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The Further Adventures of Batgirl - Fifty Shades of Rope
As Ra reminded me, I've been remiss in updating ycbatgirl's art recently. Here's her progress on her latest story.

 6-01.jpg     6-02.jpg     6-03.jpg     6-04.jpg     6-05.jpg     6-06.jpg     6-07.jpg     6-08.jpg     6-09.jpg     6-10.jpg     6-11.jpg     6-12.jpg     6-13.jpg     6-14.jpg     6-16.jpg     6-15.jpg     6-17.jpg     6-18.jpg     6-19.jpg     6-20.jpg     6-21.jpg     6-22.jpg     6-23.jpg     6-24.jpg     6-25.jpg     6-26.jpg   
Oh, those back seams.... Love them! 😋
 6-27.jpg     6-28.jpg     6-29.jpg     6-30.jpg     6-31.jpg     6-32.jpg     6-33.jpg     6-34.jpg     6-35.jpg   
There will be an interval owing to a real-life occurence in ycbatgirls' circumstances.

Edit, it may well be a permanent end to the saga. 

Quote:Yesterday morning, my mom didn't woke up. I hope she's gone for a better place, she really deserved it.

She was the best mom I could have, a confident, a friend, smart, intelligent, she had an answer for everything. I will miss you mom, badly, your gentle voice in the morning, that smile always on your face. Thanks for letting me do what I love to do without  trying to stop me but giving me smart advices. 

About the future of this place. With all the succession, funerals, new job. I don't think I will continue drawing 3D again. It's taking so much precious time of my life, plus I'm receiving stupid notes over and over again. I don't have anymore time for this.

My life came to a cross and I made my choice. I will maried my love in less than a month. We are planning to built a family, many kids [Image: smile.gif]

As for the story, Sophia was the one that would turn the table on both Catwoman and Batgirl. Dress in transparent latex catsuit. It would be about the dollification of Catwoman and Batgirl. Pantyhose encasement, cocoon, latex bodysack, straps, buried in the garden and so on. The escape, Robin (girl) a new sexy character would save them.

Thanks for visiting me for a year, for the comments, for taking a ride with me. I wish you all a great life, be gentle with other or ''you won't get away with this''

I love you all,
Oohh... ☹

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