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shiny pantyhose for tall guy
i was hoping somebody could enlighten me on manufacturers of shiny pantyhose that would fit somebody 6'2" tall (me) of average build. so far the only ones i've found are danskin 3x size. these are great i can pull them up to my chest and pull them between my cheeks for the great feeling of a thong leotard. that would be ideal for other brands. i've only found danskin colors of toast and black. the toast ones are great, but the black ones are pretty matte. also, danskin stopped making these shimmery tights in plus sizes so i scoured the internet until i found a supplier and bought 5 pairs. hopefully that will last for a while.
Yes, Danskins Ultra Shimmery are small, indeed. I wear size D (the maximum they have), and I'm 175cm tall.

What about other online shops?
Capezio and Mondor make shiny dance tights very similar to Danskins up to size XL which the charts say fit up to about 6' (1.83m) tall. I've not tried Mondor but if anything I think my Capezios have an even better shine than my Danskins. As a comparison of how close they are here are the promotional pics of each side-by-side:
DCM.jpg thumbnail   
(02 Sep 2010, 01:37 )culmor Wrote: I think my Capezios have an even better shine than my Danskins.

Are they as undestroyable as Danskins?
I can't say I've noticed any difference, both brands are very hard-wearing.

OK, next time I'll try Capezio!

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