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Special Catsuit
Found this on ebay:

Basically, a leotard made from latex, back zipper, no arms or sleeves, arms rest in front of the chest, inside the garment. Not sure, if this is suitable for self bondage, but it has a simple back zipper and that might work. Of course, the buckles cannot be used in SB. I have seen a similar suit from a western manufacture, only about 15 times more expensive, always wanted to try it on and only waited for some money rain. Now, I am considering... Check the shop, there are more cool items!

PS: No pics, because the pics of the vendor might be iffy already, then copied here - etc.... not a good idea! Check directly on Ebay, here is the shop:
I've been thinking about such a suit since I first saw it "in person" more than 10 years ago. But I'm still not sure if it's possible to use it alone and what fun I can "get". I love the price, though. I haven't seen them cheaper than 160-200€.
The auction has expired without any bids. I will contact the seller after next payday and ask, if he can make a special version, without buckles. Zipping up that thing should be as easy as it is with the single glove bolero, so I don't see any problem.

But - after all - the first picture I have seen of a similar garment, included a beautiful girl and the sight was more than stunning. I have another few days to make sure, that I am not going to buy the looks, but actually that piece of bondage gear.
All items have expired and the shop is empty. I wonder if they actually make anything or buy from another manufacturer from another country.

BTW, I was going to save some pictures and insert them here just to give an idea what we are talking about, but was too late.

Anyway, let's see what happens.
There is another shop now, I will watch if for a while. They offer the same suit for about 120 Euros.

Here is a picture from that shop:

I have been following that new ebay offer for a while and decided, that my budget would allow the purchase. Now, pricing and sizes are a bit unclear and therefore, I contacted the seller by email Sunday night. No reply so far, but I will wait for another few days. I hope, this is not just another dead offer like the first one and I would really like to have such a suit.

... a few days later ...

the offer still exists, alive, and I got a reply from the seller. Not perfect, but I decided to give it a try. Maximum possible damage is about 120 Euros and a disappointment, but the seller has a 30 days return policy and payment is via paypal, so the risk is basically the postage fees, in case I have to return the shipment.

By the way, the first shop is back, can be visited via the link in my first post.
New big news yet. I got another email asking me about the size again. I hope, I made everything clear now. It seems, that the sales person's English is a bit weak, which makes communication more complicated. That was Monday, now I am waiting for the final confirmation. The email from the seller clearly said, that it was no problem to adjust the size to my needs. According to the offer, delivery takes place within 1 to 5 working days plus a possible small delay because of customs. They are not sending from China mainland anymore, in order to make things a bit smoother on the receiver's end, and they write an "appropriate" customs invoice.
By the way, I doubt, that this is a secure SB item as long as there is no way to fasten the buckles in the back and lock the one around the collar. Most probably, it will be possible to reach the neck and open the zipper from the inside. But you don't have to, I hope for a snug and cosy garment that allows for a comfortable sleeping position. I often tried to sleep with arms behind my back using various methods, it never really worked.
(26 Oct 2011, 20:32 )Strappado Wrote: I often tried to sleep with arms behind my back using various methods, it never really worked.
So do I, but sleeping is, indeed, difficult, because the arms go asleep sooner or later. Even using the Japanese box/square tie.
Any news about that leotard?

I noticed that the first one is back to this shop for $99.
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