Leotards and shiny pantyhose. Part II

What an unexpected twist! Me and Sarah Clarke (see the first part here) share not only the addiction to shiny latex, (shiny) leotards and shiny pantyhose but also to shiny Rado Sintra (BTW, a perfect match to any fetish attire)!

Anyway, where does (s)he get all these leotards!?!??!?! And that vinyl red&black… Ohhhh….

shiny leotard and shiny pantyhose in public shiny vinyl leotard and shiny pantyhose shiny leotard and shiny pantyhose

15 photos below:

7 thoughts on “Leotards and shiny pantyhose. Part II”

  1. You may also find that different leotards will work well for practice while others may be better fit for performance. If you are searching for a practice leotard, you will want something that is simple yet durable; however, when purchasing a Leotards for performance you may want to focus on style and appearance.

  2. About DanceDirect. There are no leotards with “closed back” and only two with long sleeves (low scooped with open back) 🙁

  3. Thanks much for the links!
    GKelite.com – was discussed in this post (see comments)
    I also checked Alphafactoraerials.com (only for the US clubs), snowleotards.com, but none of them (including gkelite.com) sell leotards with closed back (e.g. with a zipper). There is no description on the site 🙁

    Not sure about these ones from snowleotards.com, but I think they have key-hole back (still better than low-scoop back):


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