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First ever inescapable session
Made my account to post this, and hopefully more in the future.

I have been practicing self bondage for a while but i've always been able to break free from my bondage before time is up, today was the day I perfectly planned my session out.

I've recently built some shelving in my Basement, I attatched Chain rings to all 4 corners of the shelving, think spread eagle position but standing. (which is very sturdy by the way!!!)

Once I was ready I strapped and duct taped a mains powered vibrator to my penis, chained my ankles to either corner of my shelves with chain and padlocks, the keys to which laid on the floor infront of me, I then chained my left wrist to the top left shackle, i took a deep breath. Turned my vibrator on high, and chained my remaining free wrist to the other anchor point which i'd rigged up with an ice release system.

Unfortunately I didn't cum, probably because i was nervous that I was well and truly bound in my basement. I felt like I was bound for hours spread eagle, but when I checked the time after the ice finally released me i'd only actually been there for 40 minutes before my release kicked in.

I'm looking to improve this setup, the anchor points work great, but i'm looking for more stimulation next time, I'm thinking maybe turn the lights off so it's pitch black, nipple clamps, and rather than a vibrator i'd strap a tens unit to my penis and set it to a painful level and drop the controller out of reach forcing me to endure it for as long as my ice cube lasts. I may even add 2 instead of 1 to take the session to hopefully over an hour!

Let me know what you think, and any tips from you experienced members to make the entire session more uncomfortable/unbearable!

A good start.
I hope you had a good backup plan in case the keys don’t release as plan.
Now that I think about it, i may never do self bondage again.
I’ll post that later. Under “Fire and Self Bondage”.
First time getting truly stuck waiting for the release is magical. Maybe use 2 ice releases so when one fails you still have the other. Also note that a spread eagle position where you are stretched to the limit it might be impossible to reach the tied hand with the released one so think it trough and try it before you commit.
Like a video I made? Take a look at my other videos here:
Sounds like a fun session. Maybe some strict high heels with some tights could be a nice addition. Can’t forget a gag to drool from. Can you describe the ice system that you used?
There are numerous things you can do to increase the stimulation of this tie.

First a nice head harness and 4" penis gag inserted. Then a stiff neck collar with a ring at the front. To this secure the cloverleaf nipple clamps at such a tightness that you have to lean forward slightly to take off the pressure. (This allows you to increase the torment by looking up).
Then a nice secure butt plug. A little larger than you are comfortable with.
The tens unit should be powering two rings. One attached to your cock head and one at the base of the cock.
Set it to a dual rate pulse so that It is constant but ramps up every few seconds to unbearable but soooo good. You will probably come and then depending on your setting may just have to wait out the tease and pain till the release lets you free. I agree two ice releases for safety.
But still have someone set up as a personal release just in case. Perhaps someone you hope might discover you anyway.........

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