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Simple Scenario Please
I am looking for a simple scenario that I can do quietly at night as I still live with my parents.
Here is what I have:
18-20 ropes of various lengths
4 handcuffs
Duct tape (lots)
Serran wrap (decent amount)
18 locks as follows
    3 packs of 4 travel locks, two packs with 4 keys each and one with 2 keys
    1 pack of 4 normal padlocks with 2 keys
    1 lock with 2 keys
    1 large lock with one key
Dog collars of various sizes as follows 
    2 used as ankle cuffs 
    2 used as thigh cuffs
    1 used as a collar
1 chain of 18in
1 chain of 26in
1 normal collar
1 1-piece bathing suit
Ice release
Rings of various sizes

P.S. Ima guy
Many ways possible. What's your preferred position?

Try this:

- Put the keys on two rings, tie a rope to each one, 2m length.
- Put 2-3 cubes of ice in one sock, pass the sock through one of the key rings and tie the end to the ceiling or close to the ceiling (curtain, screw in the door frame). Let the rope hang to the floor. This is the main release - wait for the ice to melt. Pull the rope if the ring gets stuck after the ice melts.
- Put the second ring around the top of a bottle with water (or cooking oil if you are brave!). Open the bottle and put it somewhere high where you can't reach it (shelf?). Let the rope hang to the floor. This is the backup release - pull the rope and the bottle will fall. If the parents can hear you, put a pillow where it would fall so it will spill the contents on the pillow but won't not make much noise.

Tie your legs to your thighs (knees bent), or to a belt around your waist. Use dog collars, chains, and lock with padlocks.
Put a collar around your neck. WIDE! Don't tie it! You don't need it tight. Make a loop of rope and tie the ends to the back of the collar. Adjust it to go down on your back, between your legs to the front and end there. Tie the cuffs to the end of the loop with another padlock, adjust length of the rope again so it won't be too tight, and then lock your hands in front.
Now you're going to sit down until the ice melts. You may notice that your hand are in a perfect position to play with yourself (and make a mess if not careful).

Things that can go wrong:
- If you pull on the rope, it will make the collar tight around your neck. Don't make the rope too short or the collar too tight!
- Key ring or a key may get stuck on the sock and not fall. Make sure the ring and the keys are smooth and slide easy from the sock.
- Make sure the bottle can fall to the floor and can't get stuck somewhere while falling.
- Bottle falling can make a lot of noise. It can hit you while falling. Use plastic bottles.

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