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#1 is a company from Japan (I think) which can measure your body through your smartphone to sell fitting clothes.

The measurement is done using the Zozosuit, a lycra suit with markers.
Right now they are expanding to the world and therefore have a drawing for a free outfit.

I entered the drawing and didn't win but I got a Zozosuit free of charge.


The suit (two parts) fits and feels nice and the measurement goes really smooth.

Maybe someone is interested  😉
That's something what my wife was talking about for ages - the ability to try clothes on remotely/virtually. We discussed it many times, but we did not think about this beautiful solution (even if a similar method is used in films making)! 3D scanner - yes, that's obvious, but a cheap elastic suit with markers - that's ingenious!
My wife and I have subscribed 😋
Got today the suit delivered via DHL Express... They need to have a lot of venture capital to blow.
Measured myself twice, interesting difference between left and right bodyside.

I also "won" in the drawing and ordered a T-Shirt and Straight Jeans, now I have to wait 4-5 weeks till it's delivered.

So, now it's just waiting for delivery. Will update when the order arrives and how it fits.
Just got a mail that ZOZO "discontinues all services". The idea behind ZOZO was a very good one, though.

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