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How to improve the site navigation
Please let me know if you have any ideas.
Back to the old question. I've already asked about the self-bondage stuff. But now I mean the global navigation. Is the drop-down menu useful at all? What about the context-dependent left menu?

I'm looking into CSS3 to replace the JavaScript based menu with pure CSS/HTML one. And this is the perfect time to redesign the whole menu structure.
Hmm not easy to answer ....

Maybe getting the whole page to web2.0 may be an interesting goal to reach...

Can't make it work properly. And to create the same functionality I will need to use JS anyway. Mmmm... still experimenting...
Updated Self-Bondage sections: Tales, General, Tech and Ideas. Still a bit messy and not clearly defined, but at least more materials are directly reachable now.

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