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Collection of Teasing devices and their Uses
I would like to collect types of teasing devices and methods here. And I mean anything that makes you more aware of your defenselessness during bondage - no less, no more. Enemas are a bit beyond that, I think. And gags, butt plugs and blindfolds are just there, basically additional bondage.

So, typical teasers would be vibrators, light electro shocks (stronger ones would be torture, not teasing), the sudden appearance of a dog that likes you very much, a harmless spider on the wall, someone tickling you, etc. - anything that would bother you slightly while you cannot do anything (or much) about it.

Recently I watched the video from this post: I doubt, that a man can have as much effect from a vibrator but today, I found a vibrator that I had gotten for free with an order sometimes ago. My first tries weren't a great success: I switched it on and put it into my pants but it didn't do much to my nerves. I also tried various positions, to no avail. I didn't try it in the rear because I am not exactly comfortable with that idea. I might eventually... I will try it again, experiment with tighter pants and positions. Vibrators are certainly not meant to arise men, but perhaps there is still some use. Suggestions to try?

If anything works with that vibrator, I would like to have one that switches on and off randomly.

Electricity with low energy could be another nice teaser. Of course, this should come with a randomizer or interval switch to make it short surprises. It should not really hurt but make you jump - less than a cattle fence.

A gag (or butt plug) that inflates and deflates at random would be kind of interesting too. Of course it would need very good monitoring, it should never be inflated too much, not even during the worst possible scenario. I have played with gags and found out, that even when the nose is free, you can choke on it, if it is too large.

Ok, this is not meant to be my collection, everybody should contribute to this. And while vibrators are really easy to find, it could be interesting to post shops for electronic gadgets, remote controls and other things.
What you could try for example is catching and releasing a musketoo in your room...

I hogtied myself once and to my utter frustration a musketoo kept circling around my head. I was quite relieved when I could free myself.
I've used several different electrical shocking game devices, most are battery run and work great, I run some wires under my pantyhose connected to the device and get a good shock. Go to google and search "electrical shocking games", lot to chose from.

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