From Cisco to Shiny Leggings

This is the whole story:

  1. I went to the Cisco web-site to check the Release Notes for the latest VPN client (yeah, I know, very boring beginning)
  2. On the main page there was a commercial featuring a girl wearing either shorts or a mini-skirt and two men. The ad was saying: “Digital Cribs. See how people are using technology at home…”
  3. Of course I could not resist and clicked on the girl
  4. The commercial showed Meghan Asha (Parikh)  and how she uses the latest technology virtually everywhere.
  5. There were some scenes with dancing girls dressed in shiny leggings, shorts, leotards etc.
  6. I Googled for Meghan Asha and found her official site
  7. And on her site I found this video

Lip Dub! Dancing in the Streets from NonSociety on Vimeo.