Very colourful and very shiny pantyhose. Are they real?

Yes, I know, the best model’s friend is PhotoShop. But I’m curious how much of these The America’s Next Top Model promotion photos are retouched or redrawn?

Some of these pantyhose look like they are made out of latex. Not that I complain, I just want to know where I can buy them 😉

See 15 photos (or drawings?) below.

Via fire_81

8 thoughts on “Very colourful and very shiny pantyhose. Are they real?”

  1. would love to know where to buy these to love all the colors would look great on I need a pair or more I love wearing anything glossy I need more colors to wear I have these that I will post but never have enough


  2. got these from ebay seller was madame fantasy never said the brand but I would bet they are CDR Uppsala if you want to check them out you can also go to madame they have many colors to choose from I have 6 different colors black, red, hot pink, turquoise and purple

  3. would say CDR Uppsala got them off ebay seller madame fantasy I have red, black ,turquoise, hot pink, purple or type madame they have many colors

  4. web search look at madame fantasy or ebay same name seller I would say CDR Uppsala brand it didn’t say

  5. took these of myself with a digital camera set to 10 seconds stood and waited for it to take the picture

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