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MJ-SB07/2011 – Back in the bag!
This was a follow-on from MJ-SB06/2011 so most of my clothing was the same, I’d also got the video camera set up and recorded some great shots, but… something has corrupted the last15 minutes of the session (probably me!) and I can’t get the video to transfer into a format I can download (movie or screen shots – very puzzling), so sorry not many photos…. Yet!

80den nude nylon/spandex bodysuit
Leg Avenue long sleeved body stocking
Black Lycra body
8 Tan 15den knee-highs
Digital timer
large dildo
Ear plugs
Large plastic bag with breather pipe
Vacuum cleaner

The session:

I would like to say that this was fresh from my first session of the day, but considering I was already rather hot and sweaty that would be less than truthful! However it was less than 30mins after my first session, so I still wore nearly all of the same clothes; I had removed my high-heeled boots (well DUH! I wasn’t going to be able to wear them successfully inside the bag – the result would have been a short session and lots of holes!) and also swopped the long sleeved lycra top for another version, that I knew would be more suited to another task (read on…). As always I’d popped in the ear plugs once again, as much to protect my ear-drums form the vacuum as for the deprivation they created (which I do enjoy).

The biggest change was to replace the butt plug with a rather large silicon dildo. Now this is about as lifelike as I’ve seen, with all the ripples, veins and similar of a real cock. Brought for my GF as a ‘normal’ dildo she complained it was too large for ‘normal’ use, so I have secretly been ‘borrowing’ it from the back of the drawer it lies unused and unloved. I’ve used it before, but often it is simply too large for me to insert at the start of a session – but now I was suitably ‘warmed up’ it went in nice and easy, right up to the bulge at its base. The Lycra body held it nicely in place, allowing just a little movement in-out as I flexed by ass muscles and, moved around the room… though my plan was for something even more interesting to happen during the session Wink

Setting up was simple; I changed the timer cycles over so the I would get 1 minute on, 4 minutes off, then 5 minutes on and the cycle would stop. This gave me a minute of ‘testing’ to make sure my seals and breathing are ok, then a short wait (but long enough to get free or fix if there where any problems) before the next cycle started.

I’d removed my original gag, replacing it with 3 wide strips of duct tape through which I’d pushed a breathing tube just small enough to seal inside the breathing tube of the bag. I had also replaced my head covering with 2 old pairs of knee-highs that would be sacrificed for this session; I’d used some ladders nylon to insert the breather tube through so I could still be as encased as much as was possible.

Setting the timer to give me a 7 minute delay I quickly climbed into the bag and, as always, the first thing I did was connect the breather tube sealed in my gagged mouth to the breather tube in the bag – safety first, every time, no excuses! Satisfied it was firmly connected and my face was close to the film of plastic I set about sealing the bag. This is always a tricky exercise, hence my continued search for a better solution for my self bondage adventures. Lots of twisting, checking and finally the expert (ahem….) application of a trusty elastic band to the twisted mess of plastic and I was almost ready.

I had already decided how I would position myself; I lay down onto my side, the plastic creating a very erotic sensation as my nylon encased form slide around inside the bag, pulled a couple of spare knee-highs up and over each hand in turn and then used the trusty pre-prepared coil of rope to perform a simple binding of my wrists behind my back – I knew that although very easy to escape from at that moment they would be helpless as soon as the vacuum claimed me. For the short session I had positioned myself in a sort of rope-less hog-tie with ankles tucked upwards toward my ass.

Now I waited, it always seems to take so long from when I’m ready to when the vacuum kicks into life, unless that is, I’m in a panic and then it’s always too soon. This time it felt as if I was waiting for ever, with only my restricted breathing and the faintest rustle as nylon caressed plastic each time my chest moved. Then the muted roar of the cleaner shattered my musings and the air began to race past my body towards the awaiting tube tucked between my thighs.

As ever I find the 10-15 seconds that it takes for all the air to be sucked out of the bag the most frightening and exhilarating of the session. It begins with a cool, even cold, draft, which builds whilst nothing else seems to be happening, and then there is the first perceptible movement of the plastic, small and inconsequential at first but then quickly starting to tighten around my extremities. It always works upwards from around my legs, clasping my feet, ankles and thighs in its embrace before rushing upwards over my groin and chest. Then it seems to pause again before with a final effort my head is suddenly and abruptly clamped hard in an immovable skin. If I have set everything up correctly this last event can be incredibly powerful; with the plastic welding itself to my face, seeming to push into my eyes, ear and soft skin making me utterly deaf and blind.

This time the pressure was more relaxed and I could just sense a small flow of cold air being sucked in from outside, but this was a tease as I was utterly helpless below my shoulders. My legs had been bent further back towards my ass and the air was sucked from the bag and it drew itself tighter together. I was in as strict a hogtie as I’d ever experienced but without all the ropes and straps you would have normally needed.

The 60 seconds seemed to fly by and suddenly I felt the bag relax its grip and I was almost free again. I knew I only had 3 minutes to fix the leak above my head, but the plastic clung to me like wet fabric as I fiddled to free my ropes wrists, pull of the 4 knee-highs and fought with the defective seal, taking what seemed to be a lifetime to find the errant plastic and re-fix the elastic band in place. Thinking I must be almost out of time I raced to reapply the nylon over my hands and arms and bind my wrists once more. This time though I bound them in front of me, at groin level; I also settled myself into a slightly different position – I was still lying on my right side, but my legs where now straight and I had bent my body forwards as much as was comfortable.

I had just settled when the vacuum came again; this time the seal was perfect and I experienced one of the most intense sensations ever as the bag literally became a third skin over my nylon encased body. As I had planned the air was sucked completely from the bag causing the plastic to clamp itself hard down across every square cm of my form.

The long forgotten dildo now came into play; it was protruding slightly from my ass, with only the lycra crotch of my body holding it in but now the plastic was also trying to pull tight around my ass. The vacuum was not strong enough to force it inside me (which had been my original concept) but something else happened that was unexpected and almost as good. As I lay in my enforced double encasement I squeezed and relaxed my sphincter and the dildo slid inwards, making me start with surprise. I tried again and the action was repeated, and then I understood; it was the vacuum on the plastic that was doing it! It couldn’t overcome the friction of the dildo against my ass (despite the lube I’d applied) but it could ‘help’ it inwards if I relaxed sufficiently. The next minutes seemed to pass in a blur as I worked my hardest to ‘swallow’ the dildo further inside me. I realise that it could not have moved more than a few cm at the very most, but it felt like it was going much, much deeper!

Oh boy was I in a fantasy world for those magical 5 minutes!Big Grin

My hands where another wonder to me; the vacuum was so tight that I could not move even a finger – leaving my with a pair of perfectly working but totally useless masturbating devices within a few thin layers of nylon covered cock that was SCREAMING for attention! Unlike the frustrations of the massager earlier this became so unbelievably erotic as I lay bound and encased that I almost cried with frustration when the vacuum powered down.

What went well?

Oh the dildo sliding deeper and deeper in my ass… beyond question it was that!

And also the wonderful frustration of my helpless hands that where so close but so immovable

What could be improved?

I’ve got to work out a better way to make the seal – too often there is a small but annoying leak that causes a session to not quite reach the level it could have

I’m also wondering if I could make the vacuum hose much, much longer so that I can’t hear the machine start up – there is the indescribable tension and thrill of the moment the plastic draws tight. If I couldn’t hear the machine start up I think this would be even more intense.

A thinner but stiffer dildo and more lube – OK, I confess, my original fantasy was that the dildo would be ‘forced’ into me and I would be powerless to prevent the ravishment of my ass. What I achieved was amazing, but I think could be improved. I will try again with a lot more lube (but I do need to be very relaxed to start with – the dildo is as big as I think I can manage) but think a slimmer but firmer dildo may be a better idea….. I’m getting turned on by the thought as I type (oh my!)

Sort out what the hell is wrong with my PC/software so that I share some photos with you all!

Hope you enjoyed my retelling as much as I enjoyed the session!


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