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My first completed session. Ideas for improvements?
Hey Everyone,

So after much searching across this forum on ideas for a home alone session, i came across lots of ideas and competed session and used bits from each to come up with a session that would take time and commitment to even get out plus wanted to be completely helpless without any way escape apart from completely the task.

As soon as i got home i started with pouring myselft a drink (i had a 1.25L cider bottle i had to finish before starting. Not needed but will push things even harder later on).

We have a king size bed with a head board and end board so made things easyer. I got a metal pole and tied it to the left side end of bed sticking up on a bit of angle towards centre of bed. I put a pulley on the end of the pole and some rope (with the rope hanging touching bed it was about 1/4 way up from the bottom of bed and 1/4 way across from the left).

I then attached some rope with 10 pegs threaded on it to the upper right had side of bed.

I then slipped into a nice pair of lace underwear that is a few sizes too small and put on some full length pantyhose. Found the highest pair of high heels i could and secured them tight. Attached some pegs to my nipples and put on a DD bra followed by stuffing it.
I found a nice tight dress which hugs my body close and put that on.

Now for the good bits...
I attached a 2m long tube to this custom made cone thing which i slid over the end of my cock and applied lots of tape to make sure there was no leaking when i needed to wee.
I then put another 2m long tube in my mouth and applied lots of duct tape so there was no leaking.
By this time i had finished my first bottle of 1.25l cider so i was ready to move on.
Both tubes were then inserted into a fresh bottle of 1.25l cider and lots of tape applied to hold into place.
I attached the cider bottle with the tubes in it to one end of the string on that pole and put a key with weight to the other end of the string. Naturally becuause the cider is full it was weighted down and the key was up high.

I then got some rope and bound my legs together at the ankles and above the knee's.
I then got another bit of rope and attached to bottom of legs and put through end board and upto head board and down to where my arse would be and left for later on.
I put some wrist tiess on and used duct tape to hold down the velcro really good.
I put some kinky as porn on which lasted about 3 hours next to me.

I lubed up my new anal hook and inserted that as deep as it could go up my arse and attached 2 ropes. One of them was the rope from my ankles so there is no way i cheat this setup.
The other rope is attached to the headboard which has 2 knots in the middle and a padlock holding the 2 knots together.

I then attached the 10 pegs to my face. Last but not least i put my hands behind my back and locked them together with a padlock (this part failed as i couldnt lock this small padlock onto my wrist restraints so i had to use the standard clip but anyway i carried on)

So i am laid in the top right hand side of the bed on my side facing the right hand side with pegs attached to my face. Anal hook in attached to headboard and also my feet.

I start watching the porn and start drinking the cider while thinking aboutbmy first task.
I have to pull my face away from the 10 pegs...
The hardest part is that there is 10 of them. I have done this before with 2 pegs and easy but so much harder.
After about 10 minutes i manage to pull away from the pegs and able to shuffle over to the left side of the bed where i have placed a key. 
This key is used on the padlock that connects the 2 knots on the anal hook. When i get this padlock unlocked it gives me about another metre of rope spare so i am able to shuffle down the bed to the bottom left where they key can drop to from the metal pole. ( i had to wiggle slowly down the bed as the rope from the anal hook was still connected to my ankles so very slow inch by inch i moved down the bed)

Now all i could do was drink the cider through this small tube while watching porn....
But not long after the time came where i needer to pee so i had no choice but to peee and then in turn goes into the cider bottle and fills back up and changes the taste of the cider. The original goal was to drink all he cider or cider/wee until bottle was empty and then the key would drop down so that i could un tie my hands and then remove everything.

But i didnt like the laste and knew i could escape by using the clip on my hands so i did so and didnt complete the whole task.

So this was a grear tast and really enjoyed it but wish i could of got the padlock to lock on my hands so couldnt pussy out. Please give me your feedback or other ideas for another task which doesnt require so much work like this one.

I think you tried too much, too soon.
Don't get me wrong, I overdid an elbo tie and had to call for help when my arms got numb and became useless.

Next time, try the ice release for the keys and a half an eagle tie.
Your outfit sounds great, an I for one would love to see a picture of you in your outfit.
Thanks for the advise..
I am planning another session tonight and have thought the ice release just done know which type to use first for say an hour session.
I will try get some tonight 😉

Wow! that's very intense for a first session - My first comment is please be careful! 

I say this because after many, many years of practising self-bondage I still get things wrong and sometimes in a bad way! 

Your set-up sounds a bit complex and like @Tinker_D I think a photo or drawing might help us understand the details a little better.

Interesting use of pegs and anal hook to make it a 'stay bound or suffer' type escape - I've never used an anal hook, so you have the advantage over me on that one!  😁  I have used nipple clamps (the clover type that get tighter the more you pull) which made an 'easy' escape painful, encouraging me to wait for the ice to melt.

I've tried including forced drinking in my self-bondage, but the last time it was very nearly a disaster and so I've avoided it since - you can read about it by clicking here if you want - scary when it all went wrong  Scare3 

Again, like Tinker D, I'd would advise keeping it simple until you have experience and confidence - then you can build up to more challenging scenarios if you wish

Good luck, keep posting and please, please, play safe

Hey MJ,

Thanks for the feedback,
I know it was probably a session that was over thought and shoukd of focused on the basics and got it right.

The Anal hook is great and adds another level instead of just using a butt plug or oversized vegetable lol.

I just went through your post and good to read stories like that to learn what not to do and stay safe.
I have put pantyhose on my head in shower while doing a pantyhose incasement and i know the feeling on not being able to breath when that water hits. Not nice at all.

I have seen some ice releases so think might do something like that in about 8 hours when get home
I want to make sure i cant get out of session so either have to wait for ice (hour or so would be good) or make it a task session where i have to do something like transfer 1L of fluid from 1 bucket to another to release fluid etc..
Any ideas would be great 😉


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