Shiny blue pantyhose and chains

Nice caption, eh? What does you imagination draw in your mind when you hear these words?

  • Shackled girl dressed in blue shiny pantyhose?
  • Encased in pantyhose?
  • Chained to a wall?
  • A girl dressed like NylonMichelle in blue shiny pantyhose shacked and chained to a floor?
  • Yourself encased in shiny blue pantyhose with your hands and elbows chained behind your back taken for a walk on a leash?
  • Add a 10″ chain between your ankles
  • A gagged boy dressed in transparent shiny blue pantyhose with his hands tightly strapped behind his back, chained to a wall in a public place, that everybody can see his arousal and embarrassment?
  • Add a tight latex top and corset to the picture
  • A pretty girl in a tight dark blue midi-skirt, white blouse, 5″ heels, shiny blue seamed pantyhose wearing thin golden chain on her left ankle?
  • A girl with blue shiny pantyhose on her face wearing thin golden chain on her neck?
  • A boy wearing his mothers transparent pantyhose rushing in a toilet, because he’s just heard a key jingling on a chain – his mother is back much earlier than he expected!

It’s all about imagination, isn’t it? What would you think if you had seen a girl dressed in short breeches, high boots, dark blue shiny pantyhose buying several 10-15″ thick chains in “Hornbach” (a warehouse)?

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