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Beauty. Is it a fetish or a mind-state-changer?
Have you got/seen photos (or drawings) that make you exclaim "Oh! So cute!"? Can you post them here?

They should not necessarily be erotic, sexual or contain any other fetish elements like latex, bondage, etc. So everything is accepted in this thread - girls, boys, women, men, old people, young people, but the images must have this Cute! effect and they must keep you staring at the photo dreamingly smiling.

I wonder what these words mean for different people 😉
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have no doubt about that at all. Some women I see on tv, i say i think they are gorgeous, i am told there must be something wrong with my eyes, but lf a woman has a face that is not an every day face she has points in my eyes for being her and not a carbon copy, if you can understand what i mean, Paul
Sorry if I am a bit late in getting to this, but I have not had time to stray out of the self bondage area much.... until today.

Well, I think that beauty is really a fetish. it is why everything thinks of beauty in a different way and it is what makes it good. Beauty is different for everyone, their is not 1 defined image of beauty as someone will always think that it can be improved, a bit too much make-up, not the right cloths, so on and so forth. It is really a aim for perfection that can never be achieved... as when you think you have got it, then someone else disagrees.

Also as you have pointed out lots in your blog posts (been reading some today) your not sure if you sometimes like girls because of how are are or what their wearing... This I think is natural as it is your fetish that is driving you to think that the person is beautiful , and it mainly realise on what they are wearing. I am like this as well, but trust me it is worst... At school over half of the girls in my year wear tights and are short (I personally like short or small females) and sometimes it can be hard to do school work. But the thing that you have to remember is that beauty is not all on their appearance, this is defently the case at school.

But even then, lets take it a step backwards, to what is considered to be cute actions, they are different for all people, for some people it is like in amine where they are really out going, making large un needed or not nessary movements to show of and get attention, or it will be the opesit where they are are sitting or moving about with limbs crossed and you cant help but to think of them in that way. This is a direct link to how fetishes can affect our views on what is cute and on what you mind would like to look at or see.
Found this photo on eBay. Is she real? (Mmm... or ... is it "he"?)

eBay: Ao no Exorcist Okumura Rin

What can be better than a beautiful redhead? A beautiful redhead in latex!

Russian beauty

Today I grabbed my daughter's study book and found an interesting chapter about "beauty investigations", or what is considered pretty. Very interesting reading! And here's a related link, referenced in the book:
Another photo that makes me wonder how real it is.

Oh, those beauties...

michelle_lewin-01.mp4 (Size: 2.14 MB )

michelle_lewin-02.mp4 (Size: 9.71 MB )

michelle_lewin-03.mp4 (Size: 5.37 MB )


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