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Lady GaGa

Very intresting to watch, not as exteme as Rammsteins pussy, but not that far away. It has all a fetishist like me like to see in a music video, men in stockings, latex and some (sadly fake) bondage. Definetly see this video, its very Lady Gaga.
Guess what? I'm composing an article on that video ;-)
In my opinion Lady GaGa deserves a dedicated thread.
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Do not confuse leather with latex, heel-less shoes or Lady Gaga at JFK
These things happen, demotivators again or Lady GaGa and her weird shoes
Lady GaGa by Nick Knight
Transparent latex catsuit and Lady Gaga
Lady GaGa going to the gym in New-York wearing fishnets, basque and stiletto heels:

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lady_gaga-fishnets-30.jpg    lady_gaga-fishnets-31.jpg    lady_gaga-fishnets-32.jpg   
Lady GaGa in fishnets playing John Lennon piano: lady_gaga-piano-29.jpg   
Lady GaGa at Vancouver airport (latex? studde dress, Christian Louboutin studded high heels). The media thinks that it's a leather dress. I do not agree.

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lady_gaga-rubber-dress-33.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-34.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-35.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-45.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-46.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-vancouver-47.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-vancouver-48.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-vancouver-49.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-vancouver-50.jpg    lady_gaga-rubber-dress-vancouver-51.jpg   
And this is a classic: Lady GaGa in a red latex dress meets The Queen:

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Lady Gaga, latex and torn pantyhose.

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lady_gaga-toilet-52.jpg    lady_gaga-in-latex-catsuit-62.jpg    lady_gaga-on-stage-torn-pantyhose-60-sm.jpg   
OK, these are duplicated pics from the 'Ladyboy' thread but IM(NS)HO they're both quite lovely so I'm copying them here to avoid them getting lost. Sue me.

Lady GaGa visits the 'Calypso Cabaret' ladyboy show in Bangkok and upstages them all (in rather poor form I think, a bit like a bridesmaid out-dressing the bride Confused )

14uakqb.jpg    gZ3Uol.jpg   

Ahem, more than a touch of Patsy Stone about that hair too Wink A very astute woman. Or a woman with very astute advisers, IDK.

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