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2nd completed session - pantyhose rip
After the first session which was over thought and too complicated i wanted to do another that would take half the time to set up yet still hard to get out of.

I made a slip knot at the bottom corners of the bed for my ankles.
Attached my 7" dildo to a pole so that when my legs are spred eagle it is fully inserted into my arse.
Got a pair of pantyhose and tied a knot in the leg ends then slid over headboard so the entry to them was on my side.
Attached my collar to a rope and looped around end board of bed and back upto headboard ready to tie off when in place.
Put on some long self bondage porn.
Got a medicine syringe and put about 5ml of lube up my ass incase was going to be there for awhile.
I slipped on some lace panties followed by a black pair of pantyhose which have slip knots at the end of them to attached to end of bed later on. Then got a pair of high heels which strap up the leg and put on. I got a DD black/ red bra, put on and stuffed good. I then picked out a tight black dress and squeezed into that.
Got another pair of pantyhose and put over head then put a ball gag on tight.
Now time to get into place.

I stood at the end of the bed and put my ankles in the loops and pulled tight then put the loop knot i made in end of stocking and attached to bed frame.
I layed face down and slowly slid onto the big dildo. This was hard as i hadnt left really any wriggle room when my ankles were tied. Finially it slid into my arse and pushed all 7" deep into arse until the balls of the dildo rested against me.
I got a vibrating dildo and placed on my cock and balls and set the vibe to pulse.
I put the my collar on and pulled the rope on headboard so it pulled my neck and whole body onto the cock as far as it could go then tied so had a bit of tension and felt like a mild choke while laying there.
I got the pantyhose and put my arms into the legs of them and put the waist part of the pantyhose behind my back. The more i slid my arms in the tighter it pulled it onto my back until my arms were all the way in.

In theory how should i get out?

Now since i had a dildo up me i couldnt move down the bed and i couldnt move up the bed otherwise i would get choked more so i had to get my hands free.
My theory was that i would rip the pantyhose and then would be able to un tie everything.

The session.

Now i fully helpless i tryed to get out.
I tryed to move my legs but couldnt move far as end of pantyhose were attached to bed along with ankle ties so couldnt do much there.
I tryed moving down the bed but the silcone balls on the dildo were firm up against mine so couldnt move down the bed at all.
I tryed my luck with trying to shuffle my body up the bed, i felt the dildo ease out a little and am choaked some more. Now it feels like 2 hands are around my neck with good pressure, but since i liked it i left my body where i was knowing i could move a little down bed if it got too much.
So i started watching the porn i had put on and focused on the vibrating dildo on my cock for about 20 minutes. After a lot of squirming and rubbing my body up and down a little i managed to cum. It felt so good being stuffed, tied and cuming still helpless.
After 5 minutes of laying there i tryed to escape my ripping the pantyhose ( i can rip them if i really want but i got board) so i moved my arms is such a way after a few minutes they slid off.
Then i went of to untie everything.
The session was great fun and cant wait to do again.

What could be done better?

Next time i would lay on my back so cant slip the pantyhose off as would be laid on them. I wanted to try this way as could slightly hump the bed to cum otherwise i wouldnt be able to cum with just the vibrator on my cock.

Please share your suggestionsWink

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