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Session 03: testing a new idea
Hello everyone,

After a remission time in which I wasn't feeling very motivated, my urge to be in bondage came back. Then, I decided to take to practice a ew setup in which my hands were cuffed and fixed to my back. Here there are a couple of pictures that show how I achieved that with a chain:


Next, I had my feet fixed to the opposite ends of a wood-stick, so I would have to wait for an ice tomelt in order for the keys to drop. These pictures show the process (including the placing of the mouth-gag):


Finally, I hand-cuffed myself:


Everything seem like I had to wait for the keys to drop, no matter how much I would struggle:


Nevertheless, my joyful struggle came to an end when one foot got deattached from the stick, then I was able to get up and reach the safety key Girl_mad


The whole session lasted only 26 minutes, then I wasn't fully satisfied. I realize there is a lot of room for improvement... which means there will be a second part for this story Girl_devil
wow that looks really amazing, Smile
Great session - thanks for sharing!

Spreader bars are really fun, especially when you're wearing high heels - shame you broke free too early Diablo

I like the set up with your handcuffs and chain - very tidy.

Can't wait for part 2 Big Grin


(16 Apr 2012, 12:02 )madjack Wrote: Spreader bars are really fun, especially when you're wearing high heels - shame you broke free too early Diablo

I agree... it was a shame that my foot got loose. I'm frustrated about it, but I already have thought a way to reinforce the speader bar, so this doesn't happen again. I'm very likely to give it a second try on Saturday... so stay tuned Girl_crazy



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