Vintage bondage and vintage fetish. Sean Harper. Part V. Rubber story

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Speaking of the fetish and bondage stories and novels of the 90’s, I wonder if you could help me to find another one.

As far as I remember, the short title has the word “rubber” in it. Rubber toy? Rubber house? Something in rubber?

A couple (just a man and a woman, or possibly, wife&husband) appeared in a house full of bondage and rubber equipment. I remember just a couple of scenes. They were bound (completely dressed in latex, of course) and tied spread eagled to a big wheel, so they were faced the opposite directions and with their crotches towards the axis. Their rectums were connected to each other and to an enema bag with inflatable butt-plugs and tubes. When the wheel was rotating, the enema was flowing from one person to the other, then the other way around.

There was a special punishment rubber womb – a very slippery tight rubber sack, hanging from the floor level to the basement. A being punished bound (of course) person could be “inserted” into that sack with a gas mask for breathing and left there for a prolonged period of time while being stimulated. That overstimulation for hours was used as a punishment method.

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  1. This might have been “Adventures In Rubber” by Bill Leimeux (sp?), which is one of my favorites. He has a hell of an imagination!

    The rubber prison-womb is called “The Well”, if that rings a bell.

    He did a sequel, as well – I *think* I have copies of both in my archives. I’ll take a look later.

  2. You nailed it!

    “From Mon Apr 6 14:01:05 1992”

    This is where I found it almost 20 years ago.

    I simply MUST republish them here…. Thanks much!

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