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Full Version: Fetish and bondage art, hentai
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I couldn't find an existing thread that seemed to fit these. so...

[attachment=5891] - love the look and would dearly like to follow the instructions on the wrapper 😁

[attachment=5892] - pantyhose, encasement, bondage, even the possibility of self-bondage (follow the 'single arm self bondage thread')... what's not to like?


Yep, I like both 😉
Found this little gem of a free site that you might enjoy:

Kami Tora

Wonderfully drawn and with humour too.

I'm sure there is little of something for everyone in there

I like it; all quality work!
[attachment=6386]Hi, I have a few cute hentai bondage girls to share
Good beginnig 😉
Merged threads together.
[attachment=6394]Another cutie.More to come

[attachment=6395]I love the boots on this one
(10 Nov 2012, 03:17 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]OK, my turn:

Love them both