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MJ-SB11/2013 – Forced to orgasm
After my very successful encasement session, followed by the failed vacuum session I was, to say the very least, turned on and after a whole day of sexual teasing with no release I needed, no, I HAD to orgasm ….

70den closed crotch nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den sheer pantyhose
8 knee-highs
large butt plug
Ball for gag
Mains powered massager
Digital timer
wooden poles & spreader bar
high-heeled boots
ankle cuffs
black Lycra body
rope ratchet
ice cubes, detergent bag and towel

The session:
The plan was simple enough, tie myself to the bed, set the massager on a timer to tease me to orgasm, use the rope ratchet to ensure I was utterly helpless until some ice melted, lie back and enjoy!
I must apologise for the limited photos – one reason is that once I was tied I simply couldn’t move, which meant that 99% of the shots are nearly identical (and very boring to look at!), and the other reason? Well, read on….

I dressed, as usual, with butt plug in, condom on, cock sheathed in multiple layers of nylon and almost all my body covered in a combination of bodysuit and pantyhose. Black boots on my feet with ankle cuffs matched my black lycra body.

I had added some simple cock and ball bondage before encasing my cock (sorry no photos this time) – this is an area I have recently been experimenting in with some success. I use thin cord around the base of my cock and balls first, then the same cord between my ball sack and cock, before finally binding my balls into their separate sacks. It is complex to describe but, when it works, creates a seriously strong erection that doesn’t easily go away (for me!).

Set up to one side of the bed is an upright pole, with a second pole lashed to it, which in turn has the massager tied to its other end. This set up meant that the combined weight of the massager and pole ensured the massager heads had a firm but comfortable contact with my bound cock and balls… nice! The timer is set to start around 15min into my session and then run 9 times for 1min at intervals of either 2 or 3min before a final 2min long cycle.

 1 bed ready.png   

I tied my ankles to the spreader bar (approx. 1.2m apart) and then fastened the bar to the top of the bed headboard so that my legs where suspended quite high above the bed. Next I used some pre-prepared ropes to solidly bind my waist and upper thighs down to the bed – I especially love this type of bondage where my most intimate areas are fixed in place, helpless to avoid whatever might happen to them.

 2 what is wrong with it.png   

Damn, I can’t get the second camera to record, (it turned out that I’d not deleted the previous recording and the memory was full… what an idiot!), so after trying to start it I give up and get on with my bondage.

 3 more layers.png   

My mouth is aeady filled with a large ball, tied inside a knee-high which acts as the gag, and I add more knee-highs over the top now that I don’t need to clearly see what I’m doing which also make it impossible to work the gag out of my mouth. More knee-highs go over both hands (I like to add at least two on each, pulled up over my elbows to form encasing ‘mittens’ of nylon – adding to the challenge of getting free!).

 4 wrists.png     4a wrists.png   

Pulling the rope tight – My wrist bondage was an arrangement using the rope ratchet (a bargain purchase for £2.99 from ALDI) and ice cube inside a small detergent bag, passed through small metal ring (tied to the bed headboard) and my trusty coil of rope. The set up was such that I would pull on the ratchet rope, which would draw my hands up and above my head until the whole thing went tight and left me helpless. The ice would hold the ratchet in place until it melted and then I would be free.

 4b wrists.png   

Now I’m committed to my bondage for as long as it takes the ice to melt. I slip one wrist inside the rope coils, through the ‘noose’, and then add my other wrist and twist to tighten the coils up. Pulling on the ‘free’ end of the rope ratchet line I inextricably draw my hands over my head and towards the tether point away from the bed (actually higher than the bed and meaning my arms, like me legs, will be raised above the bed height). I find the noise of the ratchet somehow erotic as with each soft click I know I’m closer and closer to helplessness.

 4c wrists.png   

Finally the rope starts to tighten up, but still I pull and still it tightens more. The ‘noose’ is now starting to cinch my wrist coils together and pull my helpless hands upwards and stretch me further out on the bed.

 4d wrists.png     4e wrists.png   

I feel wonderfully exposed and helpless, but can’t resist pulling another cm of rope through the ratchet and really stretching out my arms. Finally I release the rope and I’m truly stuck.

 5 tight and teased.png   

Revelling in my bondage I test the devices holding me – I can waggle my legs a little but they are raised above the bed and I can do no more with then. My waist and thighs, along with my imprisoned, multiply bound, cock feel welded to the mattress and movement is almost impossible. My wrists and arms are stretched tightly away from my body and will remain so until the ice cubes melt and release the ratchet. This is so perfect I could almost cum, but I can’t and won’t until the massager works its magic.

Time always seems to pass so slowly while I’m stuck and the sudden vibration against my groin comes as a shock when the first cycle starts. Oh my, that’s good! I can feel the twin heads of the massager pressing against me through the many layers of nylon, lycra and latex. The bondage of my cock and balls, plus the encasement is creating a most beautiful barrier to the instant orgasm that my physical body is demanding.

I can’t cum - in my head I don’t want to cum, but I physically need to cum so much it hurts. My body, almost automatically, tries to thrust upwards against the weight of the massager but my bondage prevents more than the tiniest movement. My breathing is ragged and my mouth fills with saliva behind the ball-gag, dampening the nylon covering my face. I’m sweating with the un-asked for effort of straining to reach just that little bit further…. And then the massager stops…

My body is defeated but my mind is joyous – I have been tied and teased, almost to the brink but not quite far enough. I realise I’m sweating heavily and can feel the dampness along my back as it presses against the bed. Drool is now pooling in the corners of my mouth, dribbling into the sodden fabric of my encasement. I feel dirty, horny, wanton and a 100 other things that indicate I’m deep into the self-bondage zone. I’m trying to recall if my next tease is 1, 2 or 3 minutes away.

The next cycle makes me jump as it the massager bursts into life once again and this time I’m unable to reach the same level of arousal before the machine goes silent.

Disappointed that I didn’t achieve the euphoric state of the first cycle I start to fantasise about anything and everything that turns me on, and soon my ever present erection is recharged and I feel my cock straining and seeming to want to burst from its encasement.

The third cycle coincides with me trying to ride the butt-plug in my ass, working my anal muscles as hard as I can to mimic what I imagine the feeling of being fucked would be like (such a strong fantasy when I’m like this, even now, as I type, I’m aroused by the memory). I’m too deep into my fantasy to stop the feelings now and with an incredible burst of effort I cum, and cum and cum…

 6 desperate orgasm.png   

Physically and mentally I am spent and the silence of the room when the massager clicks off is broken only by my panting. I’m soaked with sweat, hot and exhausted – my arms and legs are still stretched outwards in their bondage but I feel so relaxed it’s an effort not to simply fall asleep.

But I’m still stuck and though the massager continues on its cycle of teasing I am no longer aroused enough to respond to its actions. I struggle to free myself and find that, after being twice interrupted by the soulless machine resting on my aching cock I can just reach the loose end of a wrist rope and tease it undone. I’m finally free.

What went well?

The position – it was a great position with my legs spread wide apart and lifted upwards, it all added to the delicious feeling of helplessness.

Being tied and teased – always a tricky one to get just right, with a very fine line between being too excited (you cum too quickly) and not stimulated enough (the vibration is annoying more than exciting). I think this session came very close to perfection, though it would have been 100% if I’d managed to last until the 10th and final cycle…. Ah, I can dream!

What could be improved?

I still managed to escape before the ice melted – this is simply not good enough and I need to find a more secure way of ‘forcing’ myself to stay bound. Why I always try to escape I never fully understand; after all, the entire plan was to be helpless and unable to free myself. I love rope for my bondage but perhaps the time has come to look again at cuffs or something less easy to undo?

I also wonder what might have happened if I had stayed bound for another 20-30 minutes (that’s the time I calculate it would have taken the massager to complete the programmed cycles). Could I have cum again? Would the vibrations have driven me mad? The more I think about it the more I want/need to try it out.

The massager is too big – it is a great device for triggering an orgasm, but it is cumbersome to set up in the way I really want to. I am seriously thinking about purchasing one of the ‘magic wand’ type massagers – does anyone have experience of using them in self-bondage? Do they work and can I use them with a mains timer?

Great session and wonderful climax to my ‘home alone’ weekend – I really want to be doing this again and soon.

(22 Aug 2013, 15:08 )madjack Wrote: Mains powered massager
I must buy one... I missed a cheap massager in Lidl - they quickly disappeared...
(22 Aug 2013, 15:08 )madjack Wrote: The timer is set to start around 15min into my session and then run 9 times for 1min at intervals of either 2 or 3min before a final 2min long cycle.
BTW, what timer do you use? THis is what I have: Never tried to setup short intervals.
(22 Aug 2013, 21:10 )Like Ra Wrote:
(22 Aug 2013, 15:08 )madjack Wrote: The timer is set to start around 15min into my session and then run 9 times for 1min at intervals of either 2 or 3min before a final 2min long cycle.
BTW, what timer do you use? THis is what I have: Never tried to setup short intervals.

I have two types

- this one has 10 programme settings
 ae235.jpg    - it has proved reliable so far

the second one is cheaper but I have had 2 fail so far (over 10 years)
 digital timer.jpg    - this only has 8 programmes, but used in a daisy chain you can extend that.

(23 Aug 2013, 06:59 )madjack Wrote: but used in a daisy chain you can extend that.
Aha! This is how you do it!
(23 Aug 2013, 08:44 )Like Ra Wrote:
(23 Aug 2013, 06:59 )madjack Wrote: but used in a daisy chain you can extend that.
Aha! This is how you do it!

Yes, plus a simple bit of Boolean algebra (you need to ensure the right 'gates' are open/closed along the chain for it to work).

Pain in the arse to set up - so I tend to stick with the 10 programme model for 90% of my massager/vibrator play. 10 is plenty enough and even with short on/off you quickly get to 30 minutes (simple 1min on and 2min off), plus how long you programme to start the cycles.

Errrmmm... there must be a simpler solution... Or is the "simplest" one is something like Arduino?
On the subject of programming a digital timer - here are some that I use when 'teasing' myself with a massager...

All sessions start at 00:00hrs (it's much easier this way - i.e. just set the time to 23:30 and you know there will be 30mins before the cycles start)

For a single timer with 8 programmes:

Timer On/Off
00:00 On
00:01 Off
00:05 On
00:06 Off
00:10 On
00:11 Off
00:15 On
00:16 Off
00:20 On
00:21 Off
00:25 On
00:26 Off
00:30 On
00:32 Off
00:35 On
00:38 Off

I start with 1min cycles but towards the end increase that to 2mins (because I hope to cum then).

Now this is where it gets more complicated - using two timers in series (daisy chain)....

For two timers with 8 programmes each

Timer 1 On/Off Timer 2 On/Off
00:00 On 00:00 On
00:01 Off 00:40 Off
00:05 On 00:50 On
00:06 Off 00:51 Off
00:10 On 00:55 On
00:11 Off 00:56 Off
00:15 On 01:00 On
00:16 Off 01:01 Off
00:20 On 01:05 On
00:21 Off 01:06 Off
00:25 On 01:10 On
00:26 Off 01:11 Off
00:30 On 01:14 On
00:31 Off 01:16 Off
00:38 On 01:18 On
01:21 Off 01:20 Off

Hmmm... format not good see PDF

Timer 1.pdf (Size: 91.62 KB )

Hope fully you can see that timer 2 has to switch on at the same time as timer 1 and stay on for most of the timer 1 cycles (keeping power on to the vibrator) for the same reason timer 1 has to use the last programme (8) to keep the power on for timer 2 to switch on/off.
So you have to lose one cycle (but you still get 15 over 1hr 20mins!)

I've also added a 'rest' period of 10mins (between 00:40 and 00:50)

Hopefully this makes sense 😁


That is nearly the same setup I use. Except I am using a venus 2000, ET 312, and a vibrator to make me cum "against my will"

best wishes


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