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Katy Perry in latex, pantyhose, stockings, catsuits, leotards, etc.
Katy Perry in latex, pantyhose, stockings, catsuits, leotards, swimsuits, high heels, bondage, etc.
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This time it's not about Katy, but about the girl in a mermaid zentai:

katy_perry-221-with_a_girl_in_a_mermaid_zentai.jpg thumbnail   

BTW, out of curiosity, does anybody know if she's wearing latex tights or latex leggings here:

Interesting that she chooses latex for presidential campaigns:

katy_perry-222-latex_dress.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-223-latex_dress.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-224-latex_dress.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-225-latex_dress.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-226-latex_dress.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-227-latex_dress.jpg thumbnail   
(18 Nov 2011, 03:39 )Like Ra Wrote: Katy Perry in a latex dress on The Graham Norton Show - BBC One

Somewhere around 1:07 in - what has she got on her right leg?

Ah, latex(?) leggings:

katy_perry-228-latex_leggings.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-229-latex_leggings.jpg thumbnail   
(07 Nov 2016, 00:08 )madjack Wrote: Somewhere around 1:07 in - what has she got on her right leg?
Ah... I remember. This bandage cover stitches. But I do not remember how she got wounded.
Quote: Updated: 10:38 GMT, 23 June 2010

After cutting her leg during a dancing injury, it's no wonder Katy Perry is looking a little paler than usual.

Performing on Canadian TV show Live @ Much last night, the washed-out singer was sporting a new accessory as she performed her latest single California Gurls - a large surgical stocking.

The 26-year-old cut her leg open after falling over during an energetic dance session at a Toronto nightclub on Sunday night.

Bandage chic: Katy Perry performed on Canadian TV show Live @ Much in a latex dress, Chanel boots and a bandage around her right calf

She ended up receiving a painful 17 stitches in her leg following the incident, which took place hours after she performed at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

Despite her injury, Perry battled on and put in an impressive performance yesterday in a white latex dress and Chanel candy-striped peep-toe boots.

Writing on her Twitter page before her performance yesterday, she said: '17 stitches later... Don't make fun of my dance moves tomorrow. That's what got me here in the 1st place! Thanks for the souvenir Canada.

'Thinking about getting a candy cane walker made for this performance coming up... I will be expecting YOU to dance for me, okay?'
Katy Perry in black pantyhose:

katy_perry-230-black-pantyhose.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-231-black-pantyhose.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-232-black-pantyhose.jpg thumbnail    katy_perry-234-black-pantyhose.jpg thumbnail   

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