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The Return of Batgirl - Hiding the Bat.
Just when I was despairing of seeing her again - Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Batgirl!

 01.jpg     02.jpg     03.jpg     04.jpg     05.jpg     06.jpg     07.jpg     08.jpg     09.jpg     10.jpg     11.jpg     12.jpg     13.jpg     14.jpg     15.jpg     16.jpg     17.jpg     18.jpg     19.jpg     20.jpg   
Lucky we have these saved here, ybatgirl's deviantart page just closed. There's history to it in the last couple of days (she was accused of plagiarism) but I don't have time to relate it now. I'll come back to it later.
I have some spare time for an update now.

Yesterday on ybatgirls deviantart page there was a blog item about how the 'Hiding the Bat' story came to be. She'd read a story on a bondage website that involved some female staff at a (travel?) company taking revenge on an obnoxious colleague in a similar manner to the Batgirl story (including the 'She can't escape but you can' sign) and the story being titled 'Hiding the (something I don't recall). So she approached the author asking if she could transpose the story into her Batgirl universe and publish it as poser art. When ybatgirl didn't receive a reply she went ahead anyway and heard nothing more till her story was finished when the author of the story accused her of plagarism. That was the last I heard before finding ybatgirl's da page dead this morning.

I'm not gong to speculate on whether da closed the site following the complaint or whether ybatgirl closed it herself to avoid the hassle but I suspect that, like her (almost) eponymous heroine ybatgirl will return. It's not as though she doesn't have previous 😉

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