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Wooden spoon spanking plans
Not sure how into self discipline/spanking you all are? Might be a bit off-topic apologies if so.... Thought I'd share my fun plans for tomorrow anyway. Day off, and I live alone. Also have the advantage of a fairly soundproof room in my place that is perfect for self discipline.

I'll be up early and my basic daily activities are going to be incorporated into self discipline.

I'm really into wooden spoon self spanking right now. Also, swimsuits, leotard,  spandex hood. Good combination for me!

I like to make my SB session quite productive! So I do things like clean my flat (but in swimwear and after a really good self spanking). So I get spanked then part of the punishment is then to hoover the flat in my swimwear with a stinging red bum. Very humiliating (and very fun).

I tend to spank to a timer rather than count the swats. So I might spank hard for 1 minute with no breaks. I may do this in between doing other things, or set an alarm. I sometimes put on some classical music as well while I do this, for some reason it seems to add to the experience for me. Gradually over the day my ass/legs gets more red and sore, I have found rubbing salt in and oil really adds to this. Also I sometimes make myself bend over a stool and look at myself from behind in the mirror for, say, ten minutes. By the afternoon, even a fairly light swat with a big cooking spoon is wonderfully effective.

I can do other things in the day like go for a jog, do some computer work. All as part of my fantasy. Jogging with swimwear under jogging clothes. 'Invoicing' in swimwear etc (if only they knew..)

I actually get loads done!

By the late afternoon I'll be ready for a final 'timed' stinging hot 'punishment' shower, and then finally some SB on the wooden bed frame.

Looking forward to it!

Hope you all have a good Sunday planned too!
Invoices done Smile

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