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Think Pink!
Ah.. this one is even better:

Pink latex skater dress

 pink-80_latex_skater_dress.jpg     pink-79_latex_skater_dress.jpg     pink-81_latex_skater_dress_sizes.jpg   

I think my size is "L". Soooo tempting.... What is your size?

Found here: store: UniqueLatex
More pink perversions for @Like Ra  😁

 pink_latex__pink_nylon_by_okt0br_dddtcts-fullview.jpg    - We begin by warming up, before...

 tumblr_895c2177881dbca4adfbea3e6a13bfb6_ab927fd5_640.jpg    - … a little bit of bondage, which is followed by...

 tumblr_pknkgg7qqu1rn21imo1_640.jpg    - … a public outing on the train, which all began with...

 bdsmlr-9414-fVGCfC1tKo.gif    - (animated) … being hypnotised while surfing the net! 


I have to crosspost it here! Because I'm TRIGGERED!


Looks like a melting ice-cream 😋
If the following image doesn't at least amuse a certain @LikeRa then I give up!

 bdsmlr-278516-LP3hKN3VzP-og.jpg    - we have lots of pink, we have hypnosis, we have feminization, we have bondage (possibly self-bondage)… what more could be wished for?


(27 Sep 2019, 22:30 )madjack Wrote: what more could be wished for?
WHAT? No pantyhose? No stockings????
Something from the internet. Looks like a Frederick's of Hollywood style one-piece.

And a not-so-great selfie of my custom pink shoes. Although I have since changed the laces to black for more contrast.
More pink for those who like it:

 bdsmlr-183650-96PJzK8fQq.jpg    - a 'dolly trolley'?

 bdsmlr-428705-IYE2kALuHF.gif    - (animated) enjoying the moment? 

 images182WK017.jpg    - chaste in pink

 KinkyDept-726779-Pink_Wax_-_BONUS_for_Vacuum_Bondage.jpg    - the total pink experience 


Let's see if I can stir a certain persons pink passion....

 842dff85cea612886cc796495d94415b.jpg    - beware the perils of pink hypnosis! 

 tumblr_6f060667b03c09b1ff8c7c452c38767d_288c1f0a_640.jpg    - just hanging around and being pink

 tumblr_px0kohxnAO1x65pklo2_540.jpg    - wearing one pair of pink tights might be nice...

 tumblr_21e1e211976f02fc665b1fdbb644e97e_b634ec83_640.jpg    - …but adding that extra pair makes all the difference!

 tumblr_off1f4lymR1so1ek5o1_1280.jpg    - very much 'in the pink'

And let's not forget the options to accessorize...

 tumblr_p5yti7U8ix1w4rn3po1_1280.jpg    - a contrasting harness perhaps?

 tumblr_pziqco7UMM1x9ojv3o1_1280.jpg    - maybe some pink lingerie to go with that latex suit?


More pink passion pictures 

 bdsmlr-134501-4CRa4MNbqG.gif    - (animated) Give us a twirl... oh look, more pink! 

 slave-trader-displaying-inventory.jpg    - Pink, outside and in!

 tumblr_928882128355a9b41fe75267c48aeb40_b2a00187_640.jpg    - Pinky and Perky (this pun may be lost on many readers - go look on Wikipedia)

 tumblr_o2uf1nckWr1v4gth1o1_400.gif    - (animated) Pink Passion (is this where the hypno files take you?)

 tumblr_p0jskqUZPp1qg2fxoo1_400.gif    - Pink predicament - a self-bondage idea?


Transparent Pink Latex! (You might want to turn the sound off, it's terrible and you don't want to hear it anyway 😁 )

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