Sugababes in latex at G-A-Y

I have a huge backlog of posts I was going to write, have already started to compose or made a dozen bookmarks about. At last I have some spare time, so will try to catch up.

I started writing this post back in September, right after Sugababes (or rather Rubbababes 😉 performed at G-A-Y in London dressed in latex. I wonder how they feel under the crossfire of the photo-flash-shots? The very tight fitting latex they were wearing reveal more than the girls would like to show. Probably that’s why the look a bit uncomfortable (see the second photo, for example)?

Another thing I was always wondering about is how they deal with sweat? No secret that the heat from the scene lighting is very intensive. And if the performers have to sing and/or dance dressed in non-breathing non-heat-resisting vessel-compressing latex, they, in my opinion, would soak and sweat would stream down their legs and fly off their fingers in all directions.

But on the other hand, the look is indeed very special. Latex is not the only shiny material, but only latex will create such soft and warm reflecting surfaces. Look at Heidi’s pencil skirt when she moves her hip. See what I mean?

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