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Poll: Orgasms for you are:
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
The only way of getting pleasure
1 1.23%
Just another way of getting pleasure
18 22.22%
The highest pleasure!
4 4.94%
Just an ordinary thing like peeing, pooping, sneezing, eating
4 4.94%
Waste of energy
4 4.94%
Redirecting energy
5 6.17%
7 8.64%
0 0%
Bare necessity
1 1.23%
Nuisance you have to accept and deal with
1 1.23%
Thing to avoid
3 3.70%
Thing to aspire and strive
1 1.23%
Biological necessity
5 6.17%
Way to deal with accumulated energy for those who do not practise yoga, qigong, etc.
4 4.94%
I want more orgasms
8 9.88%
I want less orgasms
3 3.70%
I don't care about orgasms
0 0%
I do not think about orgasms
1 1.23%
If I have one - great, if not - not a big deal
9 11.11%
I don't know
2 2.47%
0 0%
Total 81 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

What do you think of orgasms?
What do you all think of orgasms? How often do you need orgasms? Do you need them at all?

As you can see the questions overlap and I specifically did not mention "nofap" to avoid getting into even more details, like "sex is OK, masturbation is not", etc.

Please propose other variants for the poll!

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Orgasm calendar and your "Last orgasm"
(05 Nov 2017, 07:59 )krinlyc Wrote: Poor guy
It depends 😉

(05 Nov 2017, 07:59 )krinlyc Wrote: What did you do?
Lots of things happened. In short, orgasm became not interesting, but rather energy draining, disappointing and distracting. Did you notice how you loose interest after ejaculation? I prefer an "extended" light arousal state instead.
(05 Nov 2017, 07:59 )krinlyc Wrote: Are you wearing chastity device?
No 😉 Various practices (yoga and qigong are among them) are very effective, I must say.

It's an experiment anyway, not "the recipe" that "fits all". A series of posts is in the planning phase 😉
may be I am bit nosy - but does your wife live in chastity too?
(06 Nov 2017, 09:52 )krinlyc Wrote: does your wife live in chastity too?
Not quite 😉 Orgasms for her are more important, than for me. A sort of a logical ending. I prefer to keep the state of arousal 😉
Here's a new poll!
Isn't it all a bit simplistic? My views on orgasms have changed enormously over the past couple of years though whether this is chiefly due to lock-downs or my ageing I really can't say...
I feel the need to orgasm much less but when I do cum it's a lot more intense. The fetish aspect of my costumes is still there and I love it immensely  but it's more of a long-term edging thing.
(11 Mar 2021, 00:03 )Culmor Wrote: Isn't it all a bit simplistic?
Please feel free to make it as complex as possible. The poll is just something to start the discussion with 😊

(11 Mar 2021, 00:03 )Culmor Wrote: My views on orgasms have changed enormously over

(11 Mar 2021, 00:03 )Culmor Wrote: I feel the need to orgasm much less
Same. I actually prefer to avoid orgasms. Some random thoughts here:

- Orgasm for the sake of orgasm is not interesting. Rather boring. Just a dopamine rush followed by a dopamine dip with all the consequences.

- Constant arousal, associated erection, and inability to release yourself sounds like more fun. Usually orgasms break meditation, trances, concentration states.

- Orgasms can be used to move energy where you want/need (think of yoga/qigong).

- Orgasm as a reward (like a typical dopamine effect) is good for conditioning.

Otherwise, unless used wisely (not just for 2-3 seconds of fun), I think of orgasms as of a waste of vital energy, especially if you concentrate on anything "random" (e.g. pron) and not your own body, or your goal.
I somewhat dread the moment I orgasm, I know it's going to feel fantastic, but at the same time that sudden release of energy drains all of the other senses and leaves me ko'ed for a while. I definitely enjoy the 'journey' of reaching the limit more, then it becomes fun to try and stay on the edge as much as possible.

I also haven't met someone who plainly dislikes orgasms...
Not the sort of thing I thought I'd like at all but Princess Lexie's timings here were perfect for me. I just about lost it and was almost screaming at her by the end.


This is why I don't do hypnosis.
(11 Mar 2021, 09:19 )Culmor Wrote: was almost screaming at her by the end.
It's clearly titled "Edging Instruction" 😁

(11 Mar 2021, 09:19 )Culmor Wrote: This is why I don't do hypnosis.
😁 I like one comment under an ASMR video - "It's amazing how much trust we have in ASMR artists - they can scream at any time" 😁

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