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First session with ice-pantyhose delay
First I made an excel spread-sheet listing possible things to do/wear. Then I used to generate random numbers, three next to each item. If the numbers sum to an odd integer I must do/wear the task/item. I like doing it this way because I am 'forced' to do the things by something outside my control. I use random numbers to determine the length of any time based activities as well.

Items I had to wear:
Bra, panties, pantyhose, skirt+top, high heels, wig, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara.

Things I had to do (all quantities were randomly generated):
>Fuck myself with a carrot for 8 minutes
>Wear a bra and panties for 56 hours no matter what
>Walk 2 blocks in only women's clothes
>Listen to feminization/bimbo hypnosis files for 122 minutes
>Tie self to bed for 85 minutes (I take the average of this time and the one above since both will be done together)

>I dressed in the clothes and prepared the restraints:
>Single bed with wooden planking underneath and a wooden headboard
>Two leather belts: made into slip nooses with the loose end ties to the bed side two thirds of the way along the bed (from the headboard end) - for fixing around my knees, keeping my legs spread wide
>Hood and headphones: Usually after orgasm I try to weedle my way out of the remainder of my tasks, especially the hypnosis/brainwashing recordings, so I tape the earphones in my ears and put on a hood over the whole lot to ensure I can't tamper with it
>Collar: leather dog collar around neck and tied to the foot of the bed with paracord to keep me from squirming up the bed where my hands might be able to interfere with the audio setup
>Cuffs: handcuffs, just cheap ones with simple non-key releases, but if you put them on tight with the unlocking mechanism to the back of your wrist you can't get them off. Two pairs.
>Pantyhose and ice: I put an ice cube in each leg of an old pair of pantyhose and, after cutting off the leg near the top, threaded the end of each through a chain link on each pair of cuffs so that the ice-in-the-hose could not get through the link until melted. Then I looped the other end of the hose over the top of the headboard and tied them off down low so that my hands would be held up high while the knot would be down low - no chance of tampering.
>Finally, the last part of the pantyhose I butchered were used to tie my ankles together. Put legs through holes, twist, put through again.

This is my first use of ice as a delay, and I went tentatively, using just one cube. But that one cube lasted 70 minutes. It made me immensely horny and I climaxed pretty fast, then had to listen to those nefarious files for another 60 minutes anyway, after I had completely rid myself of the desire, but that was my sex-fuelled-degenerate plan I guess.

I got the idea from this site, thanks... I think Wink
First of all - welcome!!! Wink

(06 Sep 2014, 11:56 )Bonded Wrote: First I made an excel spread-sheet listing possible things to do/wear. Then I used to generate random numbers, three next to each item.
Never heard of Thanks much! When I was a kid I made lists with rough clothing/bondage combination and used dices. Then I was going to make clothing/self-bondage generators here, on this site, but as very often - did not have time for that. But this idea is still sitting in my head and kicking my brain periodically Smile

(06 Sep 2014, 11:56 )Bonded Wrote: I got the idea from this site
Good! Smile

BTW, any chances to make photos of you setup, clothes, sessions? Or drawings? Visuals do help.

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