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wrist tie with rope and a padlock
I've been using this method for quite some time now. I like the feeling of rope better than metal but handcuffs are a lot easier to lock securely. With this method you can have rope bondage with a key release. Enjoy!

.webm   selfbondage_wrists_rope_padlock.webm (Size: 17.91 MB / Downloads: 293)
Interesting solution. I wonder if it can be done really inescapably tight.
(16 Mar 2018, 18:50 )Like Ra Wrote: I wonder if it can be done really inescapably tight.

Definitely, just give it a try Smile

While doing the coils just take short moment to "pull out the slack" by putting a little tension on the rope and rotating your wrists back and forth a bit. You should feel it tighten quite a lot. Note that I also make a kind of knot before starting with the cinch loops, this adds a lot of tightness, the cinching loops are not really for cinching, just for getting rid of the excess rope before locking it off. Getting it inescapably tight is not hard if you're not waring gloves. With gloves it takes a bit of practice Wink
(16 Mar 2018, 20:18 )Anne Wrote: "pull out the slack"
Yes, very true, it's all about that slack!

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