Design changes

  • Replaced page reloads with frame reloads (the navigation should work faster now)
  • Replaced many tables with CSS + JavaScript (unfortunately could not replace all the tables, because of the well-known CSS bugs in Firefox)
  • Changed the internal PHP design for almost all major pages (now it’s more modular than before)
  • Removed old outdated FAQ section – it needs to be completely rewritten
  • Added some items into the Inventory section

If you see garbled pages, please reload style.css – you might be using an old cached copy.

To be done:

  • Replace the Fetishes section with Pantyhose and Latex
  • Change Top Left corner of the page (the section name can not be updated at the moment)

And yes, I’ve got a lot of content to share with you, just need to fix the internal logic first 🙂

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