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Los Angeles de Smith (leotards/swimsuits and white shiny pantyhose). Videos
Singers? Dancers? They where bad in the two things? Who cares? These girls made a real move on the Argentinian TV scene in the mid 80s. I really assume that they where much more than an inspiration; as soon I watch any of their shows, I run to my room to dress like they. I tried, and I was successful, to copy their sex and daring style.
They used incredible ultra high cut leotards, panties or dancer belts and many of their superb dresses where of lycra, although sometimes they were wearing pantyhose.
Here you are some fantastic videos. Enjoy!
Kisses. Gal






Hey, don't miss this fantastic girls!!!
Hi Gal6070, these girls look like you 😉 Who was the source of inspiration? 😁
(24 Oct 2011, 16:51 )Like Ra Wrote: Hi Gal6070, these girls look like you 😉 Who was the source of inspiration? 😁

Oh my! They still ARE my inspiration! They were on TV shows in the superb eighties!
Those little thongs were a fatal attraction for defining my female clothes style. They were very bad singers, but that was not at all important!
True, you can always turn the sound off 😉
I'm a bit reminded of 'Hot Gossip':



and Pam Stevenson's Kate Bush spoof 'Oh England, my leotard':



Very very sexy. Good finds!!!
Kate's original video (just for interest):



Also, I'd like to point out here that that Kate is the single most sexiest woman in the entire history of the planet Earth.

Thank you for your attention.


I adore Kate Bush. I've got all her CD's. My first Kate's album (on vinyl, BTW) was "Never forever" with this song ("Babooshka").
Quote:My first Kate's album (on vinyl, BTW) was "Never forever" with this song ("Babooshka").

The gatefold?


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