Bondage art by Ah-Gu. Part VI. Kid’s thoughts

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When I was a kid (I do not remember the age – between 6 and 12), I had several bondage dream-scenarios:

  • I was bound and gagged by someone I can’t see (just arms, hands and props)
  • I was bound by an old and nice man but without a single touch – by magic ropes and magic fetish clothes (in my bed for the night)
  • I was routinely bound by my (or someone else’s) grandmother and grandfather (during a day at home or outside, without paying much attention to me, like a usual everyday chore, speaking with each other about something completely different and unrelated)

No pain, just a pleasure and always a good will. This is the only difference between my thoughts and dreams and what the artist (Ah-Gu) creates. I would leave the clothes, bondage, props, arms, big invisible men but lessen the degree of fear and violence. The rest is perfect.

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