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Site rendering on Apple devices

Most of the widely accepted video formats can not be played on iPhones, because Apple refuses to add corresponding codecs, that exist on other platform for years.

To view such video files on iDevices you can install "PlayerXtreme Media Player" (there is a free version) or "Free HD Video Converter Factory" apps.

To make a video playable on stupid Apple boxes (but not in the browsers so far, you have to download first), the following must be used:

Format: MP4
Video encoder: libx264 (h264)
Profile: Baseline
Level: 3.0 (for maximum compatibility)
Audio codec: AAC

Additional option: -movflags +faststart (for quick web-loading)
Moved from

And I see a big black wall.
(11 Dec 2018, 15:23 )Tinker D Wrote: And I see a big black wall.
Shift Reload? Or just click on this black wall.
(11 Dec 2018, 15:23 )Tinker D Wrote: And I see a big black wall.

On a previous video of mine you complained as well with the same annoying attitude while it was working for everybody else. Seeing this as a first reaction makes me question why I even bother filming and editing my session to post them on this site.
(11 Dec 2018, 17:25 )Anne Wrote: On a previous video of mine you complained as well with the same annoying attitude
It's not addressed to you @Anne, but to me. If there is a "big black wall", that means JavaScript does not work correctly and it does not load the mp4 player. Something is not working like it should. Culmor always blamed me even if the weather was not "correct" 😁

(11 Dec 2018, 17:25 )Anne Wrote: it was working for everybody else
There is another thread, where it was mentioned that pornhub videos are not loading. And it's still a mistery what caused that. An ISP provider? Parental filters? AdBlocker? Timeouts? Browser bugs? ...?

(11 Dec 2018, 17:25 )Anne Wrote: why I even bother filming and editing my session
He wants to see your work, but can't, while everybody else can. What do you think is more frustrating? 😁
(11 Dec 2018, 15:23 )Tinker D Wrote: And I see a big black wall.

The video loads no problem for me.  What browser are you using?
(11 Dec 2018, 15:23 )Tinker D Wrote: And I see a big black wall.
I have one idea how to reduce the possible JS timeouts, but it requires quite a programming and testing. At least two full days with no guaranteed result😕 For now, I would suggest to reload or to use direct links - you should be able to click the link right under the black rectangle:

If you still don't see the video, I wonder if the proper video codecs are installed on your device.
What I saw using an Apple IPhone 6s
Was a black wall.
It started with 00:00——————-00:00

And it was to Ra. Not to you.

As for why bother? No, please post more.

Ok? Friends?
Tried your link, Ra.
Still no go. Checking coding on this phone and settings.
Seems in order, but not sure.
(13 Dec 2018, 03:20 )Tinker D Wrote: What I saw using an Apple IPhone 6s
Aha! I think Apple does not support webm. I've got one iPhone.... Let me check..

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