. “You’re gonna need to buy me some new ones I think.”
She turned back to my desk and picked up the steel vibrator. “I think I’ll give this a try while I’m waiting for you,” she said, and walked away to rejoin Annita.
With my mouth empty, at least I was a bit more comfortable, but the satin nightdress was soaked with my cum, and felt disgusting and wet.
The movie that Alice had started was playing in front of me, and I knew it well. It was a compilation of the best cuckold scenes that I’d found in my porn research.
The sounds of fucking, sucking and extreme cuckolding filled my office.
I was drained and my arms ached from being stretched behind the chair.
While I watched the scenes on my laptop my mind drifted off to what Alice and Annita had been talking about. Was Sarah really fucking her boss?
I had met the guy a couple of times and he was a little mousey guy, middle-aged, and not at all someone that I thought Sarah could be interested in.
On the other hand, the owner of the company was a young guy, who had inherited the business when his Dad died. Now he was a possibility. He was rich and drove a nice sports car, but he was married to a really cute woman.
I couldn’t remember if they had any kids, but he was known as a bit of a playboy. But would he be interested in fucking a near middle-aged Mum like Sarah?
On the screen a man – the ‘husband’- had been tied naked to the bed, and his ‘wife’ was lying on top of him, using him as a mattress, while a huge black guy fucked her. His enormous cock pounded her, and she laughed and moaned, while the white guy grunted and gasped under his wife’s weight, and the force of the fucking. It was a pretty hot scene. Alice had certainly chosen well if she wanted a reaction out of my spent cock.
“And what about the girls?” I said to myself. “Were they really fucking these guys, Nico and Eric?” They were both only 14 years old, but from their language and the way Annita had used her hands on me, they didn’t sound like virgins.
They were talking about bringing these guys for a ‘sleepover’ next weekend. With Sarah away – fucking her boss? – how would I be able to control what went on?
“Jesus, what a mess,” I mumbled to myself. To be honest the whole situation was turning me on. I was tied to my office chair, being used and abused by two schoolgirls – one of them was my own daughter, which was a negative point - and they were blackmailing me into being their sex and money slave. My wife was fucking around, and I was also being blackmailed by two Chinese gays from San Francisco. Could it get any more complicated?
The big black guy on screen pumped a huge load of semen across the white woman’s lovely tits. And then she rubbed them all over her ‘husband’s’ face, smearing the slimy goo all over him as he tried to lick her tits clean.
My cock twitched and started to come back to life.
Would I like to try that for real? Would I want to be a knowing cuckold, used and mistreated by my wife and her lover?
It had happened before - in my first marriage, but I had been just a naïve kid back then, and she had taken advantage of me. But still, it had been both painful and exciting to watch her with other men. But would it be the same with Sarah?
More blood flowed into my crotch, and I felt the familiar throb as my cock started to expand.
“Well I guess that answers my question,” I grinned to myself.
In my mind I started to fantasize that it was me standing in the corner of the bedroom – a new movie clip was starting on my laptop – wearing a chastity device, a pink baby doll nightie, and a red butt plug. And it was Sarah that was performing on the bed with two young black guys.
“Why do I prefer these movies to be interracial?” I thought. “Why does it turn me on more if it’s white and black, or black and Asian, or anything as long as they are different colours and races?” It was the same with my other porn favourites, not just cuckold. That question I couldn’t answer – it just did turn me on more.
My cock inflated to half-hard. I would need physical stimulation to get harder, but I was definitely recovering fast.
The door to my office was pushed slowly open, and Alice crept inside, closing the door quietly.
“Hello cock,” she said with a sly grin. “I hope you’ve recovered, becoz I’m definitely in need of a shag.” She strolled over to me and rubbed the vibrator over my lips. I could smell pussy on the metal, and my tongue automatically flicked out to taste it.
“Yeah, lick it pervert,” Alice sneered. “Taste my cunt on it. I like this vibe and I’m gonna take it home, it’s a lot better than Mum’s.” I did as she told me, and licked as much as I could reach. The taste was a delicate musk, and I hoped that one day soon I would get the chance to lick the source.
“Good dog,” Alice grinned. “And I see you’re ready for me,” she said, squeezing my shaft in her cool slender fingers.
“OH my GOD!” I thought to myself, “Am I actually going to get to fuck her?”
Alice transferred the vibrator to my balls, and switched it on. She stroked and poked at my balls and shaft, using it and her left hand to manipulate my dick to maximum size.
“Mmmm,” I moaned – I couldn’t help it, it felt wonderful.
“You like that, pervert? Yeah, I bet you do, but we’ll see how you like the next part.”
Now that I was fully ready, Alice took a condom from my stash and with quick little movements of her fingers, she rolled the latex down over my throbbing cock.
“OK horsy, lets see how you like this ride. And you’d better not cum or I’ll cut your fucking balls off – OK?” There was a malicious glint in her eyes, and I believed her.
She lifted a leg over and straddled my lap. Then, lifting her grey school skirt, she manoeuvred my cock towards her little blonde slit.
My heart was pounding like a jackhammer as I felt the tip of my cock rubbing along her pussy lips.
She must have been pretty wet already – probably from masturbating with my vibrator – because she opened up nicely to accept my fat shaft.
“Yessss,” she hissed, as she settled down into my lap, the full length of my cock buried in her hot, tight hole.
“Oh good God,” I whispered in awe. It felt so good inside her. My cock throbbed and pulsed, and her pussy gripped me perfectly.
It had been so long since I’d fucked anyone – not since my California trip. And I had never had sex with anyone her age, not even when I was 14 – back then I’d always fucked older, usually married, women.
She was also the most beautiful and sexy girl that I had ever fucked – by a mile.
Alice sat there for a few moments, her eyes closed as she savoured the feeling of a live cock deep inside her.
When she opened her gorgeous green eyes I gasped at the wicked – almost evil – look that she had.
She picked up the chain that linked the alligator clips attached to my nipples, and pulled at it – hard.
“Ouch!” I grunted. They were already sore, but that tug really hurt.
Alice started to rock her hips and ass back and forth, slowly using my cock to fuck with. Each time she took my dick inside she pulled on the chain.
“Aiiee, owww, nooo, don’t,” I whimpered, as the pain increased.
The little bitch that was riding me just laughed in my face, and then slapped me hard.
“Shut the fuck up, cock!” she grinned at me, increasing the speed of her fucking, and the speed of the chain pulls.
“Owww, please….ouch, aarggg, no,” I pleaded, sure that the clips were cutting my nipples.
SLAP! SLAP! She hit me with the front and then the back of her hand, and laughed again.
“What is it doggy, you don’t like it now?”
I was caught between paradise and hell! The feeling in my cock was fantastic, but the pain in my nipples was excruciating now – I hoped they weren’t bleeding.
“Aaaiii, owwww, aarrgghhh, please….stop, please,” I begged.
But each time I begged I just got slaps in answer, and mocking laughter.
I would never have guessed that inside such a sweet angelic body there could be a wicked, sadistic devil waiting to get out.
Her face was flushed and sweating as she rode me, grinding her crotch into my lap, taking her pleasure and inflicting pain on me at the same time.
My face was contorted with agony and I was sweating too. My nipples felt like they were being shredded, and although my cock was happy I didn’t think I would be able to cum, even if she wanted me to – it just hurt too much.
I heard a gasp from the doorway and opened my eyes – Annita was standing there watching us.
“Oh Jesus!” she exclaimed, her hands in front of her mouth. “What are you doing to him?”
“Well duh!” Alice said without looking around. “What does it fucking look like I’m doing?” She just kept right on fucking me while Annita stood in the doorway, shocked and rooted to the spot.
“But you’re hurting him,” my daughter said, sounding puzzled more than concerned.
“Wait,” Alice commanded, closing her eyes and grinding even harder. She was also pulling on the chain harder and my cries of pain increased.
“I’m…cumming Annie, cumming on your Dad’s fat cock,” Alice gasped.
The pain was immense, but my eyes were locked on my torturer’s gorgeous face.
“Oh GOD!” Alice cried, “Yesssss.” And I could feel her cunt muscles contracting around my shaft as she reached her orgasm on me.
Her head was flung back in ecstasy, mouth open, hands pulling the chain to it’s maximum – almost ripping my nipples off. I’m sure that my screams just made the whole thing more erotic for her.
Finally she was done and slumped forward, her golden hair cascading down onto my chest.
We both sat there panting and gasping for breath – in her case because of an amazing orgasm, in my case because of the intense pain.
“God Alice, why did you need to hurt him like that?” Annita asked, coming to stand next to us.
Alice looked up at my daughter, a malicious grin on her face, and said, “Because I like it. It gets me off. And finally I’ve got someone that I can hurt whenever I want to.” And she slapped me on the side of the face again, laughing at me.
Annita looked like she was in shock. “Do you hurt Eric like that when you have sex?” she asked.
Alice raised a long slender leg and climbed off me. My cock slipped out of her with a wet plop.
“Nah, Eric is just an average fuck. He’s got a car and rich parents, so as long as he buys me stuff I let him fuck me. But this, this is our little secret, ok?”
Annita nodded, but she had a doubtful look on her face.
“Anyway, your Dad has a better cock than Eric, and I can do anything I want to him - he’s not gonna complain is he?” and she sniggered.
“OK, well, should we go back upstairs and chat on FaceBook?” Annita asked, moving towards the door.
Alice frowned and said, ”Fuck FaceBook, your Dad’s cock is still hard, look.”
Annita stopped and looked. “Yeah, so what?” Her face said that the whole thing disgusted her.
“Well Annie, I think it’s your turn now. I’ve had a good ride, now I wanna watch you do him.”
“Me? You’re kidding. I’m not gonna fuck my own Dad, I told you before.” She sounded outraged, as I was, sitting there tied to the chair, cock hard, but my body aching and throbbing with dull pain.
Alice grinned evilly and picked up the Sony video camera that I kept on the bookshelf near my desk. We didn’t make many family videos, but I’d bought one a while ago and sometimes took movies on my travels.
“Yeah you are baby doll,” Alice said with a wicked smile. “You’re gonna fuck him and I’m gonna film it.”
“No way!” Annita exclaimed. “You can fuck off. I’m not doing that.” She stood there, fists on her slim hips, and an angry pout on her face.
“Oh come on,” Alice retorted, “It’s not like you’re a virgin or anything. I’ve watched you fuck Nico and I know you like it.”
“You’ve watched us?” Annita said, shocked again.
“Yeah, and he knows I’m watching. He likes me to watch.”
“Oh my God!” Annita, seemed to be totally off balance with what was going on.
“Oh please,” Alice said sarcastically, “Don’t play the innocent, you know what Nico’s like.”
“Well, anyway it doesn’t matter, I’m still not doing it with my Dad.”
“Come on Annie, don’t be boring. Look, the Chinese guys filmed you jerking him off, and so did I. But it would be good for us to have something really good to control him with, something really hot that we can use just for us. Come on!”
“No, no way. I told you.” Annie could be a stubborn cow when she wanted to be, and I held back a smile when I saw that familiar look on her face.
Alice frowned and chewed her bottom lip. “Look Annie, I don’t want to make you do it. Just think of him as a cock, a dildo. Just fuck him and we can have a good laugh about it and stay friends, OK?”
Annita shook her head. “No. No way!”
“Alright Annie, then I’ll just have to make you do him,” Alice said, with a shrug. “If you don’t fuck your Dad right here, right now, then I’m gonna post that video of you jerking him off on YouTube.”
Both Annita and I gasped. “You wouldn’t!” Annita exclaimed. “We would both get into huge trouble.”
Alice shrugged again. “I wouldn’t get in trouble. It wasn’t me jerking off my own Dad in his office. After what you said in the video about you having sex with him, no one will believe you haven’t.”
Annita’s face was white and I thought she might faint.
“Look Alice,” I said, but that was as far as I got.
“YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP, OR I’LL CUT YOUR FUCKING BALLS OFF!” Alice screamed at me, her face twisted in fury. “Don’t you EVER speak unless I tell you to!” she snarled.
If I could have taken a step backwards I would have, but tied to the chair I was powerless to do anything.
Alice stared me down, and then turned back to my shell-shocked daughter. “Yeah Annie, you’re the one in the video. You and your sicko Dad. If you don’t do what I say right now, I’ll make sure that EVERYONE you know sees that video.”
I thought that Annita was going to throw up.
“Aw, come one Annie, it’s no big deal,” Alice cajoled. “He’s just a cock. Just fuck him. Use him like I did, you might even enjoy it.”
Annita looked confused, unsure what to do. I couldn’t help her – I wasn’t sure what Alice was capable of, and I was tied down tight.
“Come on Annie,” Alice urged. “Just climb up on his cock and fuck him.”
I could see that Annita was wavering. She kept looking from Alice and the video camera, to me and my cock – which had wilted a bit under the stress – and back to Alice.
“You can do it,” Alice said, “It’s nothing. It doesn’t mean anything. Just imagine you’re fucking Nico. You don’t have to look at him, just do it facing me.”
Annita shook her head sadly, and gave in.
“That’s it,” Alice smiled cheerfully, as Annita walked slowly to stand next to me.
“What do you want me to do?” Annie asked her friend.
“OK, good,” Alice said, preparing the camera and moving to the side to get the best shot. “Right, so, unbutton your blouse, so we can see your bra, and take off your knickers – but do it slowly OK?”
My daughter frowned, but did as she was told, slowly undoing the buttons as Alice filmed her. My cock twitched a little, but to get back to full hardness I would need a little physical stimulation.
“Now use your knickers on his cock,” Alice whispered as Annita eased them down her legs and over her shoes. “Wrap them around the shaft and get him hard.”
They were still warm as Annita followed the directions. Delicate, flowery material enclosed my thickening cock, and my daughter’s firm grip started rubbing me again. She avoided my eye as I watched her work, pulling my dick straight and stiff.
“Good, great,” Alice enthused. “Are you wet?”
Annie looked up at the camera and shook her head.
“OK, use this,” Alice said, placing the steel vibrator in my lap.
Annita didn’t look very happy, but she picked it up and switched it on.
My cock pulsed gently and with the pain in my nipples reduced to a dull throb, I was definitely in the mood for more sex.
“Lift your skirt and let’s see what you’re doing,” Alice instructed, and Annie briefly let go of my cock so that she could show the camera how the vibrator slid up and down her tight pussy slit.
“Get it inside,” Alice hissed. “Show us how much of it you can get up you.”
I was shocked. Annita was going to masturbate while her friend filmed it.
Annita opened her legs a little and lifted her school skirt around her waist. The buzzing sex toy ran up and down the soft lips, and Annie increased the pressure, trying to force the tip inside.
It was the most intimate thing I had ever seen my daughter do, and I have to confess that it excited me.
Her eyes were closed and I had no idea what erotic scene was in her mind, but slowly the vibrating steel shaft burrowed into her softness.
“Yes, that’s great. Fantastic,” Alice muttered, moving in for a close up.
I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight. My 14-year old daughter was fucking herself with a vibrator right next to me.
“Mmmmmm,” Annita moaned as she eased the full length of the steel dong inside herself.
“Oh God, that is so fucking hot!” Alice grinned, “I’m so fucking wet I might have to fuck him myself!”
I think Annita might have been happy just to stand there masturbating, but Alice wanted more.
“OK Annie, time for the main scene, I want you to mount him. Lift your skirt and let me see you slide the cock inside. Slow, OK?”
Clearly Annita still had doubts about this, and she hesitated for long seconds before she finally slid the vibrator out of her pussy and lifted her leg over mine.
Her back was towards me as my daughter positioned her pussy above my stiff cock.
“Lift your skirt. Let me see it go in,” Alice told her. She moved in close, the camera only a couple of feet from the action.
I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had never dreamed of this – it wasn’t even a fantasy. I had never wanted to commit incest, and if it wasn’t for the physical stimulation, and the totally erotic situation, my cock would never have been willing.
Annita’s hand held my shaft and moved the head to her slick, open orifice. I felt it touch the soft lips and slide into the hot wetness.
“Oh God, no!” I hissed. This was rape, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. My cock was betraying me as her father.
“Hold your skirt up as you ride him,” Alice directed.
My daughter’s ass began to rise and fall, her pussy alternately gripping and releasing my erection.
Sick though it may sound, it felt wonderful in there. Sure she was my daughter, but to my cock it was just a wonderful cunt to fuck.
“Yeah, do it. Fuck him Annie,” Alice was really enjoying herself – both with the filming and the masturbating – her hand was up her skirt again!
“Tell him how much you like it. Tell him what a great fuck he is. Make out like you do it all the time,” Alice coached.
I couldn’t see Annita’s face, but she said with a little voice, “No, please Alice, don’t make me say that.”
“Come on,” Alice said, “You’ve done the hard part, just make stuff up. Play it Annie. Come on, just pretend. Do it, OK?” The tone was trying to be light, but I detected a threat just below the surface.
The feeling was wonderful as she rode my cock. I’ve always enjoyed the Reverse Cowgirl position, mainly because of the extra pressure that comes from the angle of penetration. It’s just too bad that there was no mirror in the room to be able to see from the same angle as Alice was filming.
I guess Annita decided to play along because she suddenly started saying all kinds of stuff about us – stuff that was totally untrue.
“Oh Daddy, I love your big cock,” she panted. “I love it when we fuck.”
“Yeah, that’s it,” Alice encouraged, “More. Say more stuff.”
“Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me hard, like we do every night.”
I was shocked – again. Didn’t she realise what she was doing and saying? Alice was filming her fucking me and saying all this crap. With this video Alice would own both of us forever!
“Do it to me Daddy. I love your big cock. Fill me up Daddy,” Annita moaned, and she sounded pretty convincing to me.
This was all getting too much for me to control myself. The boiling in my balls was starting again.
“Oh God Daddy, cum in me,” Annita begged. “Cum inside me, I love to feel you cum.” I was surprised that she was experienced enough to know when a man was getting close – or maybe it was just a lucky guess.
“Yeah, that’s good. OK cock, you can cum now,” Alice whispered towards me.
I’m not sure that I could have stopped even if she’d told me to, but right then Annita started massaging my balls as she rode me. There was no way back for me when she did that.
Nothing was under my control. I couldn’t even raise my hips to thrust into her. I couldn’t move anything. All I could do was follow the grinding rhythm.
“Aarrgghhhh,” I groaned as the huge load surged up from my balls and into the entrapping condom buried deep inside my daughter.
“Yeah, cum in her you pervert,” Alice sneered, getting a close up of my contorted features as I pumped and humped under my daughter’s sweet ass.
There was no way I could know if Annita came at the same time as me, or even if she enjoyed it, but it was over and I was spent.
“OK Annie, you can get off him now, he’s done,” Alice said.
She was certainly fitter than me. If I had been free I wouldn’t have been able to stand up right then, I felt broken.
My wilting cock slapped across my belly when she climbed off me, and I noticed a big white deposit of sperm at the end of the condom.
“Jesus, look how much cum he’s done,” Alice said, pointing at the condom and laughing. “And it’s his second load. Eric can’t make half that much even the first time around.”
Annita looked hot and sweaty, and her hair was an untidy mess. She was still avoiding my eye, but as she buttoned up her blouse she looked at my cock with a sick admiration.
“OK Annie, let’s not waste it,” Alice said, still filming. “Make him eat it.”
“God, that’s disgusting,” Annita grimaced and just stood there looking at the
used condom.
“Look Annie, just do it OK. I’m not asking you to eat it, just feed it to the pervert, alright?”
Annita took a step forward and gingerly pulled the filled latex off my slippery cock. Somehow she managed it without actually touching my dick with her fingers.
She held it up like some like of obscene trophy and Alice filmed her holding it. The condom seemed to contain a huge slug of my sperm collected in the end.
With robotic steps Annita approached my head and held the sloppy condom over my face.
“OK Annie, tell him to open wide,” Alice said, moving in for another close-up.
Annita gave a shudder of disgust and said, “OK Dad, open your fucking mouth, I’ve got a present for you.”
I don’t know how she could go through with these things. Did she really hate me that much?
There wasn’t much choice – I opened my mouth. I wasn’t bothered about eating my own cum, but I guess the girls would be impressed.
Annita took the filled tip of the condom and upended it over my open mouth. The thick slime dribbled and dropped out, landing on my tongue and lips.
“Yuk, what a pig!” Annita said, but I finally looked her in the eyes and saw the shame and embarrassment that she was feeling.
“Make him swallow it,” Alice whispered from off camera.
Annita shrugged and instructed, “OK, swallow your cum Daddy. You enjoy that don’t you?” Was she trying to be funny, or act tough?
I swallowed. The look on the girls’ faces was so sick that I almost laughed.
“Jesus, what a disgusting sicko,” Alice murmured as she filmed. “Now push the condom in his mouth,” she said to Annita.
The latex had a complex mix of flavours – the rubber itself of course, and my cum, but there was also the trace of anchovies that must have been my daughter’s cunt juice.
“OK, that’s enough,” Alice said, switching off the camera. “Let’s go and get cleaned up, God I feel a mess.” She looked great in my opinion, but what was that worth?
As the girls moved towards the door I coughed, and tried to get their attention. Time was passing, and Sarah would be home from work soon, and I needed to get the place tidied up.
“Oh yeah,” Alice noticed me, and came back to the desk. “Better let the pig loose, otherwise we lose our new toy.” She took the key and unlocked the handcuffs behind the chair.
As she strolled out the door with Annita I flexed my arms, trying to get the blood circulating again, and spat the used condom out onto the floor.
The pain in my nipples was still throbbing, and as I unclipped the alligators I almost screamed with the agony that flashed through my tits. But once the waves of torment died down to an acceptable level, I set about getting myself free.
It was a tough stretch to untie my legs, but the thought of getting caught gave me extra strength, and finally I was able to stand up.
I ached from head to balls, but I needed to keep moving.
Carefully – very carefully – I eased the black satin nightdress over my head, trying desperately not to touch my nipples as I did so. It was impossible of course because the fabric was damp with my sweat and soaked in some places with my sticky first load of cum.
The feeling was disgusting and clammy, and I threw the thing across the room as soon as it was off.
My first concern was for my nipples and I quickly walked down the hallway to check them out in the mirror. There was some blood around them, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. It had felt like they were being ripped off my chest, but I suppose the satin had protected them a bit from Alice’s sadistic actions.
Relieved, I set about tidying up the mess that my office had become.
As I worked I thought back about what had happened. Alice certainly was the smart one, and the dominant one of the two girls. She had manipulated Annie into getting deeper and deeper into trouble, and now she had all the material she needed to blackmail us both for the rest of our lives.
Annita hadn’t wanted to perform sexual acts with me, but she had been pushed and threatened into jerking me off, and then actually having full, incestuous sex with me – all recorded on camera!
Alice clearly had mental problems. She was a sadistic bitch who had no problems using anyone to get what she wanted, and enjoyed inflicting pain for sexual pleasure.
Now that I had both the Californian Chinese AND the girls at home using me I was in mega-deep trouble. And on top of all that the girls were talking about bringing their boyfriends over for a weekend ‘sleepover’ while my wife was off fucking her lover!
I hoped that my nipples would be better by then because I had the feeling that I would need to be in my best shape to survive the coming weekend.
(12 Mar 2012, 17:09 )bob_masters Wrote: By the the way, my G+ account got 'suspended' :-( so I'm blocked from there.
WHAT???? WHY??? Too explicit images?
You write faster, than I read Big Grin

I'm already two chapters behind, but I hate to read when I'm in a hurry.
I would guess so. No reason was given, but I assume it was the case. :-(

(20 Mar 2012, 01:14 )Like Ra Wrote:
(12 Mar 2012, 17:09 )bob_masters Wrote: By the the way, my G+ account got 'suspended' :-( so I'm blocked from there.
WHAT???? WHY??? Too explicit images?

I hope you like it though? I do find it exciting to write ;-)

This is what I think Alice looks like.

(20 Mar 2012, 01:19 )Like Ra Wrote: You write faster, than I read Big Grin

I'm already two chapters behind, but I hate to read when I'm in a hurry.

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