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Plans and Planning (MJ-SB?)
Plans and Planning

Oh happy days!

At long last I might have 3 days (and more importantly 2 nights) alone, in September, for some serious SB fun!

Now please don’t get me wrong, I deeply love my partner and will miss her whilst she’s away on her travels, but…. All work and no play make Madjack a dull boy! 😟

And I’m planning to play… a LOT!

So, what am I planning?

Well a great deal, obviously! But that’s because I usually achieve far less than I’d want – though still have lots of fun.

Vacuum session:
For those that recall my posting of an earlier vacuum self-bondage session (MJ-SB01/2010) I was very keen to try again with a different (effective release set-up) – and thanks to all those who offered suggestions and ideas. I’ve experimented with some ideas and had to rule many of them out. I was very excited by the suggestion to use an electro-magnet to create a controlled seal to the vacuum bag (combined with a one-way valve from a clothes storage vac-bag). I did test this as a release, but it was very prone to failure (i.e. NOT RELEASING! – The vacuum held even when the ‘seal was released (EEEK!), so this has been rejected on safety grounds (thanks for idea though!).
I’m currently looking at an ice-based release using a vertical pipe with an ice ‘cap’. The ice should form an effective air seal, but will eventually melt enough to allow air in and freedom to be achieved (sounds more complicated than it actually is – will try to post pictures if I get it to work).
Added to the problems of finding a safe release, are those of killing two vacuum cleaners in the past 3 months (neither through SB sessions I might add!) and I’m going to struggle to achieve my aim – but I will give it a go!

Bound and encased sleeping:
Oh yes! I so want to get this to work for me. Historically the best I’ve ever managed has been a very short period of being ‘not awake but also not asleep’ – almost but not quite. The problem is that I get either A) too turned on to sleep (ahem!), B) too uncomfortable to sleep (I do like my tight ropes!) or C) too exhausted to play (just want to sleep normally!). I have two nights to try and resolve this (Can I sleep plugged as well? Will this lead to problem A), again!). I might be a little less strict with my bondage to address the ‘comfort’ area and also might ‘cheat’ with how easy it will be to get free – we will see!

‘Proper’ long SB session:
By ‘proper’ I mean really stuck and not getting free until a timed release – no matter how hard I struggle. I’ve done this in the past, but more often I set up my sessions for short (20-30mins) durations and easy release. Ra and others always seem to go on for hours and I really get excited by the prospect (personal record is just over 1hr of true helplessness with no freedom) so want to have a proper session. The ice-cubes are aeady in the freezer!

SB enema:
OK, so maybe not for everyone – but unless you’ve tried it don’t knock it! I really love this scenario and it’s one of my favourite fantasies. My challenge this time will be to combine it with a timed release of the enema and a, later, release from my bondage. This session has me both genuinely scared and excited at the same time. The thought of being truly helpless to stop the enema happening and also being unable to escape its effect is a real thrill to me - but I’m unsure as to how to safely set up the session.
Does anyone have any advice on the following?

- How long could/should I comfortably retain an enema (I might not have chance to experiment before-hand and my best time has been less than 10mins in the past). I guess this might be one of those ‘…it depends…’ sort of answer, but your thoughts are appreciated.
- Should I invest in a pair of latex shorts to keep everything as ‘enema-proof’ as possible? I’ve wondered about this in the past and though I’ve avoided any serious leakages (and set the sessions up in areas where leaks can be easily cleaned up) the session will mean I’m truly stuck and can’t free myself to avoid ‘accidents’! Ideally I would like to use what I’ve aeady got – times are hard and ‘luxury items’ are difficult to justify!
- How best to ensure the enema release works (past problems with air-locks and similar). I plan to use my trusty enema butt-plug, tube (actually aquarium air pipe – is this a problem?) and 1.5l bag.
- Enema volume and content? Normally I mix between 750ml – 1000ml of filtered cold and hot water to achieve a lukewarm combination, but I’ve read that some mixtures are better for retention than others and that I might become over-hydrated with a water only enema if retained for long periods (more than 5mins). Is this true? Is there a better, less irritating mix I might be advised to try? Does a pre-session enema improve retention later (something else I’ve read about but have no experience of)?

All day in Pantyhose and Plugged (and maybe more…)
Another Ra inspired scenario which I’d like to try out. Normally I only wear my pantyhose, lycra and similar for SB sessions (more on that in another posting), though in the past I have been more adventurous. I have very fond memories of a shopping trip (no more than 2hrs) whilst stuffed with a butt-plug and wearing 4 pairs of pantyhose – all underneath a pair of jeans, with socks, t-shirt and sweat shirt hiding any evidence of my perverted fetish. I’ve not repeated such an adventure for many years and feel the need to indulge myself once more.
This time my intention is to go a little further, but still ‘hide’ the fact that I’m not just a ‘normal’ person going about their respectable daily business.
I will dress at the start of the day (after my morning ablutions) as I intend to continue. I intend for a large, comfortable, plug, to go in first, covered by at least 3 pairs of pantyhose and a lycra top/body stocking.
There is a tricky bit in between all that that I’d like to add; I have a latex ‘cock and ball’ sheath (that is the very devil to get on – impossible whilst erect, almost impossible at any time), which has a short tube at the tip. I get excited at the idea of using this in combination with a longer tube connected to allow for fluid relief during the day. I want to rig this up in such a way that I can remain encased (over the majority of my body at least) in a nylon/latex/lycra covering for a significant part of the day. Depending on how I feel at the time I might wrap the entirety of my upper thighs, groin and lower stomach in wrap or tape (maybe sacrifice a pair of old pantyhose and use ultra sticky duct tape?) to seal myself in, with just the tube coming out.
My intention is to undertake all of the boring chores during the morning (the reward will be my SB sessions later) wearing these items, though still underneath more ‘normal’ attire (I’m not brave enough to be obvious in my wearing of even pantyhose – the fear of being struck by a car and ‘discovered’ is, though highly irrational, scary enough!). If I could I would wish to spend the entire day fully encased (or with only a small part of head free), but other commitments and practicality prohibits this (another dream for another day?).

Buying new toys:
OK – money isn’t available to purchase all of my fantasy gear (or even a small part of it!) but I still intend to find some new toys to play with.
Plug: I’m after a slimmer, longer, silicone plug and should be able to purchase something before September. At the same time I keep looking for that ‘perfect’ plug.
Pantyhose: Always looking – this time I may have to accept that I might, possibly, aeady have enough pairs (but I can never resist a bargain!)
Lycra top/leggings: I’ve very nearly worn out another lycra top (should I write a letter to the manufacturer? ‘Dear sir/madam, I am deeply troubled to report that the material and workmanship of your leotard is woefully inadequate for the purposes of serious self-bondage sessions…’ hmm, probably not!), and I am looking for something sexy to replace it. I’m also in the market for a cheap pair of shinny lycra leggings or shorts for a ‘single-glove’. The pair I used to have got thrown away – why did I ever do that?!
Zentai: I keep looking for another zentai suit, but costs are high and supply is mostly from China and to unpredictable for my needs.
Latex: Latex, latex, latex! Oh how I wish I could afford more of this wonderful material. I really want to buy a bodysuit, hood, leotard, shorts (with sheath) and tights – but cost is a issue and I realise that for the most part you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Maybe some day…

Oh, so little time and so much to do!

Hopefully a few more completed sessions and photos to share before too much longer


Ps. Just realised how much I've written here - worrying signs of self-bondage frustration 😉

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