Movies under the loop, bondage in movies,
Shu Qi in bondage, pantyhose on Shu Qi

Bound Shu Qi in shiny pantyhose in TransporterHow often when you watch a film do you exclaim mentally:”Do they think that we are idiots? They have no idea what they are talking about! Why didn’t they hire a consultant or at least looked in the school books? What an ignorance… Oh, my… Just look at that!!! Do they believe that we will just eat it and ask for more???”.

Errmmm… I think they do, and I think we will… In some cases Mythbusters return the general public back to the sanity proving that the absurd we see is indeed absurd and cannot happen in real life. Usually it goes about the special effects the duo is more than familiar with, but absurd can be find not in just special effects…

I saw the picture on the left many years ago, but did not see the film. The photo always kept troubling my mind. Ridiculously “bound” girl in thin sheer shiny pantyhose. Both things were banging my head with question marks:

  • Is she indeed wearing pantyhose in the film?
  • Is this kind of bondage considered by Hollywood inescapable enough ?

The photo was obviously made specially for promotion, and supposed to be “fake”. But I need to watch the film first, don’t I?

And it happened last night. Here’s what I’ve found out

C’mon guys, please be reasonable…

Nevertheless, I like Jason Statham and adore Shu Qi 😉

One thought on “Movies under the loop, bondage in movies,
Shu Qi in bondage, pantyhose on Shu Qi”

  1. I worked in movies before, and pantyhose are worn by a lot of actresses to do certain scenes. PH are worn for the same reason they put make up on people’s face, it has a lot to do with lighting. PHs show a better glare than bare legs, otherwise you would have to tap some powder on womens legs.

    If you watch movies, there are many times women are in bed, and they keep there feet under the blanket. That is usually a scene where they are wearing hose.

    I’m not sure why they do not acknowledge PHs being worn, as they usually hide it.

    It’s also funny that actresses will wear PHs throughout filming, but will be wearing stockings in sex scenes.

    You are correct. The last photo you mention is not in the film is actually a publicity shot taken on set that is used for promotional purposes.

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