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Interesting devices
In an old box, I found a very nifty buckle type, that I haven't seen for years: Stegschnalle,

Security depends on the friction of the belt to itself. Probably not suitable for unescable wrist or ankle ties but good for decorative strapping or to keep things in place (for example a monoglove or wrist cuffs for a belt-straightjacket). Lifting the side of the frame where the strap comes out, opens it.

TENAX Sperrverschlüsse 20 mm -

I know this as a method to secure straps on guitars. It is closed like a stud fastener, In order to open it, you have to pull the button on the upper part. Good guitar strap fasteners are much more expensive but they are extremely reliable. It reminds me a bit of those magnetic pin locks used on hospital restraints. I have no ideas for pratical use yet.
Both links lead to the same page: Knöpfe & Verschlüsse » Gürtelschnallen » Gürtelschnallen.

Probably you meant:
A good thread, BTW. Sometimes you see something what could possibly be used for selfbondage, but you do not know how (yet). I used to have a document with various devices (ASCII art) but without any description on how to use them. Instead the document said: use your own imagination.

Unfortunately, I can't find this doco anymore. It was ~15 years ago when I found it on a bondage maillist.
I should have mentioned that the links lead to an overview page and you have to find the item there. for that reason, I put the item name before the link both times.

There are a lot of "harmless" devices that can be used in (self-) bondage and I think at a certain level, it is important to rule out those, that aren't predictable in the behaviour that is needed (such as electrical timers that leave you trapped on power failure or the "buckle device" that I developped). Therefore a good compilation, of items, that actually work as intended, is really helpful.
I started experimenting with "string stoppers", the small plastic pieces that are often attached to hood strings.

I want to use a similar device for the lacing of a single glove and perhaps on other strings as well. Unfortunately, the usual ones are a bit too weak. Perhaps I will try to "sharpen" the edge of the stopper part itself to give it more grip. But that would have to be one-sided sharpening, because pulling in one direction should be just as it is now, the other way should be harder.

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