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Long term wearing pantyhose, do you feel emotionally attached to it?
Not just pantyhose, but also any other tight garments (socks, stockings, zentai, etc). I am wearing a pair of nude 5-toe pantyhose with penis sheath to simulate second skin.

I have been wearing it for 2 days without ever taking it off. I shower in it, I piss in it and defecate in it. I occasionally do night walks in public to feel what's it like for women to wear it like any normal garment. Even dead in the night there would be some people who might spot me in pantyhose. Though it is nude and 5-toed, the shine kinda gave it off. I felt a little embarrassed when people stare at me but that only increased my courage.

I intend to wear it for 1 week. Will try to wear it longer if there are no adverse side effects.

Just today I spotted some runs from my toe to the middle of my sole. Clearly it is not built for durability. Only just 2nd day of wearing it I feel my pantyhose as part of my skin. I am emotionally attached to it and the runs felt like I hurt myself for real.
Now's the 4th day of wearing it continuously. I often forget I'm still wearing pantyhose cuz I don't feel it there. I can hardly pinch and pull it away from my skin cuz it is very smooth and sticks to my skin quite well.
Oh, I wear them everyday....
Yeah, me too. I wear pantyhose 24x7 (though not the same) especially when it's warm (they prevent sweating and sticking to everything and to yourself). And the best way to wash pantyhose is to wear them to the shower.
(01 Jun 2012, 15:07 )Like Ra Wrote: Yeah, me too. I wear pantyhose 24x7 (though not the same) especially when it's warm (they prevent sweating and sticking to everything and to yourself). And the best way to wash pantyhose is to wear them to the shower.

Exactly: easy and hidden from curious lookers...
(06 Jun 2012, 06:22 )gal6070 Wrote: hidden from curious lookers
I do not hide anything 😉 OK, almost nothing 😁
curse154, how is it going?
I like the idea of wearing pantyhose fulltime, but always the same one...naa. Everyday another one or something like this 😊
I wear them 24-7, but at least I take them off to defecate!!! I also change them daily but wash them by wearing them in the bath or shower!
I usually change pantyhose several times a day. I sleep in something thin and slippery. When I get up (if it's not too warm) I pull on 40den shiny support ones. If I go outside I wear sheer, shimmering 10-20den pantyhose. And during the evenings - something interesting/funny - leopard print, dual tone, etc.

BTW, there is a dedicated thread What pantyhose/stockings are you wearing today?

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