What is Zentai?

767a8e5aWhat is Zentai? Nobody can describe it better than a Japanese deeply involved in zentai. This is an excerpt from Marcy Anarchy’s blog:

The costume used in this collection is called ZENTAI. Even in English, the word ZENTAI is used to signify this costume, and although there may not be too many people with the same fetish, this word is used as a common term within the community.How did this come to be? Although my pseudonym may sound outright dishonest and irresponsible, I would like to describe ZENTAI itself as honestly as possible. The word ZENTAI is an abbreviation for a Japanese word meaning “covered in tights”, but the word is not a mere abbreviation; the word in itself has its own significance.
As one can witness in the photographs, ZENTAI is smooth and flat, without a face to symbolize a particular existence. By covering one’s body entirely in this costume, anyone can become a particular no one.

As ZENTAI, the differentiation factors amongst one another such as personality, race, looks, and social status becomes meaningless, and one becomes a male or a female as one living being. That is freedom at its extremity, and the sense of liberation is something that can only be enjoyed by one that has experienced wearing ZENTAI.

On the flip side, the others observing ZENTAI will be focusing on the physical figure alone; when they see ZENTAI’s form that is accentuated by various colors, they would discover the aesthetic beauty of the human figure.
How wonderful this is!

It is a thrill that can never be obtained through nudity.”

Read the full article here. Don’t forget to visit Marcy’s website.

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