Female to male transition, drag kings or demotivators of the day.

MTF, m2f (or male-to-female) transitions, drag queens, TV/CD etc… All these terms sound very familiar. Men wear tights/pantyhose/swimsuits/high heels (or fight for the right to wear them, ha!), but most men have no idea that the opposite also exists.

Girls play boys. As a joke or a prank, during the Halloween, school or cosplay parties, or even for the money. Drag queens, drag kings.. The former have more “visibility”, the latter have in my opinion “less entertainment capabilities.”

Let’s have a look step by step.



So far so good and so cute. But now the end result – a drag kings performance (you can also search youtube for drag kings, if you want more examples):

I always knew that only a few TV/CD m2fs look gorgeous. It’s like the rare gems, the rare beauties, the rare “exclusive something”. Many more are just pathetic parodies on women. But in the case of f2m you look from “the other side” back. Is it what we look like? Is it what women see? Do women feel the same when they see a male crossdresser?

Or probably I simply prefer women to men? Or rather women with a cock to men without? 😉

Welcome to the demotivators….

2 thoughts on “Female to male transition, drag kings or demotivators of the day.”

  1. Many male cross dressers simply look ridiculous and I doubt that women would think otherwise. Female cross dressers are the same, I specifically hate Charly Chaplin outfits. The first two contestants in the last video are quite convincing, I wouldn’t fall in love with them though, they are too good 🙂 The first one is cute but I’d rather have her without facial hair – and she is definitely a cross-painter, not a cross-dresser.

    Drag-Royals can be amazing artists, but I am not specifically attached to watching this art.

    As for myself, I do cross-dressing and I have a fetish for wearing female clothes – two different things. I can’t enjoy either, if a look in the mirror is embarassing and well, this is sort of very hard to explain, perhaps I shouldn’t even try…

  2. My dear “Miss Strappado” you need to embrace you and the female in you just let it out and do not worry what other people think. They are clearly single minded and if you allow them to win they will stifle you and your happiness. You know there is nothing more exhilarating than when you dress so go ahead and explore your fantasies…..

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