Zentai and plastic self-mummification

Interesting video of self-bondage-ball-mummification in a zentai suit. I doubt you can do this alone, but the attempt is very entertaining.


2 thoughts on “Zentai and plastic self-mummification”

  1. On the contrary, you can do exactly what the person in this video did alone, which is tho say you can leave one arm free.

  2. I know a couple of ideas that have been posted on the internet. One might actually work, for a simple full body wrap:

    Stack a couple of water crates or similar, up to your own height and wrap cling film around it, as much, as you will need for covering yourself. Now wrap yourself while slowly moving around the crates. While people claim, that even empty crates are stable enough, full ones certainly are. The special trick of this method is that you have the film going up and down as you need it.

    I would pre-wrap my arms, legs and torso to create a surface where the wrap can stick nicely. And the arm wraps will make it even harder to move the arms.

    Another method is a wire from the ceiling to the floor, which holds the roll of cling film. You also walk around the wire in order to wrap yourself, but you need to take care of the position of the roll. The disatvantage is obvious: Manipulating the roll once your arms are wrapped, is difficult. The advantage: You don’t need to guess how much film should be at which height.

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