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DIY electromagnet based time-lock devices
DIY electromagnet based time-lock devices
And here's a nice video on how to use a battery powered electromagnet for self-bondage:

This is what I would like to DIY, but I wonder where he got the magnet case and the round plate from?

(27 Jun 2016, 13:14 )Like Ra Wrote: This is what I would like to DIY, but I wonder where he got the magnet case and the round plate from?

From fire security sites (and other security related businesses). You can buy these without any problem. Just check they are strong enough (or not too strong, depending 😋 )
You can find them in all sorts and sizes
That one will hold about 190kg 😉
The magnets is not a problem. There are thousands on Ali or eBay. But I can't find a matching metal plate - round in this case. Also, the case, in which the magnet sits, has "walls" higher than the magnet, what makes sliding the plate off the magnet not possible.
Ive looked at these do... my plan was to use plumbing pipe..
get a magnet that will fit inside a piece of waste pipe (approx 50mm)
Solvent weld an endcap on one end and use this to both secure the anchor bolt from inside out, and the magnet from outside in.
Leave the pipe a bit longer and you have your anti slide
(27 Jun 2016, 18:23 )ltxrob Wrote: my plan was to use plumbing pipe
Another great idea!!!

And this is what I found on eBay: electromagnetic lock, or electromagnetic lock, or on Aliexpress (cheaper) electromagnetic lock


70kg should be enough, and this construction can be used for cuffs (the magnet on one cuff, the plate in another).
  • Basic Wall Mount Door Holder  YD-604
  • Dimensions:Apprx. 100Lx70Wx40H(mm)    
  • Holding Force: 70kg(150Lbs)    
  • Voltage: 12/24VDC+10%
  • Current Draw: 12V/100mA     24V/50mA     
  • Surface Temp: ≤+20  

I think I'm in. But what voltage to choose? 12V or 24V?
There is another version, but I do not see any descriptions on what's inside the box:

And here's 9v battery box with a switch  to match the 12V version of the electromagnet.

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