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Lockable / Chastity Pantyhose

Have anyone tried this Lockable Pantyhose as self bondage or on your Wife or Girlfriend as in BDSM foreplay before sex?

I use a length of waist chain (actually a doggy chain measure to the victims waist length) and attach a mini PadLock in between the pantyhose waist band and panty area by utilizing the stainless steel shackle hook to pierce gently through the nylon without causing the pantyhose to ladder or run.

I worn it over a day to office this way to test the functionality to my surprised it did not obstruct any of my toilet functions. I just pull down the pantyhose over my tight as I sit on the toilet bowl to shit. To pee while standing, I just pull out my dick to the side of the pantyhose opening clearance of the waist belt and it is done.

It would be nice to play a pre-sex game with your wife or girlfriend by getting her to wear this Lockable Pantyhose Waist Chain PadLock in the morning before she goes to work and when she is back, ask her what is her experience felt, then followed with a romantic night starts off with the doggy style on her from her back with the Lockable Pantyhose still lock onto her until the night is done for release later. It would be exciting experience trust me!

Let's share your experience!


Hi again!

Today is my second session of the Lockable Pantyhose bondage. I discover something new along the way as I am wearing an ultra sheer skin color pantyhose with sandle toe design made from China. This new pantyhose design has two seam sew across the back of the panty portion so that it does not over stretch due to sitting down as inherited by big butt size on women.

I found it to be very uncomfortable to wear it this way, therefore I turn the pantyhose around and wear it backwards. The front single seam is lined up behind my butt and the double seam is line up along side of my groin. Which makes it easy for me to milk my member with ease.

Next, I also found that the hole on the nylon made for the padlock is attached to the pantyhose seems to grew larger hole as it over stretch everytime I goes to toilet for natures call. Therefore, I now pierced the padlock shackle hook through and in between the pantyhose elastic waist band right in the middle.

So far it seems to stay good that the nylon hole where the padlock shackle hook goes in between still maintain the small initial size opening. This is important to prevent the pantyhose from any runs and ladder.

I worn it over a day now in the office under my pants and no one notices the difference. I can only notice a slight bulge of the waist chain pattern cauced by my pants fibric stretch over the contours of my butt each time I sit down.

Overall it is very discrete to wear this Lockable Pantyhose for a male fetish like me as a self bondage game. It is much more challenging for "my other half" wearing it through the whole day as well since morning before she goes to work until we meet up after work before our fun time session begins for the day soon after dinner tonight.

To add on... I can even shower with the lockable pantyhose in place and could slowly take it off from both my feet with slight difficulty but the pantyhose waist band still attach to the waist chain for drying up with a hair dryer before I wearing it back again for the continue session of my locked pantyhose endurance.

Wish us luck... Let's share your experience if you have any?

I wouldn't call it "pantyhose chastity", but rather "lockable pantyhose". See

Now lets evaluate, why is this bondage technique or BDSM contraption called "Chastity Pantyhose" ?

Eventually the reasoning behind it is to ensure that the victim wears the pantyhose all the time until authorised released by the master with the key to the padlock waist chain attached to the pantyhose belt for durability and security.

Now the question arises... If it is to be call Pantyhose Chastity, then the inside tube of the waist band should be threaded with the entire length of the waist band and lock with a padlock at both opening ends at the pantyhose waist belt opening to ensure that the wearer have no way of pulling the pantyhose down the waist.

This would be a very bad idea when natures call to the toilet. I was once stuck in this situation which cause me to pee through my pantyhose because I forgot to bring the key to the waist band padlock with me.

But the same bondage technique could be applied to the Pantyhose Chastity for Sheer Crotchless Garter Belt Suspender Pantyhose by first threading the waist chain belt with a padlock in between the waist belt elestic tube which you need to cut an opening in the front of the belt near both sides of the seam.

Once lock in place at the victims waist there is no way or removal without the key to the padlock which is not required as the pussy and ass is fully exposed for natures call or for sexual activity. The idea is to have the victim wear the sexy suspender pantyhose all the time.

The same idea also applies to Full Body Stocking Chastity which will thread a neck chain with a padlock in between the bodystocking neck band opening. Once lock into place the bodystocking stays on the victim. The only exposed opening area is at the crotch area, both hands a the wrist and the head at the neck band which is lock with a chain and padlock.

To review further I have been wearing this locked pantyhose since yesterday Sunday night after shower till this moment which is Monday evening. I can only be released with the key frozen in between the ice cube which is at home when I get back at night just before shower. To my surprised this pantyhose are quite durable and have not ladder or run yet. Here are images of myself locked in the Glossy Ultra Sheer Lycra Pantyhose with invincible transparent sandal toe design.

Let's share your experience if you have any?


I got my self showered with the locked pantyhose just now and got my self dried using a hair dryer while still locked in the pantyhose. The results is amazing how quick the pantyhose dried even I am wearing it but the waist band part took a little longer to dry. I decide to unlock my self and inspect if the pantyhose condition. Amazingly it does not have any ladder or runs but it did formed the shape of my legs which I guess is due to prolong preassure while wearing.

I decide to change to a new pair of lighter skin color shade sheer pantyhose after shower and relock myself again. This time I sealed the padlock key hole with a masking tape and written on it the current time and date stamp when I was locked, this is to see how long I have to endure this locked pantyhose on without release from now onwards. I kept the keys in my closet and headed to bed as tomorrow is a busy day at work again.

As you can see the padlock is now double sealed with scotch tape over the marked masking tape for security tagging.

P/S: I hope not to get any smart ideas later by putting a few drop of super glue in the key hole of the padlock which may result in me stuck for good in this locked pantyhose ;-O

Let's share your experience if you have any?

Nice pantyhose - shimmering with sheer toes. What brand? DoYeah?
Dear LikeRa,

The brand name is a China product...This shimmering pantyhose is the most durable I have worn so far all this while in the market and it is almost invisible to my natural fair skin tone color and I love the sheer toes effect when worn with sandal slippers.

---BOF BarCode---
RM 10.00
---EOF BarCode---

Light Sheer Support Sandle Toe
Style No: R3200
Color: 208 (Light) / 209 (Dark)
Size: M-XL

Glossy Transparent Sheer Support Sandle Toe
Style No: R3205
Color: 208 (Light) / 209 (Dark)
Size: M-XL

See attach images for both ultra sheer pantyhose product packaging cover... 😉


The material is so sheer and it fits like second skin, I did not even realise wearing it this morning after awakening from bed... until I when out to my garden to do the morning exercise routine before work in my shorts. Going to the toilet was easy with no hassel at all.

Amazingly non of my neighbours realize me wearing it... I guess it must have fused together to become part of my second skin without the feeling of nylon fibric over my locked pantyhose legs.

As you can see the padlock is stamped and sealed at the keyhole which is locked to the pantyhose waist belt. I will wear it for as long as possible without any attempt of removal at any point in time. Which includes taking shower with it and drying it with a hair dryer while still wear the locked pantyhose... Very challenging chastity pantyhose endurance indeed... ;-O

Just my crazy idea... I wonder it would be wise to apply some super glue over eight points on both my thigh to bond the pantyhose to my skin temporary for long duration lets say one week or more. Is there a safe removal method of the super glue over skin and pantyhose?


Accidently and uninternationally I bump into a sharp corner of my desk just now after shower resulting in a small torn hole in my nylon followed by a small ladder or runs in my newly changed 20 hours endurance locked sheer color 208 pantyhose. 😟

Therefore I had to unlock myself from the currently locked pantyhose. And immediately I revert to wear the shimmer sheer pantyhose color 209 that I worn first time which is still in good shape with no ladder.

I got aroused just now and decided to make a hole at the crotch area for my circumcised dick to stick out through the lock pantyhose to masterbed myself.

Again, I got too ambitious and added a second bigger size padlock in the same hole with the existing smaller size padlock for double security.

I guess I will omit the idea of Super Glue pantyhose bondage challenge, as anyone know by now those strong glue will bond for good on any surface and would not come off easily, I think I will not take that risk. 🤔

To make it closer to "chastity" I can suggest to wear a lockable (or at least on bolts) cuff worn on the base of your penis over pantyhose. This is one of my ideas I haven't realized yet. Need a suitable cuff...

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