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Why do you wear pantyhose?
i´ve been ask so many times why i wear pantyhose as a man.

my anwser is. why do woman wear them.

some anwser back with. pantyhose are made for woman,thats why they wear them.

then i say. no there not.. pantyhose was made of men couple of hunderd years ago. i also say the only thing that was made just for woman is the bra.

mini skirts
high heels
ect was made for men in the early years.

so realy women could be called crossdressers Big Grin

yep ture
And that's true.
so dont let anyone take these rights away

Nice legs there, Tights.
But for every day, I would wear Flats.

On the subject of high heels, and correct me if I'm wrong,
Didn't Roality ( Kings and such ) wear heels so that they would look bigger in life to the common man?
something like that
Quote:...pantyhose was made of men couple of hunderd years ago.

Yes, and at the same period in history Europe was hanging witches. Doesn't mean people were right to do it then or that we should do it today.

Wearing tights because they feel good and look good is all the justification we need, there's no sense in creating false historical analogies.
And they look great on my legs.
They feel good, they look good, they are comfortable, they are smooth, they make my skin look better, they prevent sweating and sticking to everything when it's hot, I can feel either protected or vulnerable when wearing them, and hundreds of other reasons. Nylon/lycra legwear was invented for me personally, I know it Big Grin

One of the FAQ questions.
I was never aware there was a likeness for pantyhose... I think I may have to try it out Smile Another good thing about pantyhose is they are easy to get and great if you are on a tight budget... Also you can wear them descretly under your other clothes, mmm, I will be giving this a go :p
(30 Dec 2014, 16:18 )AliD Wrote: I was never aware there was a likeness for pantyhose
Huh One of the most common and "frequently occurred" fetishes. But, OK... Wink

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