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Background hypnotic sounds
Various files to enhance the effect (binaurals, beats, etc.)
I like the effect of these files (a combination of noises, binaurals, beat, etc). Just add the body 😉

15 min:

15_minute_Background_Binaural_(Binaural).mp3 (Size: 20.6 MB )

20 min:

20_minute_Background_Binaural_(Binaural).mp3 (Size: 27.47 MB )

Do not listen to these files if you need to stay alert.

(Originally by Calimore: and )
Try this one:


Very interesting sensations indeed.

Carrier Frequency - 111Hz
Binaural Frequency - 5Hz
Monaural tone of 38Hz
Binaural beats explanation and gradual descent:

The "beginner" version:


The "advanced" version (listening to this one ATM):

The most interesting was the theta range. You listen, think clearly, but you can't move.
Guys, I'm experimenting with binaurals, and this combination I find quite interesting. Could you please describe what you feel?

288L+284R.mp3 (Size: 22.89 MB )

10min of two sine waves here.
I gave the two sine waves a try but I felt anxious, very odd.
(21 Oct 2017, 23:46 )wilsd Wrote: I gave the two sine waves a try but I felt anxious, very odd.
Did you feel a vibration in a particular part of your body? Or did your attention moved to any part of your body? For how long were you listening? It takes time for brain to entrain.
Just in case, you must use ear-phones to experience the 4Hz binaural.
Not having had the chance to try this I'm curious.

Is the idea that binaural sound will help you sleep or at least achieve a very relaxed state?

The brief listen I've managed is very reminiscent of the 'hum' I always associate with a long car/train journey - when I know I can fall asleep quiet easily.

Can this work using earphones?  I've always found them to be irritating at best and uncomfortable on occasions.


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