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Requesting help for a simple scenario
I'm looking for a nice scenario for those quiet nights when everything gets boring. Nothing too hard or too soft, just right for a relaxing self bondage night. As well as various hoods and tonnes of rope, I have the following items.
- 2 sets of wrist cuffs (One is lockable)
- Ankle Cuffs
- Various Gags
- Collar and Leash
- Lockable mittens
- Various nipple clamps and a cups.
-Eyelets. (Floor is cement under carpet unfortunately)
-A few padlocks, more can be brought if needed.
Watch them squirm~ 
Here's something that I like, and may even do tonight if I have the energy Smile Basically it's a hogtie that can be easy or hard depending on how devious you feel.

  • Rope around ankles and looped under heels (I wear heels)
  • Lockable wrist cuffs
  • Gag
  • Chain around 2 feet in length
  • 3 padlocks (1 for hogtie, 2 for wrist cuffs)
  • Rope around knees
  • Rope around chest to pin upper arms
  • Pantyhose waistbands around elbows
  • Blindfold
  • Plugs or clamps
The main point is the chain is looped between the wrist cuffs and the rope loop under the heels. The heel loop makes the hogtie a little harder by raising the connect point from the ankles to the heels. If you can thread the chain through the cuffs, great. If not, connect the cuffs to the chain before putting them on your wrists.

The key to the hogtie chain can be anywhere you like. Right next to you, another room, or even hanging from a ice-stocking setup. Once you get that key you can release the hogtie but you are still tied. Now you hop, crawl, or squirm your way to the other key which will release you wrist cuffs and allow you to untie yourself.

Hope this helps!

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