Stella van Gent. Waiting for the train. Part II

stella-20 Fetish office style: latex suit, high heels and seamed pantyhose See Part I.

This is the second part from the “fetish office style” set made by Stella van Gent from Redoptics


5 thoughts on “Stella van Gent. Waiting for the train. Part II”

  1. Nice pics but a word of warning, Firefox has Redoptics listed as a ‘reported attack site’ that ‘(tries) to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system’.

  2. Nice, indeed. That’s something new. It was not in the blacklist before. Gonna ping the site owners…

    Thanks for warning!

  3. OK, the owners (Stella?) have been notified. I bet they do not use Firefox. IE all around …

    Thanks again!

  4. They acknowledged the issue and are moving to another server. They said that the site is safe, but they have to remove automatically downloaded crap (iframes) every hour (the server was hacked).

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