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Background sounds
Various files to enhance the effect (binaurals, beats, etc.)
I like the effect of these files (a combination of noises, binaurals, beat, etc). Just add the body Wink

15 min:

.mp3   15_minute_Background_Binaural_(Binaural).mp3 (Size: 20.6 MB / Downloads: 19)

20 min:

.mp3   20_minute_Background_Binaural_(Binaural).mp3 (Size: 27.47 MB / Downloads: 18)

Do not listen to these files if you need to stay alert.

(Originally by Calimore: and )
Try this one:

Very interesting sensations indeed.

Carrier Frequency - 111Hz
Binaural Frequency - 5Hz
Monaural tone of 38Hz
Binaural beats explanation and gradual descent:

The "beginner" version:

The "advanced" version (listening to this one ATM):

The most interesting was the theta range. You listen, think clearly, but you can't move.

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