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What's the appeal of shiny pantyhose? Don't they feel pretty much the same?
(29 Jan 2021, 10:38 )Vixien Wrote: Hmmm, I don't think that chart is OK. 
E.g.  I think, 185 cm is NOT 6'3" ?

correct, it's off one notch (you'd have to subtract 2 inches from what is shown on the axis). The weight is correct though, i think the factor is ~2.2. But of course I can't say which of the two height axes is the one actually fitted to the chart...
Oh that shine!!! Or that sheerness! Or those heels!!!!


Platino CleanCuts (from eBay)!
Leohex with Cecilia de Rafael and without:

 shiny-pantyhose-165_Leohex_Cecilia_de_Rafael.jpg     shiny-pantyhose-166_Leohex.jpg   
Sheer, shiny and purplish!

😁 😁 😁
 GPHB02.jpg     GPHB03.jpg     GPHB05.jpg   
 GPHC02.jpg     GPHC01.JPG   
Oooohhhh yesss!!!!

This is something that makes my knees weak! Immediate mental orgasm:

(15 Apr 2021, 22:29 )RedEmeraldKitsune Wrote: [Image: post_20614_1621149861_b8f9454c99865b4d34..._thumb.jpg]

So is this:

(15 Apr 2021, 22:29 )RedEmeraldKitsune Wrote: [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=47060]   
 GPHD02.jpg     GPHD03.jpg     GPHD04.jpg   
Those are 'glittery' fishnets, not shiny ones. Queen Bey wears them over multiple layers of shiny dance tights to excellent effect.

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