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Single-glove (monoglove), armbinder art
If you have any armbinder related drawings in your collection, please share with us!
The 1st part - 12 pics:
A bit from Sweet Gwendoline:
And from single-glove and selfbondage:
Single-glove and armbinder art Part II:
Single-glove and armbinder art Part III:
Kyrstal Black:
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Marie Lissandro
MLa.jpg thumbnail    MLb.jpg thumbnail    MLc.jpg thumbnail    MLd.jpg thumbnail    MLe.jpg thumbnail    MLf.jpg thumbnail    MLg.jpg thumbnail    MLh.jpg thumbnail    MLi.jpg thumbnail    MLj.jpg thumbnail    MLk.jpg thumbnail    MLl.jpg thumbnail   

I'm not entirely sure this is exactly an arm-binder but this pic of Shandra is too awesome not to post...that expression is the definition of sub-space...
Shandra1.jpg thumbnail   

Edit: small child pixellated.

Videos of Kristi struggling in an armbinder dressed as above, I don't imagine they'll be up for long so get them while they're hot...
I'm not an enormous fan of the female mask fetish (though I like to imagine they're tape gagged and nylon-hooded underneath it) but here are some great pics of Melody the Maid. Very brave...
M1.jpg thumbnail    M2.jpg thumbnail    M3.jpg thumbnail    M4.jpg thumbnail    M5.jpg thumbnail    M6.jpg thumbnail    M7.jpg thumbnail    M8.jpg thumbnail    M9.jpg thumbnail    M10.jpg thumbnail    M11.jpg thumbnail    M12.jpg thumbnail    M13.jpg thumbnail    M14.jpg thumbnail    M15.jpg thumbnail    M16.jpg thumbnail    M17.jpg thumbnail    M18.jpg thumbnail    M19.jpg thumbnail    M20.jpg thumbnail   

Another few i`ve got:

Good stuff... Wish I was flexible enough to be put in one.